August 19, 2014

Wednesday Writing Challenge: Using Your Senses for Erotica

Welcome to the Wednesday Writing Challenge!

Every Wednesday, I pose a new writing challenge here on the blog. These challenges come from books on writing, classes I've taken on creative writing, or sometimes just from my own imagination. If you're an author, hopefully they will help you get your writing juices flowing and help you improve your craft.


Some of these challenges may be very good ones or may include an element I consider highly important for writers to occasionally I may cycle through some of my favorites more than once. 


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 And now...

***Here's Today's Challenge!***

In Monday's Post we talked about using our senses and immersing ourselves in erotic description.

We also chatted a bit about how even non-sex scenes and situations involving no actual sexual activity can still be intensely erotic. 


Today's challenge is to use sensory description to evoke an erotic image--one that does not involve sex.


 Include imagery appealing to all five sense, but do not simply list images. Use narrative flow, character voice, and describe the scene or person naturally. Do not hang your scenario in space; give it context. Perhaps you run into your sexy neighbor at the grocery store and the way she's looking over those red, juicy, ripe tomatos is inexplicably alluring to you.


Try to do this in five sentences or less.


Hints and Tips:

Avoid listing. "She smelled like strawberries and looked like a dream, her voice was like a melody". Describe a scene with a natural flow. 


Look for the erotic in an everyday context. Discover sensuality in little things.


Think of a fun place in which you discover something unexpectedly erotic. (I once found myself pleasantly absorbed in fantasy while at the dentist's office, captivated by the way my dental assistant's earrings made me want to nibble her cute little ears).


Give me your best, darlings!!


  1. He strolled into the kitchen, following his nose as the sweet, fruity aroma drifted along. Staring at her, he couldn’t drag his eyes away from the sight of her hair—bound in a bun with tendrils escaping, softly caressing her cheek as she added strawberries to the simmering, luscious red concoction. He was probably drooling, but didn’t care as he watched her teeth catching her poor, abused crimson lips in concentration, before she lifted the spoon to taste the jam. He wanted to taste her, to know her sweetness; he could smell the subtle hints of vanilla and honey that wafted off of her as he came up behind her, hugging her to his broad muscled chest. She squeaked as his breath teased her ear and she felt his mouth alight on her neck, nibbling her as though she was a delicacy - one of the finest of Parisian pastries.
    She knew that he would burn her as surely as the jam had just burnt her tongue; licking her lips like a cat stalking its, prey she couldn’t help but think maybe she wanted to be burned.

  2. Wind rustled through the trees sending gold and ruby leaves flying into the yard and into the path of his rake. His emerald eyes lifted and gazed into her, her cheeks blooming with warmth at his scrutiny. White teeth troubled her bottom lip when she offered him a glass of sweet tea. Rather than take it, he bent over slightly, his lips wrapped around the straw, and sipped while holding her gaze.


What do you think?