October 24, 2013

Have a Quick Bite: "The Initiate" by Lisa Adams

If there's anything more appropriate to Foreplay and Fangs than vampires, I don't know what it is.  Practically a foregone conclusion in the world of supernatural romance and erotica, vampires run the gamut from irredeemably vicious, ravishing beasts to suave and elegant, dashing nobility.  (Here at F&F, we refuse to acknowledge the sparkling goofballs of Twilight as anything close to legitimate vampires.)   It seems like vampires are among the foremost favorites of the erotic genre, ever since Dracula first made young ladies shiver with his dark, illicit seductions.

In that vein (haha, get it?), it is my deepest pleasure to share with you a truly salacious story, The Initiate, by Lisa Adams.

At about 6000 words, The Initiate makes a perfect naughty nibble before bedtime.  Intrigue sets in right away as Ivan, our male lead, brings us home to his manor to introduce us to his family of oh-so-beautiful creatures of the night.  It's a special evening for Ivan and his coven, because tonight they are joined by a guest: a girl named Jessica, whose desperate hope is to become a vampire.

To say any more would be spoiling the delicious treasure for you all, my lovelies, so allow me instead to share with you how much I enjoyed this short but engaging erotic story.  The atmosphere is rich and alluring: the otherworldly beauty of vampires is spiced up by the very real danger of their ravenous hungers.  This is one of the most engaging details for me: vampires are always sexier when they retain that dangerous side.  Take that away and they might as well not be vampires at all (I really shouldn't mention Twilight twice in one post, but honestly, is there any better example?).  In The Initiate, we never forget that these creatures are predators--and that makes them irresistible.  Ms. Adams takes the legendary thirst of vampires one step further, though, intertwining it with their passionate hunger for sensual satisfaction, making the two ardent drives into inseparable needs.

Ms. Adams pulls readers into a dark, seductive ritual as Jessica discovers what it is really like to be one of the children of the night.  The story heats up in luscious decadence -- the indulgence takes you by surprise, and leaves you quite well-satisfied. It's classic vampire sensuality but modern and sleek, with an original twist to make it uniquely memorable and enjoyable.  Definitely a must read.

The Initiate is available now in eBook format.   Don't pass it up: find it here.  Visit Lisa Adams at her blog to find more of her works.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful read right before bed! :) Thanks for sharing!


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