His Cemetery Doll

His Cemetery Doll
Coming October 24th

Lotus Petals

I am currently seeking reviews for this novel; for a free ARC Copy, contact me! Limited number available.


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Chapter I
Chapter II
Chapter III


Decadent Kane said...

I like the art

Brantwijn Serrah said...

Thank you. I hope to recreate it in digital medium, soon, but I enjoy watercolors very much.

Lavender Queen said...

I am really looking forward to reading this book!

Life Without Frank said...

Love the cover!!

Brantwijn Serrah said...

The cover art was done by the wonderful and talented Victoria Miller, with Breathless Press. I am super happy with it myself! I'm keeping my fingers crossed she'll be the one to do the cover on my second series' starter, "Goblin Fires", as well.

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