March 17, 2012

The Gothic Doll (Pt 3)

The sidewalks were silent, mostly abandoned, as he followed his little gothic doll back to her home.  It was just the two of them, walking quietly, and—to his strange surprise—saying nothing.  She led, he chased; she glanced up from under her dark lashes and flashed him a smile, like a lady leading a puppy, and he trotted obediently at her heels.  It was a clear night, but there was no moon, leaving only the streetlamps to cast their pools of light along the path.
Her hair was so fine and pale; he thought it must be soft, like long strands of spider’s silk.  Without realizing he was doing it, he reached out to catch a few strands drifting in the breeze—and Genesis ducked away, spinning to face him.
At first he thought she must be angry, but she was smiling again, a sweet little smile, like dusted sugar.  They had stopped between the streetlamps; in the slanted darkness he thought she looked very, very pale, almost white.
“Darry,” she said quietly.  “Do you want to touch me so badly?”

March 16, 2012

The Gothic Doll (Pt 2)

He’d brought his own portfolio along to the coffee shop, like he did every night there was a poetry reading, and he’d hoped his mystery girl would be there to hear some of his original work.  When she wasn’t, his heart fell, and he almost turned down his chance to read altogether.  There had been members of his literature classes there, though, who urged him on, and Winnie, too—taking to heart what he’d said about being best friends, obviously, as she gently nudged him up towards the stage.
“Fine,” he muttered at her, shoving his portfolio into her hands and picking up his anthology of British Literature instead.  He’d read William Blake: the Romantic writer was the current subject of study in his English course and the poems he was analyzing for that were short and sweet.
Of course, the moment he read the title of the first piece he meant to read, she entered the room.  He caught sight of her just as she slipped in the door, not even tinkling the little bell above it, and he fumbled over the title.  Her pretty eyes flickered up to him—shy and plaintive, just as they were in the dreams he’d been having of her—and she slipped unnoticed into the corner, quietly taking a seat to listen.

March 15, 2012

The Gothic Doll (Pt 1)

It all started innocently enough: she appeared in the campus coffee shop, a quiet, fair-haired girl, a little gothic doll.  She wore lipstick the color of a red rose’s deepest petals, her gray eyes framed by dark lashes and silver, smoky eyeshadow.  She held back her hair with a black headband decorated by the skull-and-crossbones symbol of poison, and her off-the-shoulder black blouse showed the tattoo of a Chinese dragon winding around her right shoulder.  She sat in the corner, sinking quietly into the cushions of one of the sofas to watch the readers with silent interest.
Darren first noticed her during one of his poems, her head tilted slightly to the side as she listened, fingering the heavy pewter pendant around her throat.  She was instantly captivating: dark and elegant, beautiful in a way he might never have expected.  He wrote poetry, studied it; she was poetry, a lonesome and mournful verse like something out of Dickinson.  Why had he never seen such a fascinating creature as this before?

March 14, 2012


Hump Day Request:
Temptation, seduction and "giving in".

When your ex is an elf, relationships can be complicated.

She recognized the perfume the moment she stepped into her dressing room: wild jasmine and hibiscus, a scent all at once nostalgic, bittersweet, and arousing.  Kicking the door shut behind her, Taliyah crossed her arms over her chest and closed her eyes, tapping the fingers of one hand on her bicep.
“Kymera,” she murmured in a tone of playful exasperation.  “I should have known.”
“I was in town,” came the husky reply.  When Taliyah turned towards the wall where her vanity mirror was set, she saw the beautiful leggy fae sitting sprawled in the makeup chair, feet dangling over one side as she leaned, casually regal, over the other, chin propped up on one hand.
“Had to stop by and see my favorite protégée.”

March 11, 2012



1st Place in Poetry for Talent Drips Erotic Publishings February 2012 Contest! - ~Smitten~
1st Place in Short Stories for Talent Drips Erotic Publishings February 2012 Contest! - Life Drawing
2nd Place in Short Stories for Talent Drips Erotic Publishings February 2012 Contest! - Friday Night Fantasy
3rd Place in Short Stories for Talent Drips Erotic Publishings February 2012 Contest! - Body Shots
4th Place in Short Stories for Talent Drips Erotic Publishings February 2012 Contest! - Double Shot
5th Place in Short Stories for Talent Drips Erotic Publishings February 2012 Contest! - Eat Dessert First
6th Place in Short Stories for Talent Drips Erotic Publishings February 2012 Contest! - That Night

Three of my stories placed in the Talent Drips Erotic Publishing Contest!  It's a paid contest and they will be published in an E-zine!  I am so happy!!

I'll have to do something to celebrate!  Maybe I'll do a few story commissions?  I'm so happy!

Here is the link to the E-zine.

March 2, 2012

A Special Request

Dear my lovelies,

Would you like to have a full-length erotic lesbian love story between vampire and human available to read online?  I am preparing to post Lotus Petals, a historical erotic novel, in blog format for more readers to enjoy.  My plan is to make the whole book available chapter by chapter, with full-color illustrations posted along with it.  You can find the Prologue and first three sample chapters of Lotus Petals under the link above, and treat yourself to a taste of what's to come.

Before I do this, though, I need your help.  If you like what I post on Foreplay and Fangs, please reblog and help me boost the signal.  If you can, please also help me get word of the blog out there on Google by giving a +1 to any posts you really like, or share the posts on Facebook! I would love to get enough followers that I can start posting Lotus Petals and, if that turns out to be successful, also the sequel Satin and Steel.

I appreciate any likes, comments, reblogs or requests that come my way.  Here is my Tumblr Page! I'm also on Google+ and Facebook.  I'm happy to thank any followers who help me with this by posting a special erotic short story or art commission of their choice!  Like this post, either reblog, +1 or Share, and then send me your request in an Ask.  I will randomly raffle and complete an additional commission request for every 25 followers who share Foreplay and Fangs in any one of these three ways.  I'll also give you a second entry if you share it on more than one of these three sites!.  Remember I will not write or post anything that a traditional erotic publisher would not accept (no pedophilia, no bodily functions, no snuff, no beastiality, etc.), and I do not write fan-fiction (though fan art is acceptable).  Other than that I am open to most challenges!

So please, my lovelies, help me gain some more readership and boost my signal!

Much love!