December 12, 2013

Naughty or Nice? Take your Pick! Guest Post by Ivy Bateman

 Today on Foreplay and Fangs, we welcome another special guest, part of the Breathless Press team of erotic authors.  Ivy Bateman is here to share with us a little bit of holiday cheer, and a little peek at something under the tree: Christmas Eve Surprise, her new upcoming book!

Hello everyone!

Does Christmas bring out the best or the worst in you? Is it an occasion that makes you feel particularly naughty or extremely nice?  To be honest, I hop madly between feeling an incredible sense of well-being and love for my fellow humans and wishing it was January so that I could sleep again. I want to share my joy with the world and let everyone who means something to me know how much I care while at the same time I gaze with a certain animosity at the big pile of Christmas cards I need to send out.

However, it passes quickly. I stress about the season, but usually I get everything I need to get done, well, done and the feeling of love for everyone fills my head to the pointy of giddiness come Christmas day. 

So, you may be wondering, what does this have to do with being over here at Foreplay and Fangs today? Well, naughty and nice are very common Christmas words and the themes of many a Christmas song, play, story, TV show—you name it! And without careful planning or well thought out conjuring, I have managed to write two Christmas stories which feature this duality. Last year I wrote my naughty tale Baby, You're Cold Inside and because it was loosely based on A Christmas Carol, it focused on the darker side of the holiday season (along with a whole lot more naughty than the original tale…if you know what I mean). This year, on December, 20/13, my second Christmas tale, Christmas Eve Surprise is coming out. This story is reflects the nice side of Christmas and because it is loosely based on The Gift of the Magi, it is about a couple who love each other deeply and are both desperate to find one another the perfect gift.

They both try a little too hard, but in the end it all works out for the best.

Below is a wee sample of Christmas Eve Surprise and links to all things Ivy. To get your nice order in, Christmas Eve Surprise is available for pre-sale, but if you prefer to get your naughty on, Baby, You're Cold Inside is just dying to be part of your cyber world.

Thank-you to Brantwijn for having me on today!

The best of the holiday season to you all.

Ivy Bateman

*** And now, a special preview of Christmas Eve Surprise. Enjoy, my lovelies! ***

As the weeks crept closer and closer to Christmas Eve, Tim had had begun to worry that he wouldn't find a man that would have sex with him in front of Stella. He had fixated so much on this fantasy-fulfilling evening being his Christmas present to her that he'd not taken the time to find her another gift. Both he and Stella took finding each other the perfect gift very seriously. It wouldn't do if she was to present him with a gift she'd put a lot of thought into, like the beautiful chain she'd gotten him for his fob watch last year, only to be presented in return with a cardigan she didn't like or a hat she'd never wear.
He pulled out a key, unlocked his desk drawer, got out his black book, and pored over all of his carefully written notes. Tim looked at the dozens of entries he'd written about most of the single and attractive men in his office. None of them had seemed to be someone who would be willing to have a night of hot man sex in front of his wife. He felt doomed to give Stella a gift she would remember forever, but only because it was one he hadn't put any thought into. With a heavy heart he closed his black book and returned it to the drawer.
As he was locking it, his boss Terry walked in with an extremely good-looking man. The stranger filled his office with a god-like presence. He must be the new fellow.

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