February 16, 2014

What are Readers Saying?

Lotus Petals is pulling in more five-star reviews on Amazon! Drop by and see what people are saying!

"This book is very deep and intense at times, and incredibly character orientated allowing the reader to really connect with the main characters and follow their story... The ending definitely left me wanting to know what will happen next, and if love really will save them."
~ Claire Taylor

"This novel is suspenseful, full of rich detail, has complex characters and lots of actions (and not just in the bedroom). I fully loved reading it and am anxious for the next book to be released as this one leaves us with quite the cliffhanger! I NEED to know what happens with these characters next! I give this book an enthusiastic 5 stars! I can't wait for the next book in the series!"
~Sheri L. Velarde

"In Lotus Petals, the author combines an eye for detail with beautiful writing, then adds in an engrossing plot, fascinating characters and a great love story. You simply cannot go wrong with this book."
~Jeff C. Morton

Thank you so much to ALL my readers, for the wonderful response we have received! I'm pleased to announce that I've begun work on Book 2, and hope to have it to you very soon!

In the meantime, please continue to help me spread the word about Lotus Petals, and if you have a review you'd like to give, or just comments you'd like to share, I welcome your emails, tweets, and Facebook messages!

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