January 5, 2014

Ravaged Blog Tour Day 3: "The Wild Life" by Persephone Jones

The first thing that struck me in The Wild Life, by Persephone Jones, was the sense of natural and dynamic emotion.  The story begins with a young woman answering a call for a crisis helpline.  It immediately sets this story apart.

Frances, our lovely main, is not a typical erotica model. She is overweight, and struggling to lose the extra pounds, and when she doubts her worth and beauty, it makes sense. There's no false modesty here: she has very real reasons to wonder if she'll ever find a man who really desires her. It's a little heartbreaking, but I think its very real.  It doesn't overpower her character, though, as it can in some stories where the author really wants to make a point of how miserable their character is with her appearance. Frances' self-confidence struggles are realistic and recognizable; at the same time, when she stumbles on someone who really makes her feel good about herself, she doesn't shy away or question every kind word. Above all, it makes her a touching, lovable character.

The story features an erotic act that, in my opinion, really ought to get more screen time: phone sex.  It sets up a great lead-in to the forming relationship in the story's progression. It's also very well laid out, and carries a good, deep-down sultry tone.  Bravo to Ms. Jones, on the phone sex alone!

But the story doesn't end there.  Frances realizes one of the most common human fantasies -- finding that Special Someone -- in her very own special way.  I should note also the shifter is one that I don't see often, but I don't think I'll give it away here... let's just say it was an interesting creature to see in our male lead and I applaud Persephone's originality in that avenue as well!

I think The Wild Life may be the most heartwarming of the Ravaged stories: one that not only satisfied my erotica craving, but left me genuinely happy in the end, and smiling for all sorts of reasons.

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