March 13, 2015

Friday Free Read: Join the Party

In this week's Talking Shop, I discussed the positive points of a writer experimenting with a subject, without self-inhibition. It makes for a very good exercise, even if what the author is working on doesn't make it to publication.

That's what I had in mind when I wrote this short story: Join the Party. This is my attempt at writing something super-hot just for the sake of seeing how far I could push it.

The house was thumping with loud music and milling bodies, liquor flowing like, well, wine at a feast of Bacchus.  Yes, I know Greek mythologies—I’m a straight-A student.  Nobody at this party would probably expect that, though…

I grinned behind the lip of my red plastic cup.  I was drinking rum and coke tonight: sweet and bubbly, a little bit playful.  I was feeling a little bit playful.  No, heck… I was feeling downright dirty.

By day I might have been the straight-A senior working away at SAT courses and college applications, sure.  By day I might have been crossing my fingers for a chance at valedictorian, or at least salutatorian, for the graduation that was coming up in four short months.  That’s who I was by day.

By night, though….

Everyone has a secretly sinful side.  This is mine.  The girl wearing slim jeans and long-sleeved cable-knit sweaters shed them for a plaid skirt and crisp white button-up, knee-high nylons and strappy platform heels.  She who didn’t wear makeup except for the subtlest application of cover-up and a little lip-gloss dusted her eyes with heavy, dark shades, stoked up the black mascara and red, red lipstick.  The hair that was worn in a ponytail came down, cascading to the shoulders in long waves.  And the cute little young lady who attended after-school events with gaggles of bright, social friends was here for one thing and one thing only.

I wanted to suck a lot of cock, and fuck a lot of guys.

Wait, is that two things?

It was a local college fraternity house, filled with the big, athletic types.  Call me clich├ęd… or call me a fan of the classics.  I suppose I could have chosen a business fraternity and gone with cool, lean brothers in their sleek suits, but for this—what I was hoping to be a very special, very memorable night out—I wanted football and lacrosse players, guys with physical prowess and urgency.  Because I had a particularly troublesome bit of urgency, myself.

Did they know I was a high school student?  Maybe.  Probably… in fact, I hoped so.  When things got going I might make it a point to let them know.  Why?  Because it’s bad, they know it and I know it… and I want them to do it anyway.

Why, you might ask, is such a promising young woman spending her time trolling a pool of horny older men to sell her body to?  Maybe you gasp at the very thought, clutch your pearls and cry my shame.  If I cared, though, I certainly wouldn’t be here.  The fact of the matter is, though no one would know it if they saw me by day, I—little miss study hall—am a ravenous, vicious little nympho.

 Sure, I hide it well: I use those books and homework assignments to distract myself and keep busy.  But when all the books are put away and I’m lying in bed by myself at night, I find I can never stop thinking about sex.  I obsess.  I fantasize.  I dream.  I want.

I lost my virginity at fifteen with a senior boy at a football game.  Again, call me a sucker for the classics.  It was an away game; didn’t want any of the home-team boys, boys who knew my name and saw me in the halls every day, spreading around rumors of my bad, bad behavior.  He banged me doggy-style under the bleachers in the third quarter, bending me over a set of the team’s spare workout mats.  Oh, how I wanted somebody to walk by and see us, me bent over the bright blue nylon, my school sweater pushed up over my breasts, long legs spread and ass up in the air while he pounded me.  I did a lot of weekend driving out to dive bars and roadhouses upstate, to find men who wanted quick fucks and blowjobs with a young stranger they would never see again.

Tonight, though, was a special night.  I had something very special in mind, something that made my sweet little pussy quiver with joy even though I was fully dressed, leaning against a doorway watching the other party-goers dancing and chatting on the sofas in front of me.  I was looking for trouble tonight, sure thing.  I shut my eyes with another smile of expectant joy.

I had taken time for this one.  I had shaved very carefully, making sure every inch of my pretty legs was smooth as silk, not to mention the soft mound of my sex, bare and naked.  I spent almost an hour massaging myself on the edge of my bed, starting by rubbing lotion all over my freshly smooth legs and working myself up to my cunt, kneading with languid pleasure, imagining the trouble I was going to get into tonight.  I warmed myself up, working my cunt until it was hot and dewy, before slipping on my white satin thong and skirt to go in search of my fantasy.

As I expected, the young woman in the short, plaid skirt and clean white button-up was an immediate hit with the frat boys of this house.  Three or four of them had offered me a drink already, and they hung around, chatting me up while I leaned against the doorframe, smiling coquettishly at them and sipping my rum and coke.  I thought I might like to be good and buzzed for what I was planning—when the red plastic cup ran out I sweetly asked the next boy to refill it, letting them ply me with liquor even though it wouldn’t have been necessary anyway.  Each new drink, each new excited touch of my fingers against the fingers of one of the brothers, every little step further into the pleasantly indulgent feeling of mild drunkenness, made my sweet, expectant pussy a little wetter, a little more excited.  I giggled when the first boy gently brushed his hand against my thigh—it sent a bright thrill straight to the quivering edges of my cunt and made me want to jump on him right there, wrapping my legs around his waist and kissing him with hungry, desperate desire.

The only thing I hadn’t thought of was how to propose what I wanted from them.  Usually I’m pretty bold about these things: the dive bar guys knew they were getting into my panties by the time they bought my first drink.  This was new territory, though.  How to proceed?

I decided my first, best option was to hook my initial catch.  The next time one of the brothers went to refill my cup, I rewarded his return by leaning forward and giving him a close, promising kiss.  The group huddled in our little space all raised up a leering little cheer when I leaned myself closer against him, letting him put his hands on my waist and pressing my hips up against him.

As I hoped, that first boy was eagerly responsive, and quickly we were making out in front of his brothers, him pressing me against the wall while I happily offered my lips for his pleasure.  I took his hand in mine and slipped it under my shirt, inviting him to sneak in there and touch my breasts; another whoop of excitement escaped the brothers watching us, as he slid both hands up the front of my blouse, pushing it up as he found the satin cups of my bra and unsnapped it—I’d chosen frontsies tonight for exactly this reason.  Soon his warm palms were on my pert and responsive tits, his thumbs rolling over the hard peaks of my nipples.

I ground my hips against him while we kissed, his hands kneading my breasts, pushing them up together under the straining white cotton of my blouse.  I could already feel his erection through his jeans, straining for my pussy.

Then, my heart thumped hard: another one of the boys had slipped his hand up under my skirt, cautiously petting the curve of my buttocks.

I broke my kiss with the first boy and gave a quiet moan of joy.  Leaning myself towards the new participant, I pressed my ass against his palm, happy to feel his warm, attentive hands.

Now the crowd shared a low, happy sound of enthusiastic agreement.  I leaned close to the first boy, whispering in his ear.

“Is there somewhere we can fuck?”


Five of them was more than I had hoped for… but it made me even hotter.  The first two, the one who had cupped my breasts and the one who fondled my ass, led me to a den on the second floor of the frat house, a room with a couple of comfy sofas and a big-screen TV, a room that was off-limits to the party going on downstairs.  I was still kissing the first boy as he unbuttoned my blouse and stripped it off of me, leaving my naked tits exposed.  The sensation of the cool air on my nipples send a shiver down my arms and my pussy gave a little throb; when the boy moved down to suck on the stiff little nubs, I giggled happily, cradling his head there.

I had hit the perfect buzz for what I wanted—the rum had made me pleasantly relaxed, a subtle feeling of giggling bliss hanging over me.

My second boy wrapped his hands around my waist and found the buckle for my skirt, undoing it and sliding it down my legs.  I heard the others muttering words of triumphant encouragement as he cupped my ass and pressed his crotch against me.  With glee I felt the hard urgency of his cock nudging my skin.

I turned a little to kiss him over my shoulder.  At the same time, I let my hand wander towards the clasp on the first boy’s jeans.  He caught my intention quickly and beat me to it, unzipping and unleashing the urgent phallus underneath.

Now we were really getting somewhere.

I dropped to a kneel and eagerly took his cock into my mouth.  I loved the smooth, round shape of his head on my tongue; I dragged a long, slow trail around it before taking the whole length of him deeper towards my throat.  A cheer went up among the other boys, and he took my head in his hands, finding a good fucking rhythm for my hungry deep-throating.

I let him fuck my mouth for several minutes before I pulled away, leaving his beautiful cock with one last, lingering caress of my tongue.  I took a second to look around and found to my delight the other boys had almost all pulled out their cocks, and were all kneading themselves patiently at the sight of me blowing him.

I giggled and sat up a little straighter, wriggling towards the sofa and pulling him along.  Making him sit, I leaned over his lap and pressed my tits around his cock.

He leaned back his head and moaned, closing his hands around mine. Together we squeezed my titties against him, and I slid up and down, watching the head of it poke up and down between my breasts.

Boy number two knelt down behind me, tugging at his cock with one hand while the other slowly prodded at the wet crotch of my thong.  I was already dripping with anticipation; he ran the tip of his finger along the shape of my cleft, caressing it, teasing me.  Then he bent over and started tonguing my pussy through the satin, and I let out an eager moan.

Two of the other boys came to sit on the sofa next to us.  One of them had one of the proudest, longest cocks I had seen—it was beautiful and tall, straight and ready, its glistening head flush and eager.  I slipped one hand out of the first boy’s grip on my breast, and reached out to stroke the shape of the gorgeous little beast.

“I want it in my mouth,” I purred at him, giggling.  He obliged with a smile, getting on his knees on the couch and coming closer, so I could incline my head and kiss it.  It jumped a little when my lips closed around it; I licked it long and steadily, moaning at the salty, bitter taste of the pre-come forming at its tip.

“Hey,” I whispered to the first boy after I had had my taste.  “I want you to fuck me… will you please?”

He nodded eagerly, and we shifted as he moved out from under me.  I climbed onto the sofa on all fours, leaning closer to the third boy so I could take his long, beautiful cock back in my mouth while boy number one slipped my soaked panties off of me.  Another murmur of excitement rippled through the group; now I could tell some of the other brothers were drifting by the door, peeking in on this display with shouts of encouragement, as the little high school senior got herself stripped and groped, her small naked body fawned over by five pairs of excited hands.

I took the third boy’s cock to the back of my throat with a hungry moan, and at the same time I felt the first boy guide the head of his cock along the wet, smooth folds of my naked pussy.  When he found my opening he prodded the tip of his cock against it teasingly just a few times, and then, without further hesitation, slid it in all the way, sending an electric shock through my cunt and pushing me over into waves of joy.

I came very quickly with his cock in my pussy—he pumped himself hard into me once, twice, three times before my already-excited sex went into joyous orgasm around him, clutching at him, desperate for him.  I gave a short cry around the cock in my mouth, begging for more as boy number three put one hand firmly behind my head and thrust his hips harder, happily fucking my mouth.

I had never had two cocks in me at once before, and I loved it.  I surrendered to the hard, fervent rocking on either side, the swollen phalluses thrusting into mouth and pussy, filling me up, horny and desperate to come.

Boy number two, who had been tonguing me through my panties, came up on my side with his cock bouncing in his closed fist.  I took a pause from deep-throating the cock already in my mouth and ran my tongue over the head of his.  He groaned and grabbed me by the hair, eagerly ramming his cock to the back of my mouth, gagging me, bringing tears to my eyes as I breathlessly swallowed him and moaned pleadingly for more.

The boy fucking my pussy increased his rhythm, bucking harder against my ass, thumping deeper and deeper into my wet cunt.  As he rocked my hips against him I hungrily switched off the two cocks in my mouth, lovingly sucking and licking the long, hard shapes of them, kissing the pre-come off their tips.

The boy with the particularly beautiful cock grunted, jacking himself off between turns in my mouth—as I finished deep-throating his friend he pulled me onto him again, putting both hands on my head and fucking my mouth harder, faster.  Again I marveled at the sensation of a dick fucking my mouth at the same time as my pussy—I felt the familiar quiver that said another orgasm was quickly approaching, just as my blowjob buddy thrust his cock all the way to the back of my throat again, making me gag as the hot, bittersweet taste of come filled my mouth.  I swallowed eagerly as his cock pumped it down my throat, nursing like a calf at suckle, overjoyed.

When my first batch of come was done, I switched back to the other boy, wanting more, wanting to gorge myself on the taste of cocks and hot, horny semen.  I let him fuck my mouth hard, rocking me between him and the boy in my pussy, straining to take all of him and stave off my body’s inclination to gag around him.

The last two boys had gathered close now, jacking off while waiting their turns with my holes.  Another one was lined up behind the one I was sucking; I glanced up at him while I deep-throated his friend and gave him a lascivious wink before switching my balance to one arm so I could reach out with the other and take his phallus in my hand.

The boy in my mouth pulled out suddenly—I made a tiny sound of disappointment before I realized why: his come jetted onto my face, some of it getting in my mouth while the rest of it got all over my cheeks and in my hair.  My disappointment turned to laughing excitement and I kissed his cock again, licking the last drops of his semen off of it, loving the look on his face as he proudly looked down on his handiwork covering me.

The boy fucking my pussy thrust three times deep, hard, fast, and then he was coming, too: I felt the jolt of his cock exploding inside of me, bursting with hot juices filling my tight little sex, running out of me as he held himself there, trying to bury himself as deeply as possible.  I moaned again as my own body responded, wracking with its second orgasm, shuddering up and down my legs and clutching around his penis as he finally pulled out, only to be quickly replaced by the next boy spreading me open and ramming his cock right back in.

I pulled the boy I was masturbating closer, to let him have his turn at my mouth.  He gave me the reigns, not grabbing my head to thrust but gently twining his fingers in my hair and letting me work my lips around him, taking my time sucking and savoring him.  I let him out of my mouth and inclined my head a little farther to lick at his testicles, laving them up and down with the tip of my tongue while he started jacking off again.  The new boy in my pussy pumped me hard, sliding smoothly in and out and slapping my ass as he thrust; I could feel the wetness of my own orgasms and the come from the first boy slick on my inner thighs, messy and oh, so good.  My cunt was still quivering and filled with a pleasant after-buzz of coming twice already, and every pump of my new partner was like little tingling shocks.  I wriggled my hips against him, playing a little hard-to-get and making him grab me harder, fucking deeper and with savage dominance.  I took the boy in front of me into my mouth and worked him in rhythm with the boy working my cunt, wanting to gobble down his come at the same time the boy behind me fucked me to another peak.  The one in my mouth came very quickly, shooting his load down my throat as I swallowed thirstily—he moved out of the way to admit the boy who had first fucked my pussy. 

I looked at him with hungry eyes; my pussy-juices were still on his cock, and as he shoved it into my mouth I felt the mingled taste of my come and his.  I moaned around it as he let me suck myself off of him, licking the slick, sour taste of my cunt off of his delicious head.  But he didn’t want to deep-throat me like the others had; once I had sucked the taste of me off his dick, he pulled it out and held it just outside the reach of my tongue, jacking it eagerly to come on my face.

The boy in my pussy stopped suddenly.  He pulled out with one last slap on my ass, the sat down and pulled me onto his lap.  I felt his cock slide up into me as I knelt on top of him, sitting facing away from him, bouncing up and down on him while he fucked me.  The first boy moved to stand in front of me and took one of my hands, moving it to cup my breast.  I caught his meaning and brought both hands up to lift and offer my tits to him as he rubbed the head of his cock on them, jacking off against them as his brother bounced me up and down.

I moaned long and loud as I felt another orgasm building; the boy’s hips banged against me as he drove himself up and up—another wave of throbbing ecstasy gave way just as the first boy started coming a second time, spraying semen across my tits.  Underneath me, it was only a moment before the boy in my pussy started coming too, and it was messy and wet, dripping out of me all around him.

I was already feeling very well-fucked, even a little bit sore; there was come on my face, on my tits and oh, there was a lot of it in my pussy.  All five of the frat brothers had shot a load or two at me by now…

But I still wasn’t ready to be done.

I pulled the first boy—the boy that started it all—close down on me, and kissed him.  I wanted more.  I wanted so much more…  as I kissed him I reached out to pull the boy who had been second closer, too, and broke my kisses with the first boy to lean over and whisper at him.

“You want a turn at my pussy, too?”

He didn’t have to answer.  He sat down on the couch next to the boy whose lap I was sitting on, and I turned to climb onto him, pressing my come-smeared tits against his chest and lowering myself onto his ready cock.  I bounced up and down on him, riding him hard, marveling at the weight of his cock probing my already warm, well-worked-out cunt.  He slid his hands under my butt and spread my cheeks, holding me and guiding me as I ground down on him—soon, one of his brothers slipped his hand down there, too, fondling my curves and sliding me a little higher up, helping his brother out.

“Somebody’s got to warm up her ass,” I heard one of them murmur to the other—I hardly had time to say anything before the boy I was riding pulled me closer to him, sliding his own hips down and displaying my ass prominently while he fucked.  I shook my head coquettishly—I wasn’t sure I could take it in the pussy and the ass at the same time—but my buzz was still singing and I still wanted to play very much, and before I could protest I felt the head of someone’s penis probing carefully at my asshole. 

I heard the boy spit on his hand and run his wet fingers along the tight little hole, rubbing deep—I felt him slip a finger into it and gasped.  The thought of what he was about to do sent my pussy right to tingling with desperate pleasure again; with a short, deep, wonderful pain, I felt the swollen head of one of the cocks sliding into my ass, invading me at the same time his brother pumped away at my pussy.

I moaned loudly, feeling two cocks in me at once, feeling them fuck in alternative rhythms, vying to be inside me.  My pussy was drenched, aching with pleasure, thrumming like an electric wire; my buzz was thrilling, making me flush, making me giggle more with every deep, animal thrust. 

The other three brothers gathered around us—one of them turned my head and shoved his cock in my mouth.  Now I was being fucked in all three holes, hard and fast—I wished they would all come at once, filling me and covering me with their beautiful, delicious semen.

One of them took me by the hair and pulled me away from the boy in my mouth—he started shooting come onto my face, fast and hard, covering me in his slippery semen.  The one on the other side of me started coming, too, tilting me towards him to catch his in my mouth; I felt both of them dripping down onto my tits and streaming down to my stomach.  I bounced excitedly between the one in my pussy and the one in my ass—at this point I thought I might never come down, pleasantly tipsy, full of come, covered in come, being fucked in three holes at once and getting more and more messy with their semen dripping all over me.

I felt the one fucking my ass bury himself to the hilt and I cried out—it hurt a little but I was far too drunk with pleasure to care, as I felt him throbbing inside me, coming hard in my ass; he slipped out of me with a sweet little tingle but before I could even enjoy it there was another cock impaling me—another boy taking his turn.  They were all going hard and fast now, fucking like desperate animals, trying to fill me up even more, and I loved it.  I wanted it.  I wanted them all coming, all over me.

I bounced up on the one in my cunt, coming down on him all the way and moaning as I rolled my hips down, feeling his cock all the way in me, to the hilt.

“Come for me,” I whispered desperately in his ear.  “I wanna feel you gushing in my pussy… I want you to come so hard…

He moaned back and thrust harder—the boy in my ass picked up on the rhythm and pumped even harder.  This time the orgasm caught me by surprise, but it was wild and intense, echoing loudly through my body as two cocks pumped me into a frenzy.  I screamed with pleasure, feeling my pussy muscles contract tightly, clutching and clenching at the hot, hard cock fucking them.  I bounced eagerly, happily, laughing and moaning as it went on and on, and I felt the first boy explode deep, deep in my cunt, his whole cock throbbing violently as he poured his come into me, feeding my hungry pussy as it tightened—a second later the boy in my ass came, filling up the already slippery hole with more hot semen.  A last boy grabbed my head and forced his cock in to the hilt, and come shot down my throat and I swallowed it with eager delight.

Finally, I felt like I had taken all I could.  My ass was sore—my pussy pleasantly numb and dripping.  I lay back on the sofa and part of me hoped two or three of them were still hard enough to want to come in my mouth… but it seemed like all five of my fuck buddies had shot the last of their loads.

It had been a good night, just as I’d hoped.  I grinned to myself, letting one hand drift down to massage my thrumming little clitoris while the other wiped some of the come off my tits, and brought the fingers to my lips to suck it all off, loving every taste.

A fantasy chase brings three friends closer than they
have ever been before.
Give in to your most
monstrous temptations...

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