April 21, 2016

Tour Day ~ Monica Corwin Brings us "On A White Horse"

Monica Corwin is an outspoken writer who attempts to make romance accessible to everyone no matter their preferences. As a new Northern Ohioian Monica enjoys snow drifts, three seasons of weather, and disliking Michigan. When not writing Monica spends time with her daughter and her ever growing collection of tomes about King Arthur.

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A Friday Taste
of Monica Corwin

Be still my fucking heart. I watched in the rear-view mirror as the cop climbed out of his car, put on his very official looking hat, and walked slowly toward my vehicle. He was the most attractive man, and the hottest cop, I’d ever seen in my life. I had no idea where to look first, his strong chiseled jaw line or that very well maintained body encased in his tight uniform. When he approached my window I stared at him through the glass and noticed he had that natural brooding look, dark and contemplative. A quick rap of his knuckles on the window broke the concentration at which I was imaging all sorts of wicked things.

“Ma’am, do you know why I pulled you over?” he asked as he flashed his identification. Even his damn ID picture looked like he stepped off the closest runway. I rolled the window down and the morning air caught the scent of him: something spicy and soap.

“No. I’m not sure why you pulled me over officer. Can you tell me?” I drew out the sentence taking my time so I could continue staring at him.

“I clocked you at fifty miles per hour. This road is a thirty mile per hour zone, ma’am.”

I couldn’t get past those deep brown eyes long enough to even worry about the speeding.


“Yes, sorry Officer, you say I was going fifty. I apologize, I’m tired, I guess I didn’t realize.”

I’d never in my life been dazed by any other man. I tried to shake it off and pulled my long brown hair away from my face and behind my neck.

“Are you aware that 20 miles per hour over the speed limit considered a felony?”

Did he just say felony? That got my attention.

“I didn’t know that, sir.”

He pursed his lips at me, those damn full lips, and I waited.

“License and registration please,” he said, reached an inch through the open window.

I gently placed my documents in his hand and took great pleasure in watching his ass as he walked back to his squad car.

I looked down at my steering wheel and sighed. It was four in the morning and I’d pulled a long shift at the bar I ran downtown. My legs were sore. My feet were swollen. I was beyond tired as I didn’t get much sleep the previous night. Every inch of my body may have been exhausted but my mind was awake and attuned to that man only a few feet behind my car.

I let a thought enter my head. It wound its way into my senses carefully, creeping along until I actually acknowledged its existence.

It was four am, the road was deserted, and I had one sexy man out there. Maybe I could do like the movies, try a little seduction, and see if he would drop down the speeding from a felony to a regular ole citation.

“It’s worth a shot,” I said to myself, and the empty car. “If it didn’t work I’d be arrested either way so...”

I pulled the mirror down from the visor and stared at my reflection. Long brown hair pulled to the back of my neck, blue eyes, a smattering of freckles across the bridge of my nose. I wasn’t a bad looking woman. I ran my fingers under my eyes to erase the smeared eyeliner and smoothed out the lip balm that had become patchy in the course of the last hour since I applied it. Ducking down I reached into the glove box and applied some deodorant to my underarms while thanking any god that listened that I happened to groom that morning.

Just as I pinched my cheeks and shook my hands out to bring some life back into me Mr. Model Cop returned.

“Ma’am, here you go.” He handed me my paperwork and I quickly placed it on the passenger seat.

How the hell do you seduce a cop?

He leaned down and shone his flashlight into my car.

“Have you been drinking tonight, ma’am?”

It was a fair question as I most likely smelled of the liquor I spilled on my pants in the course of the night.

“No, sir, just water.”

“Do you mind stepping out of the vehicle for a quick sobriety test?”

I carefully hid the smile that threatened to poke through. Now I could at least even the playing field. In my vehicle I couldn’t do much, but out on the road with him...there were definitely some moves I could use. Unless he arrested me.

He watched me carefully as I unfastened my seat belt and stepped out of my car. It was dead in the middle of summer so the early morning air blew warm with a pleasant breeze. I was instantly refreshed.

“Can you step over here, ma’am?”

The officer guided me toward the trunk of my car so we were both away from the main road. His car hid us from view of anyone who might pass. I was starting to believe this situation had to be fate.

He stood rigid and tall, at least three inches above me. I had to look up to meet his eyes and I could have fallen into them. Like deep chocolate with a sharp awareness. God, I loved a smart man.

I swallowed and waited for him to give me instruction. At this point I would strip naked and dance like a chicken if he asked in that sexy baritone. Fortunately, he didn’t ask that but stood straighter as if he were trying to intimidate me. It might have worked for a less sexy man.

“Ma’am, I’m going to ask you a few questions first,” he said.

I nodded and looked him up and down while he did.

“How many drinks have you had tonight?”

“Four, but all of them water.”

“Why do you smell like alcohol?” he asked, stepping closer but still not close enough for my liking.

I moved into him a little more and met his eyes as I wet my lips.

“I work at a bar, officer,” I looked down at his name tag. “Baretti. I often spill drinks or have customers spill drinks on me. That’s probably the reason.”

“What bar do you work at?” He asked as he monitored my every twitch.

“McDougals up on 48.” I said, feeling bare and naked to his scrutiny. A sensation I immensely enjoyed with him on the other end.

He met my eyes and I wondered if my pupils were dilated. They say your pupils dilate when you’re turned on, and this man definitely had me ramped up. That clean soapy smell wafted toward me again on the breeze. I wondered if he’d just gotten on shift and what his lips tasted like. Any other man I would have leaned up and found out but I didn’t imagine being shot was worth the risk.

“Officer, I apologize for speeding, I really do. But I haven’t been drinking.”

I was still only a few inches away from him staring up into those lovely eyes. He wasn’t moving. I couldn’t even tell if he was breathing. Eventually my nerves crept up and I was about to back away until he reached out and gently moved a stray piece of hair away from my face.

I swallowed. My heart pounding in my chest as my fingers started to tingle from the adrenaline.

“Officer Baretti,” I said, with a slight quiver in my voice. “I’m going to kiss you now unless you stop me.”

I watched his Adam’s apple bob as he swallowed and slowly I closed the distance between us, careful not to make any sudden movements. Just as my lips reached up to his he gripped me hard, pressed my back against the trunk of my car, and smashed his lips against mine.

It wasn’t artful or erotic. It was lust, simple and clean. His teeth scraped mine as we fought each other lips to lips. He tasted like coffee. I reached up to slide my fingers into his short hair and knocked his hat to the ground. He growled in my mouth as I pulled the strands with a short sharp grip.

We broke apart gasping each other’s exhales. My heart felt like it might burst from my chest even as I was pressed tightly between my trunk and his immovable body.

I released his head and slid my palms down his chest to rest on the breast pockets of his uniform and met his eyes.

“This is going to go one of two ways,” I whispered. “You can give me my ticket, I can get back in my car, and never see you again, or you can flip me around, pull down my pants and fuck me. Right here. Right now.”

His eyes sparked and he inhaled sharply as I swallowed waiting for his response. My entire body tingled with awareness, every nerve ending standing on end, waiting and hoping for the answer I wanted to hear.

“What if I want to fuck you and give you a ticket?” he asked gripping the bottom of my gray tank top.

“Well, you are the officer,” I said intent now on moderating my tone away from strung out. “But if you fuck me good enough, I might have to show up in court to contest it, just to see you again.”

He chuckled a short sharp laugh then leaned down and pressed his lips to mine gently. When he broke away, I looked up into his deep eyes and saw the change in him appear. He gripped my hips hard and spun me so my belly pressed into the logo on the back of my trunk.

Oh God this is really happening.

I heard metal clinking and turned my head in time to see his cuffs leave his belt before I felt the cold steel circle my wrists.

I swallowed, and prayed I wasn’t about to become coyote food.

Once the cuffs were in place, and my arms were immobile, he circled his hand around the front of my neck and tilted my head back so his lips touched my ear.

“I’m going to pull down your jeans and fuck you until you are screaming into the breaking dawn. Just nod if this is what you want.”

I nodded as fast as I could within the confines of his hand and he released me then pressed my head down onto the back of my car. The metal was cool but I barely noticed over the hard chaffing my jeans made as he ripped them down my thighs. I spread my legs as far as I was able to make it easier and heard the clink of keys as he undid his belt.

I started to shiver in anticipation. Every part of me was attuned to his man’s movements.

I heard the snap of a condom and then the prod of him at my entrance. Despite his threats he entered me carefully, reverently, and I waited tight as a spring for him to release the beast he held at bay.

He clutched my hips and pulled my ass back into him. It was a strange position with my hands cuffed behind me but it didn’t matter. I’d come all over him in a matter of moments if he just did exactly as he promised.

“Please,” I said against the car. I wasn’t above begging at this point.

His fingers gripped me tighter and I knew it was over. He slammed into me rearing back and pulling me into him at the same time. I melted. It was rough, brutal, and absolutely beautiful. I couldn’t hold out very long and it seemed he wouldn’t be able to either.

“You better come with me,” he said with an accompanying moan.

It was a command and a promise. I let myself go as he slid in and out of me fast and hard. My hip bones were bruised pressed against the trunk, but the dull pain produced from those bruises as he fucked me sent me over the edge. I shouted my orgasm just as he said I would. He followed me reaching up and pulling my head back by my hair as he sunk into me a few more short strokes.

I swallowed and slumped against the trunk as he withdrew and pulled up his pants. He gently uncuffed my hands but I couldn’t move. I stayed strewn across my car with the dust of the road coating my skin as my own wetness trickled down my inner thigh.

If I could have stood up, I would have. After a moment he softly pulled up my jeans, and rearranged my clothing back into its proper place. He must have gotten scared because he leaned down on my trunk to align his face with mine. I stared into this deep eyes before I leaned forward and kissed him gently. Eventually I stood, my legs barely able to carry me as the weight of the long day and a mind-blowing orgasm settled into my bones.

“Are you okay? Was I too rough?”

I put my fingers to his lips. “No, you were perfect.”

He smiled and circled my waist with his hands. “Well, then, same time next week Mrs. Baretti?”

I smiled and thought how lucky I was to have married the hottest cop on the planet.

“Same time next week but I’ll do thirty-five over and see how much trouble that gets me into.”

He laughed and gently untangled himself pushing me toward my vehicle.

“I love you. I’ll see you at home.”

He followed me off the secluded highway back to the main streets. I ached in all the right places as I thought about my bed waiting for me at home and the smell of my husband’s soap on the linen.

Coming Soon:
On a White Horse


Victor Brandt has a secret. As a new resident to New York, he goes out in search of diversion, and he finds it behind a red door. The Underworld embraces him, and soon he realizes he's going back night after night just to see Mistress Lethe: a Dominatrix so demanding she will satisfy her submissive into forgetting their own name before stealing her pleasure. But soon Mistress Lethe draws Victor into her world, and he realizes it's a lot larger than he thought.

Bianca's coffee business is booming, but her love life is lacking. With each step her friends—the other three horsemen of the apocalypse—take toward happiness, she holds herself back. As visions of the future threaten everything the horsemen have built, Bianca finds a man who sees all of her: the light and the dark, and for a little while she becomes Mistress Lethe, a simple woman and the embodiment of Conquest. But fate plays cruel jokes, and after only a short time with Victor she is confronted with a decision that can save the world but cost her the first man that’s ever made her want to be human.

When a mysterious stranger arrives bearing ill omens, Bianca wonders if she can keep together her motley crew in order to save the world. Or will the threesome’s tangled emotions usher in the apocalypse? Come and see.

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