June 3, 2012

Conditions of Anonymity (Pt 3)

The Golden Masks were first.  The one now holding my leash knelt over me while the other one came around to the other side of the cushion and tilted my head back.  I felt the head of the first cock slide into my pussy, sending a shock of joy through my body, while I opened my mouth to take the second in hungry need.  The taste of salt and the sticky sweetness of pre-come was delicious as my tongue eagerly welcomed him, and very quickly he found a rhythm, thrusting hard and deep to the back of my throat.  I happily gobbled him down: I loved to deep-throat and I almost never gagged.

The man fucking my cunt plunged into me like an animal.  The head of his cock sent a gorgeous flurry of pleasure through my muscles with each new thrust; I could feel him hitting my deepest part, his balls pounding against me.  Something about the virgin ballerina bit had him going good and hard.  His hands came up, tearing away my skirt, leaving only the lacy garter, and then they came up to rip off the flowing fabric of the blouse, freeing my flush pink tits for everyone to admire.  The little jewels clamped on my nipples jumped and sparkled as my body rocked; I moaned encouragingly around the cock in my mouth.
I could see the others were playing with themselves in anticipation.  Several beautiful cocks, white and black and tan and bronze, bobbed and glistened as the masked men tugged eagerly at them, waiting, watching.  The one in my pussy quickened his pace.  He was going to have to move quickly, though.  I had just enough movement to buck him away when I thought he might come—if he didn’t follow the rules this party would come to a very abrupt end. 
He pulled out suddenly, with a groan, and at the same time the one in my mouth pulled out too and held me up so I faced his companion.  His glistening, swollen cock twitched, and then the first hot spurts of sticky semen jetted across my naked tits, my throat, my face and mask.  I arched my back to bask in it, giving a little squeal of delight.  I loved the feel of come spurting all over my body.
The other Gold Mask tilted my head back again, shoving cock back in mouth, and as he started to come I drank him down eagerly, swallowing down gulp after gulp of his thick, bittersweet load.
As the Gold Masks finished their turns, I strained upward against my restraints, eager for more.  Silver Masks came next—two of them again—and I whimpered happily at the sight of their cocks, hard and ready and so, so beautiful…
At first they only repeated the acts of the Gold Masks: one thrust himself smoothly into my slick, hungry cunt, the other into my mouth.  I enjoyed this for a few wonderful minutes—honestly there is very little I find more pleasurable than a good, hard cock filling me—but then the one between my thighs brought a halt to the action and gave some sort of command.  Three of the Green Masks came forward as my two partners stepped momentarily away and I was quickly and carefully unbound.  I noticed none of the Greens actually touched my body.  Then one of the Silvers took me by the arm as he sat down on the leather, pulling me on top of him, guiding his cock into the pussy his partner had only just abandoned.  Tilting me forward, he presented my naked ass for his friend, and I felt a second delicious cock-head press hard against my tight asshole.  I gasped as my body at first resisted, then gave in to the urgent member that slid in with a sharp twinge of wonderful pain.
A squeak of pleasure escaped me, and my ass and cunt both surged with gorgeous, naughty delight.  It was hard, but I arched my neck to try and find my real partner—Black Mask—among the others.  I found him, stalking around the circle like a hungry lion, his gorgeous eyes devouring me.  But out of all these men gathered to feast their primal, predatory lusts on my luscious, available, yearning flesh, he alone was not yet hard.  He was still robed, too, his powerful body hidden under maddening robes.  How could he not be hard for me yet?
I let him see my pleading eyes, eager for his approval as his two brothers pumped their hard, hungry cocks into my body.  Like this, master? I tried to say with my eyes.  Am I a good girl? Does it make you happy to watch them warm up my pussy for you?
I don’t always adore being the submissive, but tonight, under his eyes, all I wanted was to please him.  He had such an unyielding, demanding look and I couldn’t help but unfold under it in yearning supplication.  I do love riding cock, I do love sucking and fucking and I love the way hot come feels on my tits or deep in my cunt, but tonight I was playing his sweet, innocent, virgin ballerina, and those beautiful eyes made me feel all that gushing, horny desire all over, a need to have every hole fucked good and hard and found worthy for him, my real partner, the only one who could really have me.  The others were only getting me ready.  I cried out again softly, and realized my pussy was rapidly starting to tighten with each new thrust of my silver-masked friend beneath me.  I was going to come, helpless to the diabolic pleasure of two cocks working away at my hot, horny cunt.  Again I found Black Mask with pleading eyes.  May I?  Oh, please, may I?
He gazed at me, pensive and stony.  Then he shook his head.
I groaned.  Oh, how I wanted to come—I was just too full, my whole body almost overflowing, the floodgates of pleasure about to burst.  I thought of letting myself anyway, giving in to convulsions of sweet bliss—that wouldn’t have been right.  The Black Mask’s tender ballerina would obey.  So I bit down on my tongue, tightened my body until it hurt, and the pleasurable swell of the men’s double penetration became a hard, harsh sensation, frustrating the impending climax to pieces.  Even that felt good, though, and another moan escaped me.
Black Mask circled a little closer, and the sound of his husky voice nearly destroyed me.
“Come in her ass,” he commended Silver Mask on top.  “Fill the little slut with it.”
I shivered.  The man increased his thrusting until I was crying out in rough sweet pain, and then all of the sudden he thrust himself in to the balls, and I felt him explode, jets of come pouring deep into me, pressure climbing as he spurted again and again.
“Unh, unh!” grunted the man beneath me, and in a rush his partner pulled out of me—I gave a sharp cry as his cock-head popped out—and he grabbed me by the shoulders, shoving me to my knees in front of the man still straining to hold off his climax.  When I was safely positioned before him he let loose, shooting sticky white semen on my face and neck.  I gasped in delight as the warm come bathed my skin—before he was done his partner shoved my head down on him, and the taste of his salty semen and my own pussy juices filled my mouth.
After that, things got a little less structured.  Apparently Gold and Silver Masks were entitled to their own individual turns, but once they were satisfied the rest of the pack had to share I was tied down again, on all fours, come dripping down my legs as the remaining men in the inner circle were allowed to come forward as they liked, to fill my pussy, ass or mouth.  This was closer to the gangbangs I was used to and I happily surrendered myself to it.  More come spilled down my thighs as one particularly giant cock took my ass, and I moaned happily until another filled my mouth.  There were hands fondling my breasts, tweaking and tugging at the clamps, sending wonderful spikes of sore pleasure through me; fingers twiddled with my clit, playfully slipping into my cunt as my ass was pounded, until the cock in me withdrew and shot fresh hot come across my ass cheeks.  The another one replaced it, filling my pussy doggy style, and I took another sweet load on my face.
Black Mask circled the whole time, watching me as they fucked me, issuing commands.  “Make her swallow.  Make the little girl gag.  Come inside her ass.  Get it on her tits.”
One of the men in a glittering red mask ran two fingers through the thick streams of come his brothers had shot all over my chest, and slid them in my mouth.  I sucked the mingled salty bittersweetness off of them, giving Black Mask my best eager, innocent gaze.  Some of the men were simply beating themselves off at my sides until coming on my face, my tits, my thighs, and I realized happily that one of the Gold Masks was back: he took my mouth, and I deep-throated him until he came again, gulping down his come thirstily.
I loved being fucked like this.  I loved being the sex toy for so many insistent men.  I loved the come running down my body, the smooth, sticky warmth of it on my skin, even the little bit that was ending up in my hair.
But I wanted Black Mask to take his turn.  Each time he passed by I wished he would order the others off and take me.  I wanted his cock in me, and I wanted to feel him pouring his come into my pussy.
Please, I begged him with my eyes.  Finally, finally, it was time.
There wasn’t really a command this time.  I don’t know what signal he gave but the others all got the message, and finished up with one last load shot on my face.  Black Mask circled behind me and I craned my neck to see him.  Those eyes undid me entirely, as I watched him slide out of his robe, but because of the damn angle I couldn’t see his cock!  I wriggled and whimpered, but he didn’t oblige me by coming around and letting me see.
He climbed up on the cushion behind me and took the leash in one hand.  With the other he pushed me down against the black leather.  When he entered me, I couldn’t hold back a moan.
His cock felt so beautiful.  It slid home smooth and firm and filled me with blissful satisfaction.  A cock like this was made for a girl like me: fine and thick, big and sleek in my velvety wetness.  I thought I might come after only a few thrusts.
He was slow and judicious, taking time, testing me out as though I were a strange new animal whose temperament was under scrutiny.  I moaned for more but he refused to give it.  He found a rhythm he liked and tortured me with it, drawing it out, making sure I felt every beautiful inch of him sliding in and out.  I met him gratefully, submitting to his movements, closing my eyes and savoring the sensation.  Oh, yes, I wanted to come and I wanted his come in me, but all the same this was the kind of good, slow, taunting fuck that I could happily endure for hours.
He was a goddamn tease.  Or, more accurately, he was a man who liked control.  He already had his little dancer tied down and leashed to his desires, and now he was going to wring every last drop of juicy, inebriating pleasure out of taking me.  I would not have my pleasure until he allowed it.
He changed his pace soon but only enough to drive me even crazier: his thrusts quickened and then slowed, quickened and then slowed… somehow he always knew just when it started to really get good and then he stalled me out, letting that blissful sweetness fizzle and gel, until my legs were weak.
“Moan for me, little girl,” he growled in my ear.  Happily, I did: my fists clenched against the leather and I tried to press myself harder against him.
“You want it in your pussy” he whispered, grinding against me, his cock so deep I could feel his balls pressed against my wet, slick opening, his shaft practically splitting me.
“You can speak, if you tell me how much you live it in your wet little cunt.”
“Oh, yes,” I moaned.  Please, please put it all in my cunt… please I want you to fill my pussy with your come.
“Are you a good little slut?” he growled.
“Yes, sir…”
“You liked all those cocks in you, you liked swallowing down all those loads of come, taking them in your ass… didn’t you, slut?”
“Oh, yes, sir…”
“But you still want more?”
The gorgeous thing was, I did… and it wasn’t an act.
“Oh, yes,” I moaned.  “Please come in my pussy, fill my naughty little pussy with it, please…”
His thrusts intensified, and it was a strain to take it: I felt him pounding deep enough to make me cry out in wonderful pain, the shaft stretching me each time he pounded into me, and, desperate to orgasm, I squeezed my muscles down on him, squeaking at the sharp, delicious thrill.  I heard him shudder and then he really got going—tears came to my eyes as I moaned, happy to take him all.
Very few clients try to make me come, or care if I do, but that’s okay because its usually easy for me to get off anyway.  As I moved with him I felt that sweet stir of lusty pleasure come to life, my pussy greedily contracting around him as the sensation combined.  I gasped as it suddenly galloped to a head and my whole body shuddered with joy.  I felt the sweet gush of my own juices spill down my thighs and as my pussy tightened around him I felt him shudder.  A second later he buried himself all the way in me, and the sweet, oh-so-satisfying rush of come pumped inside me, thrilling me, feeding my horny, hungry need.
I don’t do this because I have to.  I do it because I fucking love it.
Black Mask stayed inside me for a few wonderful seconds.  When he slipped out I felt a little trickle of come run out of me, and I shuddered happily.
Then he did something I wasn’t expecting.  Coming around to the front of the cushion, he took me by the hair—firmly, but gently—and lifted my head up.
“Lick it off,” he commanded.  I stared at the sticky, wet cock—still mostly hard—that he held up to my mouth.  I happily obliged him, taking him in my mouth and moaning at the taste of my own pussy on him.
As I finished the job, my eye caught sight of something I hadn’t seen before, thanks to the angle he’d chosen to fuck me.  He had a tattoo, just above his right hip: it was a hand of poker cords, four aces and a joker.  The symbol on the joker was some kind of insignia, some Greek or Latinate letters that I couldn’t identify, probably the symbol of whatever boy’s club was honoring him tonight with this masquerade gangbang.
But what was really interesting about that tattoo, odd as it was, was that I recognized it.  I had seen it before, in another place and time: a summer day out on the lake, a white sports boat, an outing with my mother and her circle of friends.
And I knew, with a little thrill of pleasure, why her new boyfriend hadn’t been able to take her out to the theater.


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