June 3, 2012

Conditions of Anonymity (Pt 3)

The Golden Masks were first.  The one now holding my leash knelt over me while the other one came around to the other side of the cushion and tilted my head back.  I felt the head of the first cock slide into my pussy, sending a shock of joy through my body, while I opened my mouth to take the second in hungry need.  The taste of salt and the sticky sweetness of pre-come was delicious as my tongue eagerly welcomed him, and very quickly he found a rhythm, thrusting hard and deep to the back of my throat.  I happily gobbled him down: I loved to deep-throat and I almost never gagged.

June 2, 2012

Conditions of Anonymity (Pt 2)

There was a man stationed just inside the entryway to the ballroom where the guests were gathered.  He wore a mask, but it was a flat, uninteresting gray, and he was garbed in a red suit that seemed to indicate he was staff, not guest.  He greeted me with a nod and extended a hand for mine—I let him take it, and we glided into the room, he leading me through a warm crowd of party-goers.  They were all in masks all the same style and design, but in a myriad of colors.  I saw silver, green, royal blue, all glittering and sparkling in the dim golden light shed from the chandeliers overhead.  My mask was the only one with detail and accessory, and the same went for my outfit: all of the men wore simple, rich red fraternal robes, like monks.

June 1, 2012

Conditions of Anonymity (Pt 1)

The latest Hump Day Request story deals with more masquerade fun, hidden identities, and secrets revealed.  Enjoy this brand-new story, my lovelies!

The address on the little slip of paper in my hand belonged to an austere, officious sprawl of a manor on the Gold Coast, a big, dark building of cool stone and creeping ivy.  I took a long moment to appreciate it as I stepped out of the gleaming black limousine that had come out to my humble apartment to fetch me: perhaps I should have known, given the invitation I’d received to tonight’s event and the detailed instructions contained within.  This wasn’t going to be just any old party.
Of course, no party is any old part if I’m invited.