January 8, 2014

Ravaged Blog Tour Day 6: Review of "A Fine Line Between Love and Hate", by Ella Gray

Remember that kid in elementary school that just wouldn't stop picking on you?  Did your mother ever give you the old, "Oh, it just means s/he likes you!"

There's a life lesson for you, and one that comes back to bite two young shifters in the ass in A Fine Line Between Love and Hate, Ella Gray's contribution to the Ravaged anthology.

Jack Deeks and Lissa Adams grew up together, and they couldn't stand one another! At least, that's how it appeared on the surface.  Then Jack grew up and went off into the big wide world, and Lissa was happy enough to have him gone. Only now he's back, and suddenly he's got a lot more sexy on him than he used to.

A Fine Line Between Love and Hate blends the feel of Immortals After Dark with the softer side of shifters in The Sookie Stackhouse mysteries.  The story is a fun a flirtatious one, featuring one of the sensual kinds of shifters: leopards.  Like the big cat himself, this story is languid and a little teasing, but beautiful and oh-so-tempting.  It has a nice down-home feeling but it isn't corny; as Jack comes home, you feel you yourself are coming home, back to friendly places and familiar faces.  Lissa is a pert and pretty little thing with definite strong opinions as to the boy who used to torment her, and she puts him through his paces to prove he's worthy of her now.

Lighthearted but lusty, this was another quick but satisfying read, the kind you could share with your lover just before bedtime.  Enjoy! 

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