March 1, 2014

Brantwijn's Best Of Blogs!

When I set out to write erotica, a big part of my goals was to write and represent different sexual lifestyles, identities, scenarios and journeys. To do this right, I needed to expand my horizons.

To do that, I needed good resources. 

Sex in Words is a blog I discovered after the release of The Big Book of Orgasm (Cleiss Press) for which I was a contributor. @SexInWords helped us spread the word about the book. Upon checking out the blog, I discovered Jon Pressick (writer, editor and the blogger behind Sex in Words) shares posts not just about Cleiss Press releases, but many, many other subjects writers and readers should check out.

As a writer, I'm most immediately drawn to the Calls for Submissions Jon posts periodically.  He posts not just about Cleiss releases but releases from lots of other publications. Through his blog I discovered the Coming Together Anthology project, and submitted a story for their Through the Storm edition.

Sex in Words quite often posts updates and news regarding the sex work industry, from the points of view of sex workers themselves. A good resource for all sorts of writers, but also great for general awareness and outreach.

For a bit of fun, Sex in Words also posts a "daily sex discussion", posing questions to reader response.  The subjects have ranged from "threesomes?" to "lingerie?" to "urethral sounding?" to "sex in a mall?".  It's a great way to get the ball rolling on some frank and amusing talk about different sexual passions.

While these are some of my favorite recurring posts from Sex in Words, Jon consistently posts a variety of great subjects, articles and other wonderful sex-related content. A personal favorite was the story of Double-Dick Dude. Where else would I ever have learned about a man born with two phalluses? Not just that DD Dude exists, but to learn about his lifestyle, his situation, his romantic involvements and details about his two terrific... significant others?

Stop by Sex in Words. It is truly one of the most diverse and interesting sex writing blogs out there. It's great for writers, readers, and regular perusals of general interest.

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