November 1, 2013

Coming Soon: Ribbon of Darkness, by Decadent Kane

An old family secret draws Ribbon into an Elven world while Draven is forced to find a way to drag her back home to save Christmas magic.

Ribbon of Darkness is set to release December 13th 2013
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christmas bells~~Aphrodisiac is in the eggnog~~christmas bells
A sexy and delicious holiday tip from Decadent Kane!

Eggs are not only a sign of fertility but also considered an aphrodisiac. Legends say that eating raw chicken eggs before sex- perks up your drive. Nutmeg is a spice considered to have hallucination effects in very large doses, but in small amounts is traditionally an aphrodisiac.  Put them together in any eggnog recipe and you've just whipped up something, smooth, creamy, and arousing. Not everyone can get their hands on sexy elf magic to put in their drinks, creating some eggnog of your own is the next best thing.

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  1. Thank you so much for helping me with my cover reveal!


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