January 28, 2015

Wednesday Writing Challenge: Yet Another 55 Words

Welcome to the Wednesday Writing Challenge!

Every Wednesday, I pose a new writing challenge here on the blog. These challenges come from books on writing, classes I've taken on creative writing, or sometimes just from my own imagination. If you're an author, hopefully they will help you get your writing juices flowing and help you improve your craft.


Some of these challenges may be very good ones or may include an element I consider highly important for writers to learn...so occasionally I may cycle through some of my favorites more than once. 


??  Want to Participate  ??

The Wednesday Challenges are open to all readers. In order to participate, simply comment on the challenge post with your response to the exercise. Not only is it good practice, but you could win something nifty and fun!


January Prize: A $20 E-book Gift Card


 And now...

***Here's Today's Challenge!***

In 55 words, write an erotic scene including these elements:

* The color gray *

* A sunflower *

* A bunch of bananas *

* A bell *

Post your results in the comments.




***Hints and Tips:***

The point of this exercise is to encourage your creativity to get past restrictions. The word limit will help you focus in on the most important details and images; the required details will stretch your creativity.

You have a very limited amount of space, so combine details. Maybe the sunflower is mysteriously gray.

Not much to go on to build up sexual tension, so focus in on a specific sensual, erotic detail or act.

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