February 14, 2014

Friday's Flash! "Tristan, of the Lake"

Best damn group of perverts you'll ever read. Every Friday we write flashers of 100 words precisely inspired by a given picture. The idea then is to comment on and support each others work. Keep flashing!


Tristan the Silent, Knight of Summer's realm, Tristan of the Lake. These were the names by which he had been known all his life. Now, though, he stood to renounce the last, as angry Nimue glowered over him. As though he were to blame for Titania's will.

"Relinquish my Knight?" she uttered with scorn. "Guardian of my Lake? Fickle beast of the Morrigan, what impertinence."

Tristan, kneeling before her terrifying beauty, as usual need say nothing. The Queen of Fairy had claimed him; even his Lady of the Lake could not deny her.

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  1. Nice fantasy, Brantwijn! This could go so many directions :-)

  2. A very interesting piece.The flow of the story could go anywhere.

  3. Wonderful flasher. This needs continuing. There are so many opportunities for story lines.

  4. Wow. There's a whole saga tucked away in there.

  5. Wow, I loved this, so magical. :)


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