March 20, 2014

Friday Flash: Winter Princess

This Friday, Foreplay and Fangs is getting revved up for our new upcoming release, Goblin Fires! In honor of the new book, expected out next month, today's Flash features Talaith, Fourth Daughter of Oberon and Princess of the Winter Fae.
Subject Photo

I first saw her at the Rite of the First Snowfall. Attending with the High Sidhe of Autumn, I knew immediately she was for me. Tawny-blonde hair, like a lion's mane; eye's like orange lanterns, a harvest moon. And by the Eyes of Mab, she could move.

The Knight of Autumn.

Soon to be my pet.

I sipped at my wine; cherry blossom, a personal favorite. Chilled with fresh snow.

And I pondered how to lure Reagan of the Morrigan to my bower.
*   *   *
Read more about Talaith and her passion for the Autumn Knight, in Goblin Fires.  Find sample chapters here!
And, check out how the following amazing group of writers get inspired by this picture.  Each has 100 words, no more, no less, to come up with their version which they do so well.  Please click on their names and show them some love by reading. As always comments are much appreciated.


  1. Oh I love what you did here! Great job.

  2. Love the description - especially of the woman!

  3. What a picture you've painted. The descriptions, the snow, I knew immediately she was for me. Yes! Loved it. :)

  4. MORE please week done hugs T

  5. Ooh, lovely. Very Shakespearian and very sexy. Midsummer Night's Dream with a bit of Mercutio thrown in. So much evoked in 100 words. Very well done.

  6. Love the detail and wording. Hot and spicy on a chilled night. :)


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