February 6, 2012

Fantasy of the Naughty Nun

This poem inspired by the artwork of V. Stephens, 2009
* ~ ~ ~ *

I want to lick those sweet, ample curves;
Want to run my tongue up the swell of your thigh
And the perfect shape of your warm, round tits
Like luscious fruit in my mouth.
Your nipples, pert, stiff,
Flirting with me, teasing me,
Wanting me to kiss, suck, savor, bite—
You bat those long dark lashes under the pure white cloth of your mantle
And I’m crazy to run my hands down your skin,
Twine your rosary round your body,
Tie you up and hold you down while I
Warm your chaste little tits with my palms,
Kiss your lips with my lips
Till they’re swollen and sore
And our tongues are worn out from dancing.
I want to trace the lines of those long, lovely legs
Feel the firm definition of your calves under my hands,
Your hips in the air,
Your tits in the sheets,
Eating out your hot little pussy with sinful,
Undeniable lust
Racing through my blood and heart as I taste your sweet little virgin cunt
Exploring every soft, pliant fold with my wicked tongue,
Hearing you moan into the pillows.
Oh, how tempting it is:
I crave the feel of your chaste, sweet cunt against mine,
Running our slick clefts slowly together,
Clit teasing clit, wet juices mingling as I gorge on your tits
Listening to those beautiful gasps escaping your lips
As we climb closer and closer,
Friction, heat, lust, sin,
Flaunting it with every thrust—
Perfect temptation, perfect redemption,
Lost in the gorgeous sin and spoils
Of your sweet, ample, beautiful curves

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