March 9, 2016

Tour Day: Donovan J. Brooks Brings us a Very Sexy Sneek Peak of his New Release

Foreplay and Fangs welcomes Today's Tour Author, Donovan J. Brooks!

Inspired by characters such as Captain Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter, black and white films, and vintage burlesque, Donovan seeks to capture the forbidden and erotic side of a decade rich with vibrant hues.

He has an affinity for the 1940s, parboiled detectives, murder mysteries, and sexy, sultry dames. Erotic moments can be triggered by a brush of the fingers, a heated glance, or a daring confession. Donovan seeks to capture these scenes and paint them with words. Romance varies but should never be limited, especially when the characters speak in authoritative tones.

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Today, Enjoy A Special, Sexy Sample of Donovan's Work!

March 3, 2016

Tour Day ~ Patricia Asedegbega Drops by with her New Book


Author of I stand Corrected, Rewind, Balou Uncensored, Bienvenidos a gatos anónimos, Pasarse cuatro Pueblos and Sesenta segundos dan para mucho, Patricia Asedegbega Nieto was born to a Spanish mother and a Nigerian father in Madrid. As a child, she relocated with her family to Nigeria and later returned to Spain, where she acquired her BSc and master´s degree.

She is currently living near Madrid with her family and her very stubborn cat, Merlin Mojito.



When I grow up...

"You need a plan B," said Alicia’s mother when at five years old she told her what she wanted to be when she grew up. Thirty odd years later, Alicia is on plan D: sharing a flat, no tangible savings, and working for hateful Julia, whose sole purpose in life is to make her existence utterly miserable. Good thing she has Oscar and the girls to make the long hours at work bearable. But when a series of events tears the close-knit group apart, putting friendships and motives under suspicion, will Alicia be able to restore balance and set things right? More importantly, will she ever be able to upgrade her life to at least plan C?


I glance at the clock on top of my desk, willing the time to go faster. I have been painfully watching the seconds pass by all morning. In five more minutes Oscar and the girls will be at the kitchen for our accustomed tea break. He had sent a group message half an hour ago informing us when he was taking his break and asked if anyone else was free. 
I look nervously at the door, hoping Julia, my boss, won´t choose that moment to open it for one more useless urgent request, when we both know it can also be done three hours from now or even tomorrow. She has a knack for being most inopportune, and if she gives me a task and I take my break late, I´ll have to sit on my own as the others will already have returned to their desks. We are only allowed ten minutes off outside our lunch hour—we always add one or two more, though, as we feel time spent in route to the kitchen should not be included— and we try to coordinate with one another so we can take our breaks together.
The seconds tick so slowly. I can hear Julia on the phone speaking in the voice she uses when she is talking to a client, the same voice that would mislead anyone who didn´t know her into actually thinking she is remotely human.
Just in time, I grab the handset and race to the staff kitchen where Oscar, Emma, Amparo, and Carmen are sitting around the wooden table staring hungrily at the cream-filled buns resting on a plate. We take turns in bringing something to accompany the pot of steaming coffee the first one to arrive makes, and I can´t wait to sink my teeth into what Carmen has brought for us today.
“Ah, there you are!” Emma exclaims as I rush to pour a cup of coffee. “We were only going to give you half a minute more before starting.” The rest start tucking in, while at the same time trying to fill each other in on their hectic days and how our bosses seem to have a goal of making our lives even more difficult than necessary, if possible.
We work for Fernández & Associates. It´s the kind of law firm where the lawyers bill their clients six figures just for answering the phone. We have some of the most prestigious and wealthy clientele, both in Spain and abroad. One of our departments deals with international law, so we cater to all the legal needs of a lot of Spanish businessmen who own companies in other countries, as well as foreigners who come to set up businesses here in Spain. It was started by Sergio Fernández Castellón[1], the father of our present senior partner, Alejandro. He wanted to provide very personal service to his clients, so our policy has always been to have just five lawyers, each heading a department. This enables them to have a very close and direct relationship with each client. Now that Alejandro has taken over, he is following the same philosophy and, as a result, we have clients that have been with the firm for over thirty years. We accept new clients strictly on recommendations and only on rare occasions.
The firm occupies three floors of a building located in Calle Serrano[2]. The ground floor holds the reception area and conference rooms. The secretaries and junior lawyers have offices on the middle floor. And finally, on the top floor, where few venture except when summoned, the partners have what we like to call their dens.
The five of us are “corporate personal assistants”, which is an important sounding title that really means your job description is whatever the boss wants, no matter how ridiculous it is. We all speak various languages, have university degrees, and are known for our discretion—except during our breaks, of course. There, we have no secrets from each other. But really, apart from it being extremely interesting to know all that goes on with the other four bosses, confiding in each other has really helped us on more than one occasion to narrowly escape impending disasters that might otherwise have cost one or two jobs. So our undercover network is of utmost importance to us and probably to the firm as well.
I love a good gossip, but sometimes knowing what someone else´s boss has done is important for me. I can then feel that I am not the unluckiest person on Earth because I work for Julia.

[1] In Spain, everyone has two last names; the first is the father´s first last name and the second is the mother´s first last name.
[2] Also called Milla de oro because it is where the most exclusive and expensive shops in Madrid are located.

March 1, 2016

Cover Art and New Release: All Mad Here, a Four Courts Novella

Coming in March

A Wonderland Romp for one lucky Knight
and the two princesses who long for his heart

Chronicles of the Four Courts:
All Mad Here (Coming Soon!)

Get to Know the World of the Four Courts
Top Ten Things to do in Thairy
When You're a Half-Sidhe Knight

10. Race with the Hounds of Herne – If you're fleet of foot, you can take your chances trying to run with the goblin hounds. The High King of Autumn sends these puppies after those who most annoy him... because he likes watching the dogs run their prey to ground.

9.  Go for a Ride with the Puca – This shapeshifter has been known to travel the roads as a dark black horse in the middle of the night. Climb on his back, and he'll run wild across the countryside until he bucks you into a ditch at dawn. Some of the Unseelie faeries like to keep a betting pool to see if any Knight has what it takes to keep from being thrown. So far, none has.

8. Visit the Hookah Dens of the Drow – Share a traditional pipe with these Winter fae. Rather than tobacco, they enjoy a unique delicacy from the lands of Oberon with a crisp, sweet flavor, a rare bloom they call "snowdrop".

7. Take a Walk Through the Hanging Gardens of Tír na nÓg – In the land of the Springtime Elves, you'll find the breathtaking gardens of the Faerie Queene, Glorianna.  She keeps scores of beautiful flora from all over the mortal world, and the unknown reaches of Thairy. As an added bonus, you could run into Ladies Nineva and Nerissa... the stunning princesses of the Court of Elves.

6. Listen to the Mermaids Sing – Titania's famous mermaid choirs are great, as long as you can keep from throwing yourself into the deep to swim into their arms.  They'd be more than happy to welcome you, of course...but they're not keen on letting go.

5. Celebrate May Day with the Shining Throng – Summer fae love holidays and parties.  May Day is quite a favorite! And if you're the frisky type, you'll find no shortage of like-minded playmates to share the festivities.

4. Arm Wrestle with a Buggane – These massive, black-haired ogres used to terrorize humans on the Isle of Man, but they never venture outside the realms of Thairy anymore. The Knights are among the only fae with the strength to pose a challenge to them when it comes to arm-wrestling, and the bugganes actually like a bit of friendly competition!

3. Scale the Glaciers of Oberon's Realms – The cliffs of ice in The Winter King's backyard rival any of the great peaks in the mortal world. Only the most physically primed dare to attempt then—and even the Knights have to be at the top of their game.

2.  Win a Dance with an Enchanted Moura – These ghostly fae ladies frequent monoliths and dolmens throughout Thairy and the mortal world. They're usually looking for mortal men to set them free from their enchantments, but they’ve been known to come up from their thrones to favor a Knight with a dance... if he's charming enough.

1.  Join the Neverending Bacchanal – If you can find the wild ring of Unbridled faeries in service to Sovereign Medb, they are rumored to hold an everlasting celebration of wine and fruits of the earth. Rebellious fae from all Four Courts are said to have been taken by the Bacchanal, and now eternally celebrate in a timeless party.  If any Knight has located the Bacchanal before, they haven't let the secret slip; others warn that those who enter into the ring of Medb's faeries may not find the will to leave it for centuries, if ever.