April 19, 2014

Brantwijn's Best of Blogs: Decadent Kane

Decadent KaneDecadent Kane is a bit of a blogging mentor to me.  She's introduced me to the Thursday Tasters and Friday Flashers, and been a faithful follower with many helpful suggestions at the ready.

As for her blog, besides being beautiful, she posts regularly with some very sexy snippets of her elvyn stories, which are cute and sensual.  While working on Goblin Fires, I've occasionally slipped away to her world for a little taste of style.

At the moment, Decadent is taking part in the A-Z Challenge, putting up a clever "Wicked Whisper" every day for a new letter of the alphabet.  There's been a lot of smoldering graphics and beautiful men gracing her pages these last few weeks.  Decadent is also a pretty neat hand at creating these sorts of graphics, as well, and she's generously put together lovely little postable pics for myself and other authors to celebrate our upcoming releases. These are two she's created for me recently.

Decadent is an author of fantasy erotic romance as well.  You can read my reviews of her first two releases, Ribbon of Darkness and Tempting Clover, here on the blog.  She's got an upcoming release I am also extremely excited for, Steele Your Soul

Drop by Decadent's Blog and check her out.  She's fun, friendly, creative and devoted to some very sexy, very beautiful content.  Beyond being exceptionally talented and exhibiting a lot of great works of her own, she's faithfully dedicated to supporting fellow small press authors and bloggers herself, which makes her a very good neighbor on top of everything else.

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