August 12, 2014

Wednesday Writing Challenge: Fear Itself

Welcome to the Wednesday Writing Challenge!

Every Wednesday, I pose a new writing challenge here on the blog. These challenges come from books on writing, classes I've taken on creative writing, or sometimes just from my own imagination. If you're an author, hopefully they will help you get your writing juices flowing and help you improve your craft.


Some of these challenges may be very good ones or may include an element I consider highly important for writers to occasionally I may cycle through some of my favorites more than once. 


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 And now...

***Here's Today's Challenge!***

Select a Phobia from this Wikipedia List of Phobias

 You are a character with this phobia. In 5 sentences or less, describe a close-up confrontation with the object of your fear.

You may not use arachnophobia, claustrophobia, aquaphobia, agoraphobia, acrophobia, coulrophobia or glossophobia.

 If a previous poster has already used a certain fear, you must choose a different one.


Hints and Tips:

Consider the physical effects of fear and try to avoid overused descriptions (clammy hands, racing heart). Look for new ways to describe the sensation of fear.

Don't focus only on the fear; consider your mental reaction as well. Are you confronting your fear to try and cope with it? Have you been unexpectedly surprised by your fear, and now considering escape? Did you know you had this phobia or are you confused to be feeling this fear?

Don't forget to include a description of the object causing your fear.

Give me your best, darlings!!


  1. I can feel my palms go slick and my heart start to race as the fear starts to choke me up. As I near the chicken coop I see them and I can feel panic trying to strangle me
    Alektorophbia is fear of chickens and it is crippling me when I have to feed them. I open the door and slip the feed into the feeder without passing out. It was a relief to be done.

  2. Agyrophobia

    It stretches out to either side, endless miles of gray bisected by simple yellow dashes. There are no vehicles on it at the moment but I know it's only a matter of time before one appears. A shrieking hulk of metal, a coupe or a station wagon or a 4x4, someone with urgent business Elsewhere on a route chosen at random, a route that would put them on this route at the very moment I'm attempting to cross. I've seen children cross streets just like this one - no, busier streets! - without a care. They look both ways, hands linked together like a chain, and they follow their adult chaperone to the safety of the far shore. I place my foot on the asphalt and my entire body stiffens, my arms lead weights at my side. I keep my head down and my eyes forward. I won't look up, certain I'll see a squadron of vehicles racing toward me with their horns blaring, predators bearing down on their prey. I cross the center line - halfway there - but I can't look at my destination. I'll freeze, trapped at sea unable to move forward or back to the security of the sidewalk. I move at a steady pace, I don't blink or breathe, and finally I reach the pinnacle of the sidewalk. I tremble with relief, but my tension returns when I turn and look back. I know I will have to cross again if I want to go home, and I know I can only tempt fate so many times before I run out of luck. And I have already crossed so many streets in my life.

  3. She curled into a ball on her brother's couch, eyes wide at the intruder her brother had allowed into his home, in spite of his knowledge of her fears. The male smiled at her and her stomache roiled in protest, bile filling her mouth. He was handsome, easy on the eyes, but it did little to ease the urge to run into the bathroom. She would not be a coward, would not allow the androphobia to continue to eat her alive. Blue eyes wide, she let one hand reach slowly to the stranger to allow the dreaded handshake, her voice a mere squeak as she returned his greeting.

  4. Anonymous13/8/14 19:40

    Polly sat in the auditorium, her palms clinging on the edge of the plastic banquet chair beneath her. The announcements were made, and the first speller took the stand. The judge tapped the microphone, "Your word is ' antidisestablishmentarianism'"
    The student stood up and Polly sat in the audience shaking. Before a sound could leave the pupil's mouth, Polly ran out of the auditorium screaming.

    Sesquipedalophobia-fear of long words

    Sally Max

  5. No rules say i can't tell you the phobia before I start writing- so here it is: Demonophobia, daemonophobia – fear of demons

    Haven stilled when the creature manifested right in front of her, barely an inch away. She could smell the sickly sweet scent of burnt marshmallows, and she exhaled a breath as her vision blurred, crap she was going to pass out. Haven took several slow gulps of air, trying to abate the tingling sensation in her limbs and lips. Flight or flight response needed one extra...frozen, her feet too heavy to move. Black splotches closed in from the side of her vision and Haven struggled to stay conscious, there was only one thing worse than facing a demon...being passed out and vulnerable to the monster.


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