March 8, 2014

Brantwijn's Best of Blogs: Darkest Cravings!

Today I want to share with you another one of my favorite reader's blogs, one I was happily introduced to during my Lotus Petals blog tour. Allow me to introduce you to Darkest Cravings!

Darkest Cravings

Darkest Cravings is managed by a team of three dynamic women: Janine Fourie, Karen Swart, and a delightful guest writer, "Mrs. Oops".  Between the three of them, they post an array of book reviews, cover reveals, spotlights, author interviews and my personal favorite, the "Only The Brave Author Cage".

During my Lotus Petals blog tour, I decided to take the plunge and subjected myself to the "Brave" cage--and what a fun little romp it turned out to be! The ladies of Darkest Cravings have thrown together a collection of very interesting questions, ranging from those related to an author's story, to her process, to her home life, and then... deliciously... her private delights.  Being an author of erotica, it's so much fun to be asked questions like, "Are you the type to bite?" or "What's your perfect Dom?"  What a way to spice up a good interview!

Like any good book blog that also caters to authors, Darkest Cravings manages reviews as well as feature blurbs for free books or books on sale.  They have a special Saturday Blasts, which authors can freely submit to, promoting their book with others in its genre both on the blog and on social media networks. The ladies also participate not only with Sparkle Book Tours, the group which handled my own blog tour, but they work with several others as well.

What I like best about Darkest Cravings is that Janine, Karen and Mrs. Oops do more than just spotlight and reserve space for their authors and their book reviews. They understand and help give voice to the stories and character behind the subjects. They understand and help bring attention to the individual, be it the book, the author or the artwork.  This makes their blog stand out, to me: just as I was taught that essays had to stand out to get a professor's attention and story queries had to stand out to get an editor's attention, Darkest Cravings, as a blog, makes itself something unique.  Which is why I consider it one of the better blogs out there for authors and readers alike.  So I suggest checking it out! Give the ladies of Darkest Cravings some love.

Darkest Cravings can also be found:

@DarkestCravings on Twitter

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