April 21, 2014

New Week, New Creative Writing Challenge: Straight from the Headlines!

Hello, My Lovelies!

I do so love sharing these writing challenges with you. I love to read the responses you share back! Today I'm going to pose a variant of one I was given in one of my own creative writing courses: "Straight From the Headlines".

Watch out, darlings... this one's a bit of a tough one!

For this exercise I've chosen the following five headlines:

  • Runway for Scholars fashion show set for Sunday

  • Everybody from Aristotle to Disney gets hyenas wrong

  • Proposed initiative could ban all marijuana use in Montana

  • Leopard strays into Ballarpur, injurs three

  • Navy shifts watches to aid sleep on subs


 Your challenge is to pick one of these and write a sexy flash about it. The headline is your jumping off point--no need to go look up the real news post and pull true facts. For example, the first headline might inspire you to write a quick, sexy scene set backstage of the fashion show.


I think that's fairly self-explanatory? You can post your response in the comments or link to your own Facebook or blog to show me what you've got! 

Just like last time, if we get ten or more entries, I'll choose the most creative one and give them a free prize! I've still got a few sexy e-books to give away and they're sitting all lonely in my virtual bookshelf, looking for a home!


And just a quick reminder!

Goblin Fires releases next Friday!


April 19, 2014

Brantwijn's Best of Blogs: Decadent Kane

Decadent KaneDecadent Kane is a bit of a blogging mentor to me.  She's introduced me to the Thursday Tasters and Friday Flashers, and been a faithful follower with many helpful suggestions at the ready.

As for her blog, besides being beautiful, she posts regularly with some very sexy snippets of her elvyn stories, which are cute and sensual.  While working on Goblin Fires, I've occasionally slipped away to her world for a little taste of style.

At the moment, Decadent is taking part in the A-Z Challenge, putting up a clever "Wicked Whisper" every day for a new letter of the alphabet.  There's been a lot of smoldering graphics and beautiful men gracing her pages these last few weeks.  Decadent is also a pretty neat hand at creating these sorts of graphics, as well, and she's generously put together lovely little postable pics for myself and other authors to celebrate our upcoming releases. These are two she's created for me recently.

Decadent is an author of fantasy erotic romance as well.  You can read my reviews of her first two releases, Ribbon of Darkness and Tempting Clover, here on the blog.  She's got an upcoming release I am also extremely excited for, Steele Your Soul

Drop by Decadent's Blog and check her out.  She's fun, friendly, creative and devoted to some very sexy, very beautiful content.  Beyond being exceptionally talented and exhibiting a lot of great works of her own, she's faithfully dedicated to supporting fellow small press authors and bloggers herself, which makes her a very good neighbor on top of everything else.

April 16, 2014

A Wednesday Writing Challenge

Let's have a little fun today, my loves... Let's do a writing challenge together.

Post you responses in the comments here, or post them to you own blog, Facebook, etc... Just be sure to leave me a link so I can see what you've come up with!

If I see at least ten tries today (by different readers, dahlings), I'll offer a sexy, sexy prize for the best! So be sure to share with your friends! 

Here is your opening sentence: 

"The first thing he remembered was dying."

Write 1-2 paragraphs about this. Aaaaaaand.....GO!!!

April 7, 2014

Cover Reveal: Moving In!

Happy Monday, my Lovelies! I will be spending this fine day with family, celebrating my birthday, but I still have some goodies for you!  Today we reveal the cover for Sheritha Singh's new novella, Moving In!


Lace decides she has to make up for Dean's sudden predicament and invites him to move in with her—she could use the rent. She doesn't expect Dean to be as sexy as he is. But with his habit of walking around shirtless and his swoon-worthy body she suddenly needs to get a grip on her hormones. Losing her virginity to Dean becomes Lace's top priority if she can win Dean's trust and show him he means just as much to her minus his parents' wealth.
Dean St. James can’t believe a single blog post ruined his comfortable life. He’s forced to look for another place when his parents kick him out of their apartment. In a moment of total insanity, Dean confronts the writer of the damaging blog post and is surprised when she offers him a place. Dean needs balls of steel if he's going to live with the sexy writer especially since she has a penchant for a silk robe that falls open and flashes him the sexiest body he's ever seen.

Sheritha is thirty-something South African writer. She lives on the Kwa-Zulu Natal North Coast where winter is almost non – existent. She has been writing since the age of twelve and often spaced out during Math and biology while dreaming up new plots for her many romance novels. Sheritha shares her home with her family and two canines.
Sheritha is currently developing Lace Higgins's writing  career. There are plenty sexy stories for Lace to write.
Sheritha's publishing credits include:
Cherish – Lycaon Press www.lycaonpress.com
Witch Apprentice – Crimson Volume 2 Anthology short story – writing as Lace Higgins. www.breathlesspress.com
Sheritha loves hearing from readers. Tweet her @Shersinghzn

It can't be. I blink before pushing my hair off my face and take a closer look. There's a hunk on my doorstep. Maybe I've fallen asleep and woken up in an alternate reality. Shit, he's gorgeous. His sun-kissed golden skin is flawless. He takes a long, sweeping look at me before he places one muscled arm on his slim hip and poses like a book boyfriend in my doorway.
An ice draft chills me. Crap. I pull the ends of my robe together to prevent another peep show and try to figure out who he is. And I had to flash him. Thank God, I've waxed. My face heats up all over again. I'll bet he loved my little impromptu show. I wish his presence didn't make my insides tingle or dry up my mouth. I've never had a guy look at me appreciatively or light up wildfires in remote places I never knew existed inside me with a single glance. And those eyes...Jesus... His eyes remind me of liquid fire.
My blood hums before the pit of my tummy trembles and spreads through my veins quicker than liquid lava. I'm wet in seconds, and I have to clamp my legs together just in case any telltale juices leak down my legs. Alison's right. I need to have sex before I go totally crazy and start dry humping guys. I don't think this sex only after marriage thing is going to work for me much longer. Heck, I must be the oldest virgin on the planet.
"Where is she?" His voice cuts through my dazed thoughts.
What does he want with me?
A gazillion possibilities race through my head. What if he's a stalker? I've had a few crazies send me creepy messages via my social media accounts. None have had the guts to show up on my doorstep... Besides Mr. Book Boyfriend doesn't look at all crazy. He seems to be as furious as hell, though.
"I don't know any Lace."

April 1, 2014

Goblin Fires Cover Reveal!

Here it is!  April, my favorite month! I've got my birthday coming up, a trip to one of my favorite cons, and this year I have a new book coming out!

So here we are, my lovelies... at long last... the wonderful art of Victoria Miller, the cover of Goblin Fires!

As another special treat, here is the new book trailer!

Our release date is April 25th... stay tuned until then for special excerpts and news on upcoming giveaways!