May 13, 2014

Erotica Review: Feral Escape, by Autumn Jones Lake

 This week's bedtime reading: Feral Escape, a new release by Autumn Jones Lake.


 Feral Escape: Catnip and Cauldrons, Book 3 - Click Image to Close


Feral Escape is the story of two very different shifters drawn to each other despite even their own expectations. Ivan is a lynx: strong, predatory, formerly a part of the Enforcers, who hunt down "domestic" shifters defying the politics and arranged mating pairs their body of authorities lays out for them. Molly is a domestic--a shifter whose alternate form is a little housecat--and she had displayed just such defiance.  Ivan rescues her from a trap the Enforcers have left for her, and brings her to his lair to keep her safe. The closeness of the situation, the heat of their chemistry, finds the two passionately entangled... and that's just the beginning of the complications they must work out in order to keep her safe.

This story had characters I can only describe as lovely. They are wonderful and beautiful and so endearing. Ivan and Molly have the sweetest chemistry, and theirs is a love story you really enjoy reading. Their supporting cast of friends are extremely likable and fiercely heroic. Overall, this book is a fun read and pleasantly full of good feelings, even throughout an sad set of conflicts.

My only misgiving about this book are a few scenes involving antagonists I feel could have been more unique. Molly's ex-betrothed and the Enforcers who kidnap her are characterized as rapists and motivated into sexual violence. The book doesn't cross any lines, in fact I wouldn't even call it "questionable" (certainly not as questionable as many others I've read and enjoyed), but given the beautiful complexities of the rest of the story and the characters, I felt the characters of the villains fell flat.

I give this book an enthusiastic 4 stars, for wonderful fun, sweet love story, passionate sensuality and beautiful characters. Autumn Jones Lake paints a vivid picture. Definitely a must-read if you love shifters, romance and adventure.  This is a very special read and I look forward to the rest of the series.

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