October 28, 2013

Kelly Ryan's "Savation" -- Nothing Brings People Together like Zombies.

Zombies, zombies everywhere and not a bite to eat.


Hello again, my lovelies!  Time for another look at the blending of romance and the walking dead.  Kelly Ryan's Salvation, released by Breathless Press, has scrambled its way through the quarantine zones and onto my blog for review.

October 25, 2013

For Your Pleasure: Leona Bushman

Today on Foreplay and Fangs, we're pleased to remind all you lovelies that Leona Bushman's hot new novella, Slow Burn, is Now available at Breathless Press.  To celebrate Release Day, I'm happy to welcome Leona to the blog for an interview on the book.  

F&F:  Welcome to Foreplay and Fangs, Leona! Are you excited for the release of Slow Burn? 

Leona Bushman: Yes :). This and another zombie story, Mayhem in Mexico: Zombie Infestation, an urban thriller, comes out on Halloween. I'm beyond excited!! Two Zombie book releases in less than a week! LOL But Slow Burn has a special place in my heart because of the reactions of my editors :).

F&F:  Nice!  So my first question is, what inspired you to blend an erotic love story with zombies? 

LB:  LOL simple, really. Breathless Press put out a call and I had an idea... :D Okay, it's never that simple. I have a gazillion ideas. This one came with inspiration. This is going to sound mean, but I wanted to make my editor cry and/or gag and scream. I believe I've accomplished all three :D And, in turn, the line editor which was an added and unexpec
ted bonus.

F&F:  Are you a fan of the zombie genre yourself?  What are some of your favorite zombie films or books? 

LB:  LOL yeah. Before Borders went out of business, I bought the first Walking Dead comic. I even managed to keep it out of my family's mitts for nearly a year so it stayed purty lol. I watch The Walking Dead, of course LOL also, Zombieland :) As can be seen by the meme here.

F&F: As I mention in my review, your zombies aren't the traditional walking corpses of Night of The Living Dead fame.  What made you decide to depict them the way you do? 

LB:  Just, what else would be scarier than a zombie than a faster, smarter zombie? But really, it seems to me, that if it's an actual virus, we would retain something of our former selves, at least for a while. I've set up two different worlds with different kinds of smart zombies (Slow Burn and Mayhem in Mexico:Zombie Infestation. The only thing they have in common is they're not shamblers). I don't know if I could write a slow shamble and make it scary to me. And if I'm not scared, I'm not convinced the reader is. If you can't engage yourself in the story, why would you think the reader would be? That's my writer motto.

F&F: Was there any sort of extra research you had to do for Slow Burn? 

LB:  Oh lordy, was there. First, I had to look up how to (redacted) and the proper weapon generally used by (redacted) and was completely surprised. When I told my husband he was like now way. How can you (redacted redacted) with that? I had to show him. Not that there was no disagreement, but in the places that mattered, they pretty much agreed. That was the biggest one. It took the longest time and was the most disturbing. I shudder even now.  And, erm, sorry about the redacted, but I can't give out the spoilers... lol.  I also had to look up general first aid. I used to be an EMT, so my base knowledge is too much compared to what Joe Schmoe of the street would know. I mean, this single father who sells insurance and securities isn't going to know how to fix (redacted) without help from somewhere. So I had to do research to see what knowledge my character couldn't have, if you know what I mean.

F&F:  I've kicked around the idea of writing zombie story erotica myself but always wondered how to find opportunities for romance when the undead are threatening to eat my characters' heads.  Was it hard for Karla and Sebastian to get in the mood for sex scenes when you had so much horror breaking loose around them? (I will say it didn't seem like it!) 

LB:  I have to admit, that was the thing that nearly tripped me up. I mean, you're in the middle of this survival time and you're taking time out to get it on with someone. But then I realized that it's during emergencies that basic instincts take over. Things are taken down to their bare minimum. So as long as there isn't a zombie on their tails, when the mood strikes... The real trick became how to get some without the teenagers catching them. LOL.

F&F: These two are clearly a hot item! Any plans for future stories with them in the leads? 

LB:  When I started writing it, no. But as I got to the end...a second story came to mind and I knew that I couldn't leave it like that. The possibilities that this world created are bigger than I had even imagined as I started the story.

F&F: Yes!  That is awesome news, i hope I get to read that one, too.  That... May or may not have been a completely self-serving question there... Anyway, How about other works? Anything special coming up next?

LB:  My next release is Halloween, as stated above. I'm also putting the moves on in the Steampunk short I'm working on, Finish up Book three in the War of the Weres series, The Panther's Hunter, and a couple/few shorties, I think, just for fun LOL I know I'm forgetting some...oh yes, one secret project.

F&F: Secret project?  Aww, but I wanna know noooooooow.....you smut authors are such teases.  


You can find more information on Leona and her works at her author website,  www.leonajbushman.com. Check out her blog at www.lbushman.blogspot.com, and visit her on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/AuthorLeonaBushman.  Her twitter is @L_Bushman.

Thank you again to Leona for joining us, and congratulations to her on her new and upcoming releases!  Remember to check out Slow Burn from Breathless Press, and if you like it, lovelies, give Leona a little love by leaving a review and telling your friends.  

October 24, 2013

Have a Quick Bite: "The Initiate" by Lisa Adams

If there's anything more appropriate to Foreplay and Fangs than vampires, I don't know what it is.  Practically a foregone conclusion in the world of supernatural romance and erotica, vampires run the gamut from irredeemably vicious, ravishing beasts to suave and elegant, dashing nobility.  (Here at F&F, we refuse to acknowledge the sparkling goofballs of Twilight as anything close to legitimate vampires.)   It seems like vampires are among the foremost favorites of the erotic genre, ever since Dracula first made young ladies shiver with his dark, illicit seductions.

In that vein (haha, get it?), it is my deepest pleasure to share with you a truly salacious story, The Initiate, by Lisa Adams.

October 22, 2013

Sadira's Words

Bannon and Sadira

One of the most pressing desires I as an author have is to write a full-length novel from the point of view of Sadira, a submissive and a slave.  I love the thought of exploring her submission and devotion to her Master, and how deep her need for his brand of domination goes.  Here is an excerpt from what I hope will grow into that book.

* * *

October 21, 2013

Dire Straits and Delicious Sex: a Review of Slow Burn, by Leona Bushman

I'm a bit of an "accidental" zombie fan.  Since we were freshmen in high school, my now-husband has pretty much devoured any and every zombie movie, TV show, book or comic book he could get his hands on, and that means I got to sup on them as well.  I know the classics from George A. Romero to the comedic satires like Sean of the Dead.  I've gotten the play-by-plays of The Walking Dead -- not the show, the comics -- and heck, I've even perused his copy of the zombie X-Men.  We have action figures from zombie movies, we play video games like Zombie Bowling (yes, this is a thing, and it's glorious), and I even bought a zombie embroidery kit for him for Christmas.  You get the idea.

When I was offered the chance to preview Slow Burn, I must admit I wasn't sure what to expect.  I read the description on the pre-order page and was caught instantly by the setting: a pair of office co-workers looking forward to a relaxing (and lusty!) week together in the Cascades.  I could see the classic setup for your small handful of "survivors": Sebastian (the handsome hero), Karla (his lovely heroine), his teenage son Jack and Jack's sweet girlfriend, Rachael.  All the bones of a zombie survival horror story were there.  And how, pray tell, would the sexy side play out?  And would this tale of lovers vs. the undead measure up to the many, many zombie stories across so many mediums I had already encountered?

New Art: Stars in Her Eyes

An attempt at pinup art featuring one of my shifter characters, Kyriel.  Kyrie is a bighorn ram shifter, and yes, I checked: female bighorns have horns.

October 16, 2013

Guess Who's Back, My Lovelies...

Yes, after more than a year away.  I really ought to be punished, oughtn't I?


Allow me to make a rather intimate confession: I have been away dealing with some rather deep personal issues, and didn't have the energy or the willpower to write even my sexy stories.  I've recently been diagnosed bipolar and have been learning how to manage it.  So that is why I have been so very long away, my friends.

But now I am back, and with some wonderful news!

First of all, some old news revisited: in March, Graveyard Games and Hunting Grounds, two of my supernatural sexy shorts, were published in Breathless Press's Crimson Anthology, Volume 1.

Available at Breathless Press and Amazon.com.

Now some additional good news: Breathless is also publishing two of my shifter stories, Equinox and The Wages of Sin, in their upcoming Ravaged Anthology!

Release date forthcoming!!

In other news, I'll be submitting to the second Crimson Volume soon, and resubmitting Lotus Petals for consideration as well.  I hope you will wish me luck on that, my lovelies!  It would mean so much to me to see the book in print (or E-Print, as it were...)

So I'm back again, with happier times on the horizon I hope, and some beautiful books with my name (as well as the names of many wonderful wonderful erotic authors!!) on the cover.  I will keep you posted, lovelies!