January 7, 2014

Ravaged Blog Tour Day 5: "Pollen", by Jo Williams

Pollen was another Ravaged title I was exceptionally excited to read.  The idea of bees as a possible sexy shifter? I had to see how Jo Williams was going to pull it off.

This story was quite a ride.  All throughout it, I kept thinking of the recent Simon Pegg film, The World's End, and of True BloodPollen had such a strange, kind-of-gritty, darkly sexy tone to it. It catches you up rather quickly and despite some rather troubling hints of what's to come, you find yourself too engrossed in finding out, well, what's to come.

I originally expected a bubbly, dancing group of "Honeybee" ladies, the kind they turn out with the sexy bee costumes at Halloween time: cute and sweet and playful.  The ladies in Pollen prove to be the Sexy Honeybee's deadly cousins.  They are so captivating, though, you want to believe all your misgivings and all those alarm bells that are going off in your head are just the result of a little too much drink.

The sex in Pollen has a touch of very naughty exhibitionism, a touch of whirlwind flavor and a, shall we say, "surprise" ending.  No spoilers, of course, but it was a scene that was both pleasing and a little bit shocking.  Not one to be entered into lightly!

This story is titillating to the senses, especially taste and smell, which are two senses that should be pleasured in any erotic tale.  Pollen is definitely something so good, you just know it's bad for you... and you're going to love it anyway.

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