January 29, 2014

Time for another Thursday Taste!

It's time for a taste of something sweet, my lovelies...
How about a sneak peak into the love affair of Finn, the Half-Sidhe Knight of Springtime, and his two lady loves, the Princesses of the Elves.

You may recognize Finn from last week's taste. In Goblin Fires, Finn plays a supporting role to his goblin half-sister, Reagan of the Autumn Court. Finn will have his own adventure soon enough, and what better way to start out a sexy elvyn romp than with... a threesome?

**Important Note**

(from earlier in the chapter)
Nine and Neri hadn't been born faerie princesses; they hadn't even been born twins, or sisters at all.  They were changelings, human children stolen from their world and transformed by the fae, becoming fae themselves 

In other words:

And now,
On to the sweet part!

January 24, 2014

New Review: "Tempting Clover", by Decadent Kane


By now, I've had the pleasure to read a few of Decadent Kane's Trouble With Elves series (some of them even before release! Neener neener neener.)  Tempting Clover, Kane's newest novella, has quickly become my favorite.

Clover is an elfess with a problem: the goblin Malik has tricked her into a contract, wherein she is doomed to be returned to him every time an enticing male gets her feeling hot and heavy--and always before any fun can come of it!  Malik collects her "sexual essence" to turn into a potion which will make him human, long enough for him to go out and score a hot date with a lady.  How ridiculously unfair.

But Tempting Clover is not some sort of "odd couple" comedy. The story takes a quick turn towards the promising elvish bartender, Reed, who may be the first man Clover simply cannot imagine skipping out on in those final moments of heat, and then another quick turn into the dark and dangerous territory of navigating a counterspell behind Malik's back, to free herself for good.

I found this story to be one of the most compelling Kane has written. The chemistry between Reed and Clover is dynamic and very effective: I don't normally go for true love matches in a short novella, because so often they rely on a poorly-forged "instant" connection to justify them as soul mates. For Reed and Clover, though, there is no deus ex machina to use as an excuse: they have a rather whirlwind turnabout from competitive denial into want and passion, but it travels along some very relatable and endearing lines. I found myself very invested in their happy ending, and even more hateful of the villain Malik, because he stood in their way.

My one complaint about Kane's writing is that I always want it to be a bit longer. I do enjoy a "quick read" now and again, The Trouble With Elves feels so rich already, I'm often yearning to see a fleshing out of some of the world's more creative and interesting features. In Tempting Clover, I yearned for more time with the characters: Reed and Clover are just such a loveable pair, with an excellent dash of contrast and a gruff but beautiful affection.

Not only Reed and Clover, but Malik and the fourth featured character, Idis the Sage Witch, are such dynamic creatures. You love and hate them with a real enjoyment. None of them is stale or lacking in dimension.

I give Tempting Clover an enthusiastic five stars, and must say it is one of the most satisfying short love stories I've run across in the genre. I'm eager to see more coming along in this series, but I'd love to see a continuation of these two and their unfolding passions.

Check out Decadent Kane here, at her blog

Pick up Tempting Clover here, and find Kane's first book, Ribbon of Darkness, as well! 

January 23, 2014

A Friday Flash: Nonsense on the Clock

Join a talented group of flashers getting together to show off their stuff (in 100 words or less!) every Friday!

This Week's Pic:

This Week's Flash:
Nonsense on the Clock

Carla always suspected the age verification on her webcam site were less than adequate. "Are you over 18? Yes/No". As she signed into her performance account for the first of the day's live shows, she sighed at it. Any idiot could sign in to watch her play naughty. Today, any idiot did. Her first client asked if she liked seafood. Strange question...

Her jaw dropped in disgust as the other user's webcam activated to reveal an ugly twelve-year-old sticking out his tongue to let her see a chewed-up blob of peanut butter sandwich.


January 22, 2014

A Thursday Taste, January 23rd

Mmm, a Thursday taste of what's to come! A section of my novel-in-progress, Goblin Fires:

http://pixel.bnetwork.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/BE_Death_Knight_by_slipgatecentral.jpg -- Inspiration for Reagan, the Lady Knight 
I brushed at the snowflake-white little pixie, who had flown up very close to tug prankishly at my hair, trying to shoo it away as I watched the girls enter the street at the light change.

Then—almost too late—I realized the little creature wasn't trying to play with me.

January 17, 2014

Friday Flashers!

I've recently joined a group of writers who flex their writing muscles every Friday by writing a bit of 100-word (no more!!) flash fiction, based on a picture posted for inspiration.  Here, lovelies, is my first attempt!

Muffy Wilson's photo. 

 Magic means Brennan and Sarayana. I just had an excellent guest post on sex magic here. So I give you my first 99 words of flash erotic fiction.

Damp air danced like electricity on sweat-soaked body; naked flesh radiating heat and energy. Brennan, chanting, stroked himself, staving off climax until the sex-charged magic reached its height—the wizard's erection throbbed, his cock twitched— 

Finally the spell took hold and the energy erupted from him; he took himself over the edge, stroking himself hard to orgasm and gasping out loud as he came into his hand.

In the silence afterward, he heard Sarayana moving close. One wing closed around his drenched, naked body. The dragon nuzzled him and he curled up against her warm hide to find sleep.

January 16, 2014

Looking for a Sexy New Read? Review of "The Phantom", by Jocelyn Leverett

This week I had the pleasure of perusing a recent new release, an erotic novella entitled The Phantom. Part ghost story, part erotic tell-all, this book took on a unique plot: the story of a woman searching for an urban legend, and finding new worlds of sexuality along the way.


Immediate draws: ghost story, haunting as it is erotic. Increasingly hotter and hotter as the story goes on and our lead Sasha, is drawn deeper and deeper into the world of indulgent sexual exploration. In terms of the sex, it escalates nicely and delivers a lot of satisfying and dare I say, fun little vignettes. I read it right before bed, and straight through without stopping. Definitely an enjoyable bedtime story.

January 14, 2014

The Lotus Petal Blog Tour Schedule!

The Time is Almost Come, My Lovelies! Be Sure To Join Us For The Blog Tour For More Chances to Win Free E-Books!

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January 9, 2014

Ravaged Blog Tour Day 7: Review of "Awakening" by Lucien Didier

Today we finish out our week-long Ravaged tour with another one of my favorite stories: Awakening, by Lucien Didier.

Awakening is fast, furious, and wildly passionate. If forced to sum it up in one sentence, I would say this is exactly what short shifter erotica should be.  This is another story I would happily take to bed and read aloud to my lover, happy to watch him grow hotter and hotter as each salacious description falls from my lips.

This story is full of mysterious and tempting detail: strangers meet in a bar; with hardly a word, she leads him into the darkness to share a primal, mind-blowing revelation.  This story is about more than the sex, but the sex is so central to a deeper, core, personal understanding: something integral to a really good shifter character.  What I love most about this tale is how predatory it is: everything about the setting prowls and stalks, pulling you further and further into the woods with the story's tempting stranger.  

One very satisfying detail about Awakening is that the story doesn't end with one gratifying sex scene: there's more to be told and even the ending of the tale is full of the promise of more.

This concludes our Ravaged blog tour! If you haven't yet entered our giveaway for 1 of 7 free copies of the book, do so now before the clock runs out!  And be sure to drop by Breathless Press to check out Ravaged, Volume 2 and all the other terrific bedtime stories they have to offer! 

January 8, 2014

Ravaged Blog Tour Day 6: Review of "A Fine Line Between Love and Hate", by Ella Gray

Remember that kid in elementary school that just wouldn't stop picking on you?  Did your mother ever give you the old, "Oh, it just means s/he likes you!"

There's a life lesson for you, and one that comes back to bite two young shifters in the ass in A Fine Line Between Love and Hate, Ella Gray's contribution to the Ravaged anthology.

Jack Deeks and Lissa Adams grew up together, and they couldn't stand one another! At least, that's how it appeared on the surface.  Then Jack grew up and went off into the big wide world, and Lissa was happy enough to have him gone. Only now he's back, and suddenly he's got a lot more sexy on him than he used to.

A Fine Line Between Love and Hate blends the feel of Immortals After Dark with the softer side of shifters in The Sookie Stackhouse mysteries.  The story is a fun a flirtatious one, featuring one of the sensual kinds of shifters: leopards.  Like the big cat himself, this story is languid and a little teasing, but beautiful and oh-so-tempting.  It has a nice down-home feeling but it isn't corny; as Jack comes home, you feel you yourself are coming home, back to friendly places and familiar faces.  Lissa is a pert and pretty little thing with definite strong opinions as to the boy who used to torment her, and she puts him through his paces to prove he's worthy of her now.

Lighthearted but lusty, this was another quick but satisfying read, the kind you could share with your lover just before bedtime.  Enjoy! 

January 7, 2014

Pre-Order Lotus Petals Now!!

The time is drawing near, my lovelies! Drop on by Breathless Press... you can pre-order Lotus Petals now!


Ravaged Blog Tour Day 5: "Pollen", by Jo Williams

Pollen was another Ravaged title I was exceptionally excited to read.  The idea of bees as a possible sexy shifter? I had to see how Jo Williams was going to pull it off.

This story was quite a ride.  All throughout it, I kept thinking of the recent Simon Pegg film, The World's End, and of True BloodPollen had such a strange, kind-of-gritty, darkly sexy tone to it. It catches you up rather quickly and despite some rather troubling hints of what's to come, you find yourself too engrossed in finding out, well, what's to come.

I originally expected a bubbly, dancing group of "Honeybee" ladies, the kind they turn out with the sexy bee costumes at Halloween time: cute and sweet and playful.  The ladies in Pollen prove to be the Sexy Honeybee's deadly cousins.  They are so captivating, though, you want to believe all your misgivings and all those alarm bells that are going off in your head are just the result of a little too much drink.

The sex in Pollen has a touch of very naughty exhibitionism, a touch of whirlwind flavor and a, shall we say, "surprise" ending.  No spoilers, of course, but it was a scene that was both pleasing and a little bit shocking.  Not one to be entered into lightly!

This story is titillating to the senses, especially taste and smell, which are two senses that should be pleasured in any erotic tale.  Pollen is definitely something so good, you just know it's bad for you... and you're going to love it anyway.

January 6, 2014

Ravaged Blog Tour, Day 4: Raschael's Top 10 Guide to Seducing the Clergy - from "Wages of Sin"

My second tale in the Ravaged Anthology is one of my own favorites, The Wages of Sin.  While I'd love to regale you all with my own interpretation of the piece, instead I give you another of my "Special Features":

Angel Raschael's Top Ten Guide

to Seducing the Clergy

My name is Raschael.  I am of the First Blood of Demons, the fallen ones.  Nowadays we are commonly referred to as incubi and succubae.  Among my clan, I am employed as a temptress and a spy; great men and women are often at their most vulnerable when they have allowed themselves to be seduced.  I deal with some degree of specialty in men and women of the cloth.  So it is with great pride I give you my own Top Ten Guide to Seducing the Clergy.

1.      Make Confession – Oh, the confessional booth.  Is there any place more perfect for whispering deep, dark secrets and salacious little hints?  The confessional provides an ideal amount of privacy, and best of all, a tailor-made excuse to talk dirty.  

2.      Seek Faith – "After hours", shall we say?  Discover a time when the church is likeliest to be empty, and be sure to drop by... unexpectedly.

3.      Offer up Your Heart – Show him your soft side, your vulnerable side... that shy, innocent, wide-eyed Catholic schoolgirl side.

4.      Ask Forgiveness –. Make a subtly improper proposition—then, when chastised, very quickly take it back, and feign immediate chagrin.  Oh, shame on you! 

5.      Where Two (or Three!) Are Gathered... – There's ample space within a church where an illicit couple might be alone: the vestry, the balcony, the choir room.  Find excuse to... 'make use' of them.

6.      Sing His Praises –Be sure to mention often—and in dangerous proximity to the rest of his flock—how very, very much joy he brings you. What a good, attentive priest he is... so skilled in the ways of... worship.

7.      Search the Scriptures – Do you know how many naughty tales there are in the Bible? Hell, Song of Songs is a whole book devoted to erotic love. If you don't believe me, ask your priest to explain the verse, "his fruit is sweet to my taste"... then watch him turn red.

8.      Receive Baptism – Think of the sight of you in that white robe, all wet, clinging to your curves... all the better if you wear nude-colored underthings, or if you're very, very devoted, nothing at all.

9.      Cast Your Cares Upon The Lord – And then, cast your clothes upon the floor.