July 30, 2014

Win Prizes with the Wednesday Writing Challenge!

Welcome to the Wednesday Writing Challenge!


Every Wednesday, I pose a new writing challenge here on the blog. These challenges come from books on writing, classes I've taken on creative writing, or sometimes just from my own imagination. If you're an author, hopefully they will help you get your writing juices flowing and help you improve your craft.


Some of these challenges may be very good ones or may include an element I consider highly important for writers to learn...so occasionally I may cycle through some of my favorites more than once.



Want to Participate?

The Wednesday Challenges are open to all readers. In order to participate, simply comment on the challenge post with your response to the exercise. Not only is it good practice, but you could win something nifty and fun!


How it Works:


Every time you post a response to the challenge, you'll earn one entry into the Challenges Giveaway. You can earn up to one entry per challenge, or, for some challenges I may offer double entries.


Each month, I will hold a drawing. This drawing will include all entries earned by all participants for that month. One lucky participant will win a free prize!


 Contest Rules:


 Must be 18 or over to play. Heck, if you're not 18, you shouldn't be wandering around here in the first place.

You must be subscribed to the Foreplay and Fangs monthly newsletter. The reason for this is simple: I have to have a way to contact you, should you win. Sign-up form is right over there.

No anonymous comments. Again, if you win, I have to be able to get in touch with you. Hard to do if you leave your response anonymously. While you are welcome to participate anonymously if you like, any response submitted anon will not be counted in the giveaway.


Entries will only be considered valid during the month they are submitted. You can respond to a Writing Challenge from last October, if you like, but you'll only earn giveaway entries for posts submitted to during the current month. The giveaway remains open until the winners for the month are drawn and announced via newsletter.


Winners are drawn at the beginning of the following month. If you enter in April, your giveaway will be resolved on or about the 1st of May.

Winners chosen by random number draw. As stated, you'll earn one entry per challenge, which roughly translates to a potential of 4-5 entries per month, if you participate regularly.

Prizes determined at the discretion of Brantwijn Serrah.




Prizes will range anywhere from a Goblin Fires or Lotus Petals notebook, to a free new release e-book, to Amazon or Breathless Press gift cards. Special months, such as holiday months or special anniversaries, I may increase the value or number of prizes accordingly. Bonuses will be listed in the individual challenge posts.

But How Can I Find These Fantabulous Posts?

Click away at the "Wednesday's Writing Challenge" tag on any challenge post.


What if I'm Not a Good Writer? 

First of all, let's not have any talk like that around here.

Secondly, the point of these challenges isn't to show off how good you already are. It's to help hone your craft. You respond to the challenge in whatever way you feel fits the prompt. Your entry counts regardless of any "skill level" or "mastery". If you post, you play. Simple as that.


Do I Have To Participate Every Week? 

Nope! Just on any week you want to earn an entry.


Are There Smaller Giveaways for Each Post? 

Not as of yet. In the future, I'd like to offer smaller giveaways with stickers, bookmarks, samplers and maybe even some short stories as prizes. This will depend on participation however. If and when this changes, I'll make an announcement.

How Can I Get To the Freeway from Here?

Straight up the next cross-street about two and a half miles, and turn left.

Enjoy the Wednesday Writing Challenge, my lovelies! Read, write and be merry!

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