April 12, 2012

Commentary: Join The Party

Today's new story, Join the Party, is a story I have mentally labeled "Pure Porn".

One of the reasons I like writing erotica is that I find it to be a really, really good staging ground to explore all sorts of characters, their personal developments, their psychologies, reactions, and opportunities in a variety of complicated and interesting situations.  When I started writing shorts for Foreplay and Fangs, I was interested in exploring a number of sexual behaviors, communities and identities.  That's why this blog has stories ranging from gay and lesbian tender romances, to supernatural horror, stories looking into flirty monogamous kink, wives getting banged while hubby watches, exhibitionism, and rough bdsm, and stories exploring the sexual side of creatures like dragons and werewolf fanatics.  One of the reasons I wrote Rhythm and Blues, a story I readily admit to be disturbing and uncomfortable, was to explore a little bit into the darkness of a damaged person's heart, and see where such a path would take me.  I might not have posted that story except that I felt the results, while potentially controversial or offensive, were solid, and they pleased me as a writer.  When it comes to such things as writing controversial subjects such as rape, rape fantasy, tentacle porn and sexual encounters before the age of 18, I tend to agree completely with this podcast by Remittance Girl, so if anyone wants to ask me why I write about women entangled with half-beast lycanthropes or why the desperation of a sexually abused girl, you can give that a listen.

But Join the Party is something I wrote for one very simple reason: it's porn.  Pure down-and-dirty get-your-rocks-off porn.  I felt like writing something naughty and purely for the sybaritic indulgence.  It's quite possibly over-the-top and probably not as in-depth as some of my other stuff, but that's not the point.

So usually I write things with a deeper idea of where certain questions will take me and what certain situations will say about a character and their inner workings.  I know lots of people will think it's ridiculous to say such a thing when writing porn, but I stand by it.  If you ever want to know what the "non-porn" motivation behind any given story is, feel free to drop me a comment.  But every now and then, something like this will make its way in here, and when you see them, I only wrote them because I had an itch to scratch, and I sincerely hope its the sort of thing that will make you squirm in your seat and perhaps try to sneak in a little "sessitimes" of your own, solo or with a partner.  Or with many partners.  I'm cool with that.

Enjoy Join the Party!  If you do like it so much you find yourself looking for a few sneaky moments with your vibrator or a bottle of lotion, well, do me a favor and give it a +1 or a retweet, would you? 

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