February 11, 2014

Sexy Swag for Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day Special!
Rhiannon's Valentine's Day Giveaway!

V-Day may have passed, my lovelies, byt I'm still yearning to give away some gifts!  

Lotus Petals is almost one month old on Amazon and Breathless Press, Bookstrand and ARE! And I would dearly love to share it with more readers. We have two new anthologies coming out as well, one of them on Valentine's day itself!

So please help me get the word out! Let's spread the news about Rhiannon and Aijyn as far across the web as we can!

My Goals:

1.   Reach 300 followers on Twitter

2. Reach 400 followers on Twitter

3. Reach 500 followers on Twitter!

4. Reach 200 Likes on Facebook

5. See 30 comments on the Lotus Petals YouTube Trailer

6. Get 15 more reviews on Amazon, Breathless Press, Bookstrand or ARE!

7. Get Lotus Petals in the Breathless Press bestseller's list!!

(What can I say? I dream big!)

Prizes, prizes, prizes!

And what lovely V-Day's gifts will Rhiannon and Aijyn be offering in return?

Grand Prize: a $20 Amazon or Barnes and Noble Gift Card (your choice!). 

BUT, this gift card will grow if you help me reach my goals! When I reach 400 Twitter followers, it will become a $35 dollar gift card... if I reach 500 followers, it will become a $50 gift cardAnd if you help me reach my goal of 200 likes on Facebook as well, I'll throw in a free copy of Lotus Petals, and My Bloody Valentine!

(If, by happy coincidence, you already happen to have your copy of Lotus Petals, there will be an alternate prize of equal value)

Other prize packages are listed below!

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  1. Thanks for the very cool giveaway!!

  2. Awesome goals! I hope you meet them all.

  3. Thanks for the giveaway!



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