May 28, 2014

A Thursday Taste: More from "His Cemetery Doll"

Every Thursday, a group of writers gets together to post excerpts of current works in progress. This week I'm sharing a little more of my current project, His Cemetery Doll, a story of a ghostly lover in a haunted graveyard.
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Somewhere in the slow flurry of sensation, Conall realized the doll's lips were moving. Really moving, as he kissed them. Instinct overtaking him, he slid his tongue past them and searched for hers to respond. She met him, and her mouth proved warm, soft, eager, and pliant. Her fingers came up to his chest, though, and very softly, nudged him away.
He found himself a bit out of breath. Moreover, he realized he'd started to warm, himself, feeling flush with heat.
She appeared to be searching for him, even though her hand still rested on his collar. She tilted her face up to him, lifted her chin up as though straining to say something.
To his surprise...she did.

May 15, 2014

Thursday Taste: "His Cemetery Doll"

This is a group for writers who want to show short excerpts of their awesome work every Thursday.Please restrict excerpts to no more than 400 words. All genres permitted. A comment on each others work plus sharing and tweeting will encourage everyone to keep going with WIP's. Every writer needs a little help in their aim to succeed in their art so it is not much to ask. Our blog is

This week, my taste comes from a new project, a story of a haunting. I call it, His Cemetery Doll.


May 13, 2014

Erotica Review: Feral Escape, by Autumn Jones Lake

 This week's bedtime reading: Feral Escape, a new release by Autumn Jones Lake.


 Feral Escape: Catnip and Cauldrons, Book 3 - Click Image to Close


Feral Escape is the story of two very different shifters drawn to each other despite even their own expectations. Ivan is a lynx: strong, predatory, formerly a part of the Enforcers, who hunt down "domestic" shifters defying the politics and arranged mating pairs their body of authorities lays out for them. Molly is a domestic--a shifter whose alternate form is a little housecat--and she had displayed just such defiance.  Ivan rescues her from a trap the Enforcers have left for her, and brings her to his lair to keep her safe. The closeness of the situation, the heat of their chemistry, finds the two passionately entangled... and that's just the beginning of the complications they must work out in order to keep her safe.

May 12, 2014

Talking Shop: Better Porn with Better Proportions

A general rule of thumb for me: never mention cock size.



Honestly, we all know there are more relevant (and more important)things to describe than how many inches he is. That's not to say I wouldn't call a character well-endowed...but I find anyone taking the time to estimate size down to the literal inch is wrecking my lady boner.

May 7, 2014

A Taste of Something Decadent: Foreplay and Fangs Interviews Decadent Kane

Two days ago, Foreplay and Fangs hosted a very good friend of mine and fellow Breathless Press author, Decadent Kane. She is the mind behind The Trouble with Elves, a 3-book series so far, with more to come along. She's also a whiz with clever marketing and promo materials, and you may have seen some of her art on my page before! For an hour, guests posted their questions for Decadent to answer.  Here is what she said!

Decadent Kane Thanks so much for having me here! I'm looking forward to all the strange that can come from this...

Foreplay and Fangs Supernatural Romance Tell us one thing, anything, about Steele Your Soul, your newest book, that you really, really want your readers to know.

Decadent Kane The main thing I can think of for Steele Your Soul- is Joren- he always has lust on the brain...some nights he kept me awake with his little fantasies. He was also the hardest character for me to write- Pirate speak wasn't so easy....

Foreplay and Fangs :Your stories go between the points of view of your lead male and female. Do you find one perspective easier than the other, in terms of gender?

Decadent Kane I think it depends on the story. In the first book, Ribbon of Darkness, it was easier to write Ribbon's point of view than it was to write Draven's. In Tempting Clover I actually had a ton of fun with both point of views- the characters talked to me easily as I wrote and they stayed pretty even as things go.Steele Your Soul- Joren by far was the talker...his Point of view was easier- not his dialogue- but definitely his thoughts, ideas, and the rest of him...ahem.

Foreplay and Fangs Where do you draw your "inspiration" for elves? Is there a specific lore or mythos you follow or have you created your own kind of elves?

Decadent Kane I'm not going to say I have created a purely unique my own kind of elves. But I don't draw from anything in particular either. I just took general knowledge about elves, pointed ears, Drows are evil or darker version who live underground, and manipulated it to fit my ideas. Elves become drows through a disease called the feral. It lives in every elf. Elves reach full maturity when their ears have grown into a point. The feral can be reversed or held at bay- but only through very special means and it is different for every elf. I didn't want to take from a certain myth or fantasy of another- though in fairness no idea is completely original.

Tempting Clover: The Trouble With Elves, Book 2Foreplay and Fangs  You had a short work-in-progress called Demon Song. Any plans to expand this into a full story? What can you tell us about it?

Decadent Kane Ah- Demon Song... that is completely different than my elves. Like the title suggest it has more to do with demons. I have considered breaching out into the world of demons. This particular story will be submitted to my editor as a 'flirt' a little taste of how I write and what I write. If I do follow this idea into Demon's much like my elves, I will take general ideas of the creatures and make it fit my own imagination and writing style. I already have one published demon story called Butterfly in the Bloody Valentine anthology by Breathless Press

Guest Do you have a favorite out of your characters? ?

Decadent Kane A favorite... *whispers* don't tell anyone- but Joren is my favorite...He's such a cad and come on he looks like Killian Jones....*swoons*

Guest How often do your characters wake you up just so they can talk to you??

Decadent Kane Oh goodness! Way more than I'd like sometimes. The males are the worst. Strangely enough my female characters don't keep me awake or wake me. In total it's happened about 6 times.

Guest: Will we get to see Pirate Captain again? *please please please?

Decadent Kane You know- I haven't decided yet. Several people have commented about wanting more of him. And When i write the Drow King's story- he might find his way involved somehow...but I don't have anything planned right this second.

May 5, 2014

Erotica Review: Steele Your Soul, by Decadent Kane

Decadent Kane's got a new book out! The next volume in The Trouble With Elves, today I'm reviewing the pirate adventure, Steele Your Soul.

May 2, 2014

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