January 22, 2015

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It had always been a fantasy of Jack’s.  Since long before our wedding, he would sometimes whisper it in my ear when we were fucking.  Sometimes I’d blithely bring it up over coffee in the morning. I’d ask if he’d really meant it, and he’d answer with just a coy, unreadable smile.  He was like that… tempting and teasing, testing the boundaries, seeing how far I’d let him take it.  And that was how, after five years of happy marriage, I found myself celebrating my anniversary wearing Jack’s favorite, gauzy blue babydoll and white thigh-high nylons, standing in front of two strangers, blushing as they leered hungrily at my body.


They were associates from his firm, men Jack saw in the office day-to-day, men he had power lunches with and went golfing with on weekends.  I knew why Jack had picked them immediately: they were vicious young go-getters, with tight, firm bodies and a confident, lion-like prowl in everything they did.  Kendall was a gorgeous Louisianan, with warm brown eyes and dark, rich brown skin that looked like it might be scorching hot to the touch.  In his starched white collared shirt and smart business slacks, he was positively predatory, those heavenly eyes searching me generously, making me shyly giddy.  Bryce, Jack’s other partner, was a fair-haired blonde with his tie already loosened a bit.  He was one of the younger partners, and he actually stepped forward to shake my hand.  I shied away from his greeting with a timid little glance askance, which I suppose must have come off as coquettish—Jack apparently approved.


“She’s a little bashful, my Amber,” he explained, cupping one big hand over my shoulder and stroking the back of the other along the straight, long curtain of my chestnut hair.  I’d worn it down, with a lacy blue headband to keep it away from my face—Jack was going to want to see everything.


While he and the other men chuckled my eyes were drawn to the camera, set up on a sleek, state-of-the-art tripod, pointed readily at my marital bed.  Jack would want the camera to see everything.


“Come along, darling,” Jack whispered in my ear, nudging me towards his two colleagues with a light slap on the butt.  “You’ve got guests to entertain.”


I traded a coy, curious glance with him, before turning to surrender myself to the two strangers, while my husband set himself up behind the camera, wearing a wolfish, gleaming grin.


I checked the fourth finger on each man’s hand, and found—of course—they were bare.  That didn’t have to mean anything, really; I wondered if they had girlfriends elsewhere, maybe someone they saw on a casual basis, someone they might never tell about this little tryst.  I preferred to think otherwise, though, that these were both two eligible, desirable bachelors, about to avail themselves on innocent, trusting little me.  I liked the thought of them lusting after me, a married woman, a curious wife exploring the realms of deep, dark taboo, sweet and almost virgin; I had never had any other lover besides Jack, all my life. 


Perhaps that added to the fantasy for him, as well: to see his wife fucked by strangers, to see her taste new cock for the first time in her life. 


Kendall made the first move.  He sat on the edge of the bed—our bed, mine and Jack’s, where we’d made love for the first time together, where we slept, where we kissed each other good night—and patted the comforter, inviting me to sit.  I did, and he put one large, warm hand on my thigh.  I smiled at him, nervously pressing my thighs a little closer together without really meaning to. A wicked and mischievous sensation spread through my loins.


“How come we don’t see you around the office, Amber?” he asked conversationally, leaning close, rubbing his palm up and down my thigh with gentle friendliness.  On the other side of me, Bryce sat down and ran one of his hands gently along the back of my arm, up and down, stroking my hair softly with the other.


“I’m busy most days,” I replied.


“Oh, yeah?  Doing what?”


“I’m a data processor,” I said softly, distracted by how close he was, by the teasing flirting of his hand, so close to discovering my eager wetness.  “So… I work here all day, and I don’t get a lot of time to come visit.”


“Well, I guess that’s why Jack invited us over,” Kendall said.  His voice was a deep, rich baritone, like strong bourbon pouring all over my body.  We’d come close enough now—we were almost kissing.


“Oh, no,” I said huskily—this time a little chuckle did escape me.  “No, he invited you because he wanted to watch you both fuck me.”

I heard Jack’s quiet, approving laughter from behind the camera.  Now both Bryce’s hands were running up and down the backs of my arms, his head tucking between my ear and my shoulder to gently kiss the pale skin of my throat and sending pleasant little shivers of excitement down my spine.


“Say it again, baby,” Jack muttered quietly.


“My husband has this fantasy…” I murmured, leaning in even closer to Kendall.  “He wants to watch me be fucked by a couple of strangers. 


“Mm-hmm,” Kendall muttered back enthusiastically. “Well, I think we can arrange for that.”


He lunged for the other side of my throat, pressing his hot, dark lips against my skin as his hand slid all the way up my thigh, finding my pussy already wet and willing for them—I had chosen crotch-less white panties.


I let out a happy gasp as the two men hungrily kissed my neck, running their tongues teasingly up and down my skin.  Kendall’s hand worked the soft mound of my pussy slowly, warming it up with his strong black fingers—on the other side of me, Bryce had found his way to my left breast, gently massaging it through the gauzy material of my lingerie, painting the tip of his finger in little circles around the rapidly stiffening nipple.  Soon enough, his mouth wandered its way down there, too, nuzzling the soft fabric, kissing my tit, sucking it through the babydoll.


“Oh, yeah, honey,” Jack murmured—I couldn’t see him very well behind the tripod; he’d turned on two floor lamps on either side, like a stage manager.  My eyes rested on the gleaming lens itself, knowing he was watching me through it.  With Kendall nuzzling my throat, my head was tilted back in rapturous abandon; when I watched the video later I would see a pleasant, almost drunken flush on my cheeks.  I think I felt a little drunk—the giddiness and excitement bubbled up in me like whimsical champagne.


“Oooh,” I murmured; Bryce slipped the lacy straps of my babydoll down my shoulders, following them with his mouth and tracing his fingers along my arm.  I could see the erection tenting the front of his slacks—in the spirit of helpfulness, I moved a hand to his lap to undo his belt.


“Wow, one-handed,” he muttered as I managed to fumble his buckle loose and fiddled with the zipper.  “Have you done that before?”


“All the time,” I laughed.  “Jack likes me to give him hand-jobs under the table at restaurants.”


“There’s a bit of slut behind that pretty face, isn’t there?” Kendall murmured in my ear, his fingers sliding slowly back and forth between the swollen folds of my cunt.


“Maybe a little,” I replied, and I tilted my head to catch his lips on mine.


Kendall tasted wildly new and exotic; I moaned against his mouth, leaning closer to him as I savored the bright, clean sensation of his hot, soft lips, the beautiful feel of his big tongue searching mine.  A quick flash of guilt raced through me and I broke away, glancing towards Jack and the camera even as Kendall moved in closer, trying to push me down to the mattress.


“Go ahead, honey,” Jack’s voice murmured from behind the lens.  “Enjoy yourself… tell him how much you want him in your pussy.”


I smiled again, Kendall still kissing me.  I made another eager sound of agreement between deep, wet kisses—I did want him in me.  I wanted that sweet black tongue licking me hard, darting in and out until he drove me crazy.


Bryce took my free hand and guided it to his cock, which he had freed from the confinement of his pants.  I had to pause again with Kendall to get a look at what I was touching: it was massive and hard, a long, fine cock standing up from a sandy-brown nest of wiry curls, with a gloriously beautiful head reddened with excitement.


“Oh, God, honey,” I muttered at my unseen husband.  “You want me to take that?  I don’t know if I can handle one that big!”


“Wait until you see mine,” Kendall promised, and guided my other hand to his crotch, where I could feel an even bigger monster straining to be released.


“Oh,” I muttered softly as he stood and dropped his slacks in one swift movement.  His beautiful ebony cock stood up at full attention, ready and raring to go—I couldn’t resist.  Swinging my stocking-clad legs up under me I knelt on the bed, leaning forward to get to know him up close and personal.


“That’s right, baby,” Kendall murmured as I took him zealously into my mouth.  I could already tell I wouldn’t be able to take him all at once; his cock was lengthy and thick, big enough to gag me almost at once, and I moaned happily around it as I enjoyed my first illicit taste.  The smell of his hot musk made me even hornier for him, as I knelt with my head down in his lap and my hips in the air, my pussy prominently on display for my other partner to enjoy.


Bryce seized the opportunity in a hurry.  Jerking his own pretty cock eagerly, he climbed up on top of the bed and hiked up the hem of my lingerie, exposing the round cheeks of my ass.  With murmured appreciation he started rubbing them one by one, gently kneading them as he played with himself.


Suddenly, he gave me a playful slap and I cried out in surprise.  It hadn’t—in fact, I liked it.  Pausing in my affectionate sucking of Kendall’s big cock, I glanced at Bryce over my shoulder, one eyebrow quirked naughtily.


“Did that feel good?” he asked roughly, grabbing my ass cheek hard.  I groaned lustily and wiggled my hips for him, inching my hindquarters closer.


“Oh, yeah,” he said, testing me gently with his thumb.  “Gonna get you all warmed up.”


I returned my attentions to Kendall, gleefully taking another long, savoring taste of his fine, throbbing shaft.  As I did, I felt Bryce lower his face between my thighs, spreading me with gentle hands as his tongue found the line of my cleft—dripping now with anticipation—and teasingly began running just the tip up and down, prodding it teasingly between my lower lips as he tasted my hot, bittersweet juices.


I sucked Kendall happily, bobbing my mouth up and down his delicious length, coming off it to tease the beautiful round head with the tip of my tongue.  Meanwhile, Bryce ate me out, generously kissing and licking my slick, fervent cunt.  Soon he pulled away and his mouth was replaced by two fingers, sliding gently into my wet sheath.


I moaned loudly, leaning back to give him more of me, to feel him thrusting those digits deep into my body.  At the same time I rubbed my face against the head of Kendall’s cock, slippery and sticky with my saliva, letting him trace it like a hot paintbrush against my lips and cheeks.  I nuzzled against him like a horny cat, rubbing his cock in my hair as he let out a soft groan, casually bumping his hips towards me as I lavished myself on his dick.


Bryce muttered hungry encouragement as he finger-fucked me, speeding up his rhythm to a mean tease, making my muscles clench at him, wanting him more, harder, faster.  Without warning he slipped them out of my pussy then and pressed his lubed-up index finger against my firmly resisting asshole—I made a slight sound of protest but my body yielded, and he tickled me teasingly, gently prodding me with impish delight.


“Oh, you like that, don’t you, Amber?” Jack asked me—I’d almost forgotten he was in the room with us, watching us fuck on his bed.  Again I tried to peer at him from the corner of my eye, while my face was rubbed generously against big, black cock and my ass was teased by eager young lawyer.  I couldn’t see my husband fully, but I saw very clearly underneath the tripod he had his own cock out, kneading it eagerly.


Bryce withdrew his finger, leaning down again to spread my cheeks one more time, this time laving at the tight little pucker with the tip of his tongue, wetting me up and down, getting me slick and hot with scandalous desire.


“Dirty boy!” I scolded him, leaning my hips away from him.  He grabbed me and held me tight, though, eating me out again with abundant relish and sending waves of undeniably erotic heat through my loins.


“Are you ready to be fucked, baby?” Kendall asked, taking my head in both hands.  I smiled at him—that feeling of light-headed drunkenness was making me dizzy, and I couldn’t believe how hot I was for their cocks.  Kendall slid himself onto the mattress, kneeling in front of me and guiding my mouth once more to his throbbing shaft; as I happily swallowed it, Bryce steadied my hips to guide his cock  into my dripping wet pussy.


“Amber, how do those great big cocks feel?” my husband asked.  I moaned around Kendall obligingly, unable to help it as I pressed my thighs together around Bryce’s invasion.  He teased my quivering entrance for several seconds, just nudging the tip of his head in and out of my sweet little hole, and I made a muttered sound of urgent encouragement.  Then he planted one foot astride my knee, bracing my hips before giving me all of it, sliding it home with delicious, perfect precision, filling my hot little cunt.



“Oh, God!” I muttered in surprise—he was so big it almost hurt.  My pussy was tight around him, a real snug fit; as he started rocking back and forth, each new thrust sent a brilliant thrill of ecstasy through my body.


“Does that feel good, Amber?” Jack asked. I noticed his own pumping fist had picked up speed; he paused and gently rubbed the head of his cock now and again, stroking the whole length, holding off the climax that might come too quickly if he wasn’t careful.


“Oh, God, baby, it does,” I gasped, reveling in the feel of this strange cock plumbing my most intimate depths.  Kendall thrust his own heavy shaft towards me and I happily closed my mouth around him again, gobbling him to the back of my throat, moaning happily at the amazing taste of it.  The slick beads of pre-cum dewing on the head were faintly sweet.  He tangled one large hand in my hair, holding me on him as his partner went at me from behind.


Bryce was no novice—I could tell.  He banged me hard, exciting my pussy, building up the orgasmic tension all through my cunt and the backs of my thighs, but then he stopped, slowed, inched his was out of my clutching flesh and bobbing the tip of his cock against my swollen, throbbing clit.  I begged him in incomprehensible moans, unable to come off Kendall to speak—He wasn't giving up my mouth again until he’d had his way with it.


Kendall’s other hand joined the first, cradling my head as his hips starting thrusting with me—I gagged once and he eased off a little, almost withdrawing, but then he was back again, fucking hard and rough, choking me with that wonderful cock.  I quickly had to tame my gag reflex, because he wasn’t showing any mercy.


“Ah, yeah,” he muttered, finding a pleasant rhythm, almost-but-not-quite-alternating with Bryce as he banged my pussy.

“Aw, fuck,” Bryce gasped.  “Good God, you’ve got a hot little cunt… makes me want to come…”


“Mm-mm!” I protested around the cock in my mouth.


“Oh, yeah,” he teased.  “I’m going to.   I’m going to come hard inside of you, you little slut."


He picked up his rhythm again, giving my ass another firm slap.  I rolled my eyes back in bliss—his cock was heaven—and rocked my hips back eagerly.  The protest had been only a show, after all:  I wanted him to come inside me; I wanted to feel his hot semen flooding my sinful pussy, and I wanted Jack to catch it on camera: another man’s sticky wet cum dripping from his wife’s hot, well-fucked cunt.


“Go ahead, man,” Jack murmured casually, as though they were discussing whether or not he was going to finish his lunch.  “She’s all yours.  Come wherever you want.”


“Yeah,” Bryce whispered harshly.  “You want it inside, baby?  You want to take this hot load in that tight, hot snatch?”


“Mm-hmm,” I muttered eagerly.  Kendall was lost in his own bliss, pumping his hips against me as I gobbled his cock, his head rolled back and eyes shut in ecstasy.  His shaft bobbed once in my mouth, twice, and I heard his little sudden intake of breath—I knew what came next.


“Oh, baby,” he murmured.  “Oh, baby, yeah… here it comes.”


I shook his hands away and took my mouth off of him; in seconds he was coming, spurting his pearly white semen across my face.  I heard Jack’s quiet, muttered approval—Bryce’s, too—as I opened my mouth to catch it, reveling in it as he sprayed my cheeks, my hair, even the tops of my tits with cum.  He tasted thick and salty, a wonderful taste, and as the spurts started to die down I happily licked the last delicious drops from his quivering head, lovingly sucking the tip of his cock.


“Mmm,” I moaned up at him.  “So hot…”


“Uh-huh, baby,” he rumbled pleasantly, grinning at me, a perfectly beautiful smile.


“Keep sucking him, honey,” Jack instructed.  “Keep him hard so he can have a turn at your pussy, too.”


“Oh, yeah,” Kendall murmured as I started stroking my hand along his shaft, guiding him back into my mouth and alternating my rhythm to nurse his sweet erection.


Bryce switched his rhythm again, going strong and deep, pausing just a fraction of a second with his cock to the hilt before withdrawing and plunging again.  I could feel the twitch, the eager climb of orgasm stirring in my muscles and I squeezed him tight—I couldn’t stifle the loud cry of ecstasy that came with his next savage thrust, feeling like my cunt was going to explode with pleasure as that huge, demanding shaft claimed me.  I knew my husband was watching me, I knew he was seeing the absolute thrill I was getting from these two new, strange cocks; I realized in a bright instant I adored this, fucking his colleagues in front of him, letting strangers pound me while he watched me begging for more.


“Oh, God, Jack,” I muttered nastily.  “Oh, God, it’s never been this good!  Oh, I think I’m going to lose my mind!”


“You like those cocks, Amber?” he panted—I could see him struggling to maintain his own erection, fighting not to jerk himself off too quickly while he enjoyed the show.


“Oh, yes,” I moaned loudly.  “Oh, yes!”


Three more hard strokes of Bryce’s beautiful cock in my tight, soft cunt, and I was coming, arching my back and practically screaming as my muscles shuddered with violent, climactic pleasure, clutching desperately for more of him, wracking my body with sweet, dizzying joy.


“Oh, yeah?” the cute young lawyer whispered harshly in my ear, quickening his pace and seizing my hips hard against him.  “Did you like that?  Did you like coming on my big, fat cock?”


“Uh-huh,” I moaned, unable to form words—my orgasm lingered still, and I felt lightheaded with pleasure.   I could feel the tension in his dick building—I could feel the swell as he raced towards the end.  I raised my hips as high as I could for him and he buried every last inch in my soft pussy as his sudden, throbbing orgasm took over: a sudden hard gush of semen exploded inside of me.


Bryce grasped my hips without mercy, refusing to let me go, let me move, even though I wouldn’t have—I gave another loud moan as the savage tremor of his ejaculation brought on a repeat of my own climax; I was coming again, coming with him, our mingled juices squirting from between our hot, locked bodies.


“Oh, yeah,” Jack muttered happily; standing up from behind the tripod and grabbing the camera off it.  “Roll on your back, Amber, let me see that cum running out of you.”


I was hesitant to obey, only because I didn’t want to give up the delicious feeling of Bryce’s cock, but my partner withdrew before I could argue, and together he and Kendall helped me roll over, spreading my reddened, swollen pussy lips so Jack could be sure to get a shot of Bryce’s hot semen dripping from my body, Kendall's smeared across my face, throat, tits.  I was still dizzy with pleasure, and I watched Jack filming with one hand while still jerking off with the other, and I smiled up at him.  Wiping a little of Kendall’s come off of my cheek, I sucked my fingers happily, moaning around them.


We didn’t finish there: Jack wanted a full-blown experience.  He filmed me fucking Kendall in every position we could think of—missionary, with him pounding me against the mattress, then me riding him in reverse, then sitting in his lap while he bounced me on his dick—and let Bryce have his turn in my mouth.  I sat backwards on Kendall’s lap, his knees spreading my thighs so Jack could get the perfect view of big, black cock entering me, while Bryce stood beside us and let me suck his own beautiful shaft, until he came generously in mouth and I swallowed it eagerly, just before Kendall filled my pussy a second time with a hot, slick sperm.  We took a short, breathless break, with Jack taking several moments to film my whole, naked body covered in sweat and the heady musk of sex, as Kendall and Bryce kissed and sucked my flushed little tits and I giggled at the attention. 


When the boys were ready again, Jack wanted just one more round: with nervous timidity, panting and flushed, I climbed up to straddle Bryce’s lap. 


I slowly slid down onto his cock, feeling it spread me open again, feeling the round, proud head popping into me with a satisfying thrill of bliss.   I moaned, and rocked myself up and down on it a few slow times, savoring its long, swollen girth inside of me again.  With a low purr, then, I leaned forward, pressing my tits against his chest.


A hot second later, I felt Kendal spread my cheeks, and his sweet cock pushed against my tight asshole.  It resisted him, and then it relaxed, and with a swift, beautiful throb of pleasure and pain, he slid all the way into my ass.


Every part of my body thrilled; I felt drunk and dizzy, and thoroughly, beautifully sluttish as they both rocked and throbbed inside of me, both of them gasping, grunting and moaning as their cocks invaded me.  Every new sensation made my breath catch in my throat; every hard, demanding thrust made me want to come uncontrollably, one of them coming while the other was going in relentless, hammering rhythm until they both hit their peak and gushed fresh loads of cum deep in me. 


I let out a loud, lusty groan as my own body twitched in response, flutters of pleasure kicking off as two cocks exploded at once. Both my pussy and ass clenched in desperate, animal climax that shuddered from my toes all the way up to my tits, an orgasm more intense and wildly out-of-control than I had ever experienced before.  They both poured themselves into me, filling me so completely that there were rivulets of semen running out around their cocks before either of them had even started to withdraw.  Cum mingled with cum and I hardly wanted to move, because I wanted to keep it all inside of me.




When the boys were finished they dressed casually, shaking Jack’s hand and thanking him, as if we’d simply invited them over for dinner and drinks by the pool.  I was too pleasantly sore to get up from the bed, so they each leaned down to give me a ridiculously chaste kiss on the cheek, before leaving for the evening.  Jack saw them out while I carefully rearranged myself and waited for him to return.


“So?” I asked excitedly when he came back.  “Did you like it?”


His answer was to practically attack me, grabbing my head in his hands and kissing me with deep, savage lust.


“Oh, fuck, yes,” he muttered.


“You never got to come, though,” I pointed out—though he’d nursed a raging hard-on the whole afternoon, he’s never let himself climax.  He had to have the biggest case of blue balls by now.


“I know,” he muttered, still kissing me, roughly groping my breasts.  “But I’m going to.  Right now.


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