January 4, 2014

Ravaged Blog Tour, Day 2: A Review of "Midnight at the Satyr Inn", by Rebekah Lewis

One of my favorite stories in Ravaged is Midnight at the Satyr Inn, by Rebekah Lewis.  I'd been looking forward to reading this one since I first heard what curious shifters it featured: satyrs.  For me, a dash of the not-so-often-explored realm of mythological shapeshifters and a departure from the more common weres.

The best thing about Midnight is, frankly, it is sexy.  From the first few paragraphs you know this one is going to have a very primal payoff and the anticipation makes it so very, very delicious!  The satyrs--four brothers cursed by nymphs--ooze seduction and rough allure.  You can't help but find yourself a little hungry for a man like Jacen, this story's ruggedly beautiful lead.

One thing I've never liked about fantasy short stories in erotica is magic without origin.  That is, when magic comes along at convenient points without some sort of setting, boundaries, rules or logic.  Is that silly? I don't think so.  At first I was a little worried that Midnight might contain that sort of magic: the satyr can make a woman forget the truth simply because they say they can.  Wonderfully, Rebekah proved more creative than that: the satyr possess a form of magic that all at once contributes to the allure and tone of the story, makes sense for the myth and origin of the satyr themselves, and plays wonderfully into the events of the tale.  I won't spoil the details of it but it pleased me very much.

Another thing I loved about this tale is that the sexiness of it fit perfectly with the pacing, events and background.  Too often in erotica it feels like sexier details are peppered in at odd times to remind the reader it's a sexy story. In Midnight, Rebekah incorporates some seriously arousing details -- anyone for a satyr foursome? -- without letting them be clunky or non sequitur.  Perhaps that's because satyrs are naturally a libidinous and hungry lot and can't help but be sex-obsessed, but even if that's the case, it fits together so well.  It's a longer short, but damn if its not worth it. The only thing I can lament about it is that I wanted more. 

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  1. As if I didn't already want to read it before. This review is great.


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