April 21, 2016

Tour Day ~ Monica Corwin Brings us "On A White Horse"

Monica Corwin is an outspoken writer who attempts to make romance accessible to everyone no matter their preferences. As a new Northern Ohioian Monica enjoys snow drifts, three seasons of weather, and disliking Michigan. When not writing Monica spends time with her daughter and her ever growing collection of tomes about King Arthur.

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April 13, 2016

Tour Day: Decadent Kane Brings Us Traces of Poppy

Decadent Kane is a very special colleague of mine and I'm elated to have her on the blog today. Traces of Poppy is a book I've long awaited, and as a special bonus, I had the honor of creating the cover art for this wonderful addition to Kane's Trouble With Elves. A woman I consistently find myself pitching ideas with, bouncing plot bunnies back and forth, Decadent's an indie paranormal romance author with a pen name taken from a burlesque name generator and began her career on a dare.

The fae, magic, and mystical worlds of possibility are carved into her soul. When she writes her stories, she pours all of her heart into what they whisper. She's the kind of lady who will stare off into space to better understand her characters thoughts, listening to them speak their own version of the story.

She's a mother of two girls and several furbabies. She's engaged but has no intention of getting married.  Like most authors she's been writing most of her life and has dreamed of being an author since the 5th grade. When she writes, she writes to explore characters and a world first for herself. Then she revises, edits and publishes for readers. Today, she brings us her thoughts on being:

Plot Hijacked
Guest post by Decadent Kane

April 9, 2016

Fractured Fantasies with Torie James!

 It's time once again to welcome one of my favorite contemporaries, Torie James!

 In the burning lands of rapturous fulfillment and unrequited desire, one false step can lead down the path towards delicious destruction. Impassioned appeals, sinful seductions and fevered longings can often hide degrees of twisted tenderness but don't be fooled. Not all prisons have bars, silence can be deadly and even the sweetest face conceals monstrous insanity. Tread lightly, choose well or find sexual satisfaction at the dead end of one-way street.

Book One – The Factory
A glittering citadel born from blood money and power tripping provides the perfect stage for its mysterious owner and his young, dazzling wife. Before the final act is called and the curtain falls, they'll both be tested to the limits of their personal, moral compasses. And neither of theirs point true north.

Book Two – Nevermore
Newlyweds on a romantic, Spanish honeymoon find themselves battling against stereotypes after a short engagement leads to a much longer commitment. In the shadows of infatuation, however, lay the groundwork for a cruel coupling that even death cannot part. 

Book Three – The Nomad
In a post-apocalyptic, dystopian future, one young warrior woman travels the world in search of help against The Great Evil. When her travels take her far underground to the lair of the last great Champion, she finds duty mixing with desire and a tender temptation that threatens her mission.


I'd sat down with intentions to write only ONE volume for what became this series but my Dark Muse thought otherwise. 

I'm entirely comfy writing paranormal romance, along with sub-genres like fantasy, sci-fi, etc. Erotica, however, was a field I never dreamt of taking but all it took was one person to double dog dare me and here we are. 

I'm a huge fan of older shows such as The Twilight Zone, Night Gallery, Outer Limits, Tales from the Darkside and Tales from the Crypt. I wanted to write dark erotica with those shows in mind, those tales of erasing the lines between good and bad, blurring the limits of decadence and darkness and as always, learning valuable lessons only when its too late. 

I'd like to think I've conquered that challenge with these lush, dangerous and sexy offerings. 

Past the shadows of lust and temptation there is a secret dimension of dark, forbidden desires. Abandon rational thought and step into a world of shattering rapture, furious ecstasy and burning secrets. Worship the flesh and submit to carnal seduction but remember passion comes at a high price. What are you willing to pay?

Author Bio

Born on the planet Gallifrey in the constellation of Kasterborous, Torie is the illegitimate love child of Han Solo and Daenerys Targaryen. Rescued by Gandalf shortly before her home planet was destroyed in the last days of the Clone Wars, she was raised in relative obscurity by her foster parents, Severus Snape and Pippi Longstocking. At the tender age of 113, she inherited the best little whorehouse in Texas and is rumored to be bringing Sexy Back. A self- confessed chocoholic, she's been engaged to Willy Wonka despite gossip surrounding a lifelong affair with Bruce Wayne.
And clearly, she practices delusion on a daily basis. 

The truth is, I'm just an overgrown kid with a vivid imagination who loves to write and share my crazy with the world. My future plans include, hopefully, buying a lovely Scottish castle and convincing Queen Elizabeth I that I'd make a fab addition to the Royal Family.

Three years ago, I finally got my 'brave' on and submitted a wee story about true love, honor, friendship and the magic within us all. That story was Timeless Night, the first book in a five book series I've named New Camelot. Since then, I've been lucky enough to have published Timeless Desire (Book 2 of New Camelot), Beauty and The Feast (A New Camelot Thanksgiving Novella) Ties That Bind (The Cloie Chronicles I), Fractured Fantasies (Valentine's Venom), Fractured Fantasies (Volume 1) and coming soon, Fractured Fantasies (Volume Two).

I live in Southern California, a stone's throw from Disneyland, with my family and the most ridiculously spoiled pets anyone could imagine. I wake everyday with the determination to make this life as random, quirky and beautiful as it can be.

Fractured Fantasies, Volume Two Excerpt:

"Babe, this isn't our first gig. I know what I'm doing. Right now, I'm Allan Poe. In a few more days, I won't be. Simple as that. I already have what I need to get us set up." He lowered his voice. "This is the last one. I swear. No one's going to miss her. I have access to all her personal accounts not to mention I've already siphoned off her business accounts. The house sold before we left and the monies transferred to her savings."

Aurelius snorted. "Well, hurry up. She bugs me."

"How? You've never met her."

"Are you defending her? Is that defense I hear in your tone?"

Allan's tone hardened, his words icy. "No. But considering I'm doing this for you, I'd appreciate it if you scaled it back and remembered the bigger picture."

Unmoved, Aurelius countered. "As long as you remember it. Call me when it's done." He hung up.
Allan's hand curled tightly around his own cell phone before hitting end call and leaning back. He loved Aurelius, he did. He wanted a life with him. But there were times, the younger man's narcissism and selfishness grated his nerves. He attributed it to the generation gap and could only hope Aurelius mellowed as time moved on.

"Did you really think I wouldn't find out?" Lennie demanded, intruding on his thoughts.

Allan nearly jumped, inwardly damning himself for not paying closer attention and noticing the hair dryer had been turned off.

She stood there in the doorway, the floral print of her sundress setting of her dark hair. Her jaw clenched several times and her eyes were devoid of the warmth he'd grown used to seeing in them.
How much had she heard? This wasn't good. What to do? Deny culpability? Play dumb?
He held her stare for countless moments before she burst out laughing and held up her bright pink, disposable Daisy razor. "You used my razor for shaving your scruff. Not cool, babe. But since you're pretty good in bed, I'll let it go. This time."

Allan nearly vomited with relief, managing to play the sheepish male. "Yeah. I left mine back home. Sorry, honey." His hammering heart began to slow down, his brows arching. "Wait. What? Pretty good in bed? How rude." Sauntering towards her, he leaned down to steal a kiss but laughed when she pinched his lips shut. 

"Later, we can go for Gold and test that theory again. For now, my stomach is rumbling, the light is fading and we have sights to see."

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