April 16, 2014

A Wednesday Writing Challenge

Let's have a little fun today, my loves... Let's do a writing challenge together.

Post you responses in the comments here, or post them to you own blog, Facebook, etc... Just be sure to leave me a link so I can see what you've come up with!

If I see at least ten tries today (by different readers, dahlings), I'll offer a sexy, sexy prize for the best! So be sure to share with your friends! 

Here is your opening sentence: 

"The first thing he remembered was dying."

Write 1-2 paragraphs about this. Aaaaaaand.....GO!!!


  1. The first thing he remembered was dying. The second, third, and fourth thing he remembered: now he could really live, laugh, and live some more. Having a no substance body, never getting old, able to spy on naked women, so many things to do and all the time in his world to do them. Unless of course he wanted to turn book pages, make love, or have a conversation- but that's what the imagination is good for and he'd find a way to be creative. Ghosts could touch things, right? practice makes perfect.

  2. The first thing he remembered was dying. Then...he wished to God he could forget the rest.....but it would stay with him into the the dark painful abyss of Eternity.


    It was low season below the old Cliff House; the wind and surf were bitingly cruel off Point Lobos.

    The wind and surf swept his stinging pain and replaced it with a numb darkness devoid of sensation. His thoughts escaped their quiet shelter and he wanted to drop to his knees in the deadening surf and scream to the world…….

    “Why, Deidre, why suicide…..?”

    Even as the silent, fugitive thought rose, he knew it was his name he should be screaming into the bitter, grey current of pitiless air. He had done that which he detested most in others; he had lied. At his own hands, he had stabbed Deidre in the heart with shards of truth and spikes of lies trying to assuage his guilt. He witnessed Deidre’s total collapse under the truth of his betrayal as she fell into Chuck’s arms.

    It was over, over in the roaring surf which stifled his sorrowful screams. Under the weight of his tears of infidelity, Chuck walked into the ancient breakers below the witness Cliff House.

    Chuck’s guilt and shame were crushing; he was a coward in the face of Deidre’s strength. He deserved no less than the cold, heartless sentence the unforgiving sea delivered him.

  3. Anonymous16/4/14 19:37

    The first thing he remembers was dying and not waking in heaven--or hell. He just lay there on the ground. Hungry and nothing else. Just hungry but not for food. For something warm and salty. Then his head was lifted and liquid touched his lips.
    "Drink," a soft female voice said.
    He did--deeply and long.
    "That's enough for now," that voice said. "You need to learn to pace yourself."
    He opened his eyes and looking back at him were the greenest, kindest orbs he'd ever seen
    Light headed he lifted his fingers to his temple and rubbed. "What happened?"
    She smiled. "You've been given a gift." A frown crept into her gaze. "One not everyone appreciates. I hope you won't hate me."

    "Who f

    1. Anonymous16/4/14 19:40

      Anonymous is Bernadette. I hope you like this?

  4. Thank you all for participating! I love the way everyone had a different take: one wakes up a ghost with whole new adventures to embark on; one a tortured spirit waking to an eternity of regret; one wakes to new life as a vampire. I'll be adding my own if I get the chance! Great job, hopefully next time we'll get even more participants!

  5. It was great fun, sug. Be sure to let me know. I'll be out of town for awhile in May and I am working on a big project now. But, I'll try <3 xo

  6. What a wonderful idea and post. I am sorry I was tardy to the party - hope to catch it the next time and play along :)

  7. Always happy to see more! I haven't posted a new one this week and my weekend challenge still doesn't have any takers, if you'd like to be the first one to give it a try!


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