January 9, 2014

Ravaged Blog Tour Day 7: Review of "Awakening" by Lucien Didier

Today we finish out our week-long Ravaged tour with another one of my favorite stories: Awakening, by Lucien Didier.

Awakening is fast, furious, and wildly passionate. If forced to sum it up in one sentence, I would say this is exactly what short shifter erotica should be.  This is another story I would happily take to bed and read aloud to my lover, happy to watch him grow hotter and hotter as each salacious description falls from my lips.

This story is full of mysterious and tempting detail: strangers meet in a bar; with hardly a word, she leads him into the darkness to share a primal, mind-blowing revelation.  This story is about more than the sex, but the sex is so central to a deeper, core, personal understanding: something integral to a really good shifter character.  What I love most about this tale is how predatory it is: everything about the setting prowls and stalks, pulling you further and further into the woods with the story's tempting stranger.  

One very satisfying detail about Awakening is that the story doesn't end with one gratifying sex scene: there's more to be told and even the ending of the tale is full of the promise of more.

This concludes our Ravaged blog tour! If you haven't yet entered our giveaway for 1 of 7 free copies of the book, do so now before the clock runs out!  And be sure to drop by Breathless Press to check out Ravaged, Volume 2 and all the other terrific bedtime stories they have to offer! 

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