April 17, 2015

Friday's Free Read: Chimera

This is an abridged excerpt of a steampunk story I've had in mind for a couple of years. One day I hope to expand it into a full-length story.

Unfortunately I don't have time to add any graphics...I'll have to come back later to add them.  Enjoy the story anyway, loves!

Lazy wisps of altostratus clouds streamed by in the wake of the Chimera's broadside sails, cold nymphs tracing slender fingers along her hull in in the sunset. Some distance off the larboard side, a flock of sea-birds flew in formation, largely unconcerned by the presence of the smuggler sharing their sky. Their off-key, honking cries were a comfortable and familiar sound in the back of Devon St. John's mind, as she leaned back against the ship's railing and surveyed the crew's work along the deck and up through the rigging on the balloon. It wasn't her ruffians that had her interest, though. It was her cargo. Even as she played at lax and careless, she kept one eye open to watch 'Sebastian' across the way.

He was, to the casual observer, a very young man: practically a boy. His cheek might never have borne the barest hint of a beard. His hair was very shabbily cut, especially for the upper class; hacked and uneven around the turned-up collar of his frock coat, it was the dull color of a common brown mouse. Devon had been paid to transport him safely to the country of Albionora, across the sea.

Certain protective measures, of course, had been taken to protect the aristocrat's real identity. Devon knew it well enough, though the men who booked his passage had said nothing. Watching Sebastian now, shy and nervous on the Chimera's decks, Devon found herself eager to get under his cover and get to the real creature underneath.

Lifting her head again, she flashed him a wider grin. The boy—who stood a little ways down the deck, staring down along the clouds scudding over the turbine engines below—immediately blushed when he caught sight of that look, and  hurriedly found excuse to wander off towards the cabins below.

Devon's smirk became a purring, predatory expression.

"Fennec," she murmured, without looking away from the place the boy had disappeared. Even over the whirr of the turbines and the cry of the birds, her first mate heard her. He stumped over to her with a hiss and a sigh from his pneumatic extremity graft: the proverbial P.E.G. leg.

"Take up watch along the deck," she instructed. "And keep the crew from wandering. Especially downstairs."


Meeting below decks, she pulled the young master into her cabin, thrusting him rather unhelpfully to the middle of the room, and kicked the door shut behind her. Sebastian spun to face her, his cheeks gone very red.

Oh yes...Devon could see it plainly: this was no shy boy of fifteen, but a lady in camouflage, somewhere just north of twenty.

"I knew you for a liar," she murmured cheekily.

The word made the tender noblewoman blush again.

"Was my disguise so transparent?" she asked.

"Perhaps only to me," Devon said. "I am… intimately familiar with the subtleties of a woman's body. What's your name, sweetness?"

The girl glanced askance. "It's...Samantha. I'm sorry for lying, Captain, we had to be sure I would not be recognized!"

Devon touched fingertips to her mouth with satisfaction. Even disguised as a boy, Lady Samantha bore the faint, faded scent of hyacinth.

"Oh, I understand the need of it. I must admit, though, since I recognized you for a woman I… I've found myself rather tempted. And you are so heartbreakingly lovely, dressed as a boy."

She brushed the back of her hand along Samantha's flushed cheek. The girl eyed her carefully, but she did not pull away.

"It's been quite some time," Devon purred, "since I have had a beautiful woman aboard the Chimera."

Samantha brought her fingers to the collar of her shirt. Devon slid her own atop them, though, never looking away from the lady's face, and coaxed them away. She took the lapels of the shirt herself and took a deliberate pause before, winking, she plucked the top button loose.

"I…" Samantha stammered. Her cheeks were so bright by now they practically glowed in the cabin's lantern light.

"Samantha, dear," Devon murmured, pulling herself a bit closer to the lady by the shirt's collar. "May I?"

"Do what?" Samantha asked in a hush. Devon gave her a coy look, then tugged the third button free. Moving very slowly, she tilted her head to nuzzle at the first modest curves of exposed breast.

"Oh!" Samantha gasped.

"Tell me I may, darling. I'd not have you if you don't desire it."

"I..." The girl gulped nervously, then, in a furtive, hushed tone. 

"Yes...please. Go on."

The captain slid loose another button, following that progress with a kiss on Samantha's warm skin underneath, then looked up again. Finally, she stripped the last button free. Samantha stared down at her, brown eyes wild.

"Yes," Devon cooed. She slid her hands up along the center of Samantha's belly, until her fingertips slid under the loosed shirt and the shapes of Samantha's small, stiffened nipples met her searching touch.

"Oh, sweetness… you've hardly got any tits on you at all," she marveled. 

Cupping the tender curves of warm, soft flesh in her palms, she ran thumbs over their rigid peaks. Samantha made a soft sound before the pirate stripped away the last stiff cotton, exposing Samantha's tiny breasts. She hadn't even had to wrap them to pass herself off as a boy.

"Do you like it when I touch you?" Devon murmured, and she ran a hand down to caress the bare curve of Samantha's breast.

Samantha gave a hushed sort of choking sound.

"You can tell me," Devon whispered. She touched her lips to Samantha's again with a sigh of quiet pleasure.

Samantha's slow reply was a little hoarse, as though her mouth was dry.

"I do."

Devon she peeled back the shirt and frock coat from Samantha's shoulders, letting it fall. She left the plain brown suspenders on, though, admiring the look of them against bare skin. With some relish she tucked both hands under the suspenders to Samantha's breasts and warmed them with her palms in slow, ardent massage. She lowered her mouth to the Lady's again and kissed her once, twice, without words. The third time their lips came together she let the sweet touch linger, and gently slipped her tongue in to find Samantha's own. Her mouth was soft and welcoming when Devon kissed her, and she kissed back with a bashful eagerness.

"Do you know," Devon murmured, pausing from the passion of their lips to lean her forehead against Samantha's. "I have been imagining seducing you, sweet thing, for many days now. Your disguise has made me mad with wanting you, knowing what really lay beneath it…"

"Milady Captain," Samantha squeaked. "This is not proper… not in the least… for a lady…"

"Proper? Feh. I am a pirate, dear one, and a Sapphist. I don't give a pig's ass for the aristocracy's notion of proper."

"But…" Samantha blushed furiously. "I… I'm afraid I haven't… ever…"

Devon gave her a wide, wolfish grin. "I assumed." And she kissed her again.

There were no more words for a long stretch of time, as their lips met again and again in hungry pleasure. Devon fanned thumbs across Samantha's rigid nipples and gently, tenderly pinched them. Sliding down Samantha's body, she lowered her lips to them, kissing first one and then the other, and pressing those slim, subtle tits together to dance tongue across them.

"Oh," sighed Samantha. Nervous girl, keeping rigid and still as Devon dappled affection on her breasts. She seemed afraid to make a sound but her breath had grown heavier, and her eyes shut tight in an expression of hopeful surrender. Devon abandoned her kissing and wrapped her arms around Samantha. She ran her hands along the smooth planes of the Lady's back and shoulders, hugging her close.

"You're shivering," she whispered. "Poor dear… let's warm you up."

She kissed Samantha's lips again. Samantha returned it in kind, this time offering a quiet sigh of pleasure and slipping her own tongue into Devon's mouth; a fast learner.

Devon stood to gather her up, one arm under Samantha's knees and the other behind her shoulders, lifting her up. Samantha grasped the lapels of the pirate's longcoat, clinging instinctively. She needn't have. She was easy to carry, spare and light in Devon's arms, almost nothing compared to the hard, unyielding  weight of the ship's equipment or the wild unruliness of her wheel in a gale. She carried her unspoiled plunder to her bed and lay her down.

"Let's have you unrigged then, and let me see all the treasure I've been tasked to escort."

"I thought you said you were to warm me up," Samantha whispered. She'd grasped a fistful of the bed's luxurious black covers in either hand and shrunk coyly in a figure of modesty, as if planning to wrap herself up safe in the blankets. With her neck and breasts bare but for the suspenders, and her boyish disguise still very effective in the shortness of her hair and the gentlemanly cut of her trousers, Devon could barely restrain herself from partaking then and there, no more answer given. She let Samantha see her open admiration, though, making no attempt to hide it as she took in the lovely tableau of the virgin in her sheets.

"Believe me," she said. "I shall."

Climbing alongside Samantha on the bed then, Devon crept atop her and kissed her mouth in slow indulgence, returning again and again to taste the sweetness of soft cherry lips and tongue, pressing her loins down against Samantha's with a soft moan. She pinned the girl by the wrists and kissed her fine, smooth throat. Pale skin tasted fresh, clean, only the lightest hint of bitter arousal blooming there, just under her ear. The scent of her hyacinth was edged with sharp desire, the heightened urgency of newborn need.

"You smell so delicious," Devon whispered, and kissed Samantha's earlobe, then licked her tongue playfully up the curve of her pinna. Samantha gave a soft, quavering squeak somewhere between pleasure and affirmative, the agreement of a girl happy at the approval. Chase ran her tongue up and down the edge of Samantha's ear, teasing, and thrust her hips gently down with clear and eager intention.

"Yes," she murmured, nuzzling her cheek to Samantha's. "Pleasanter, pleasanter thoughts, my dear… tonight you are my sweet and tender stowaway, whom I have caught hiding in my hold. Oh, but you are too lovely for me to punish… you have stolen this captain's heart with those wide eyes and that innocent blush. Just a stowaway, but now I must take your passage from you in my own way…would you like that?"

Samantha seemed to ponder it while Devon moved her kisses down the Lady's neck and up the other side, nibbling her bare earlobe with a soft growl. Samantha gave another pleasured groan in response and wriggled closer.

"Tell me… yes, tell me more…"

"Poor little creature," Devon purred. "Snuck aboard so that you could see the sky, did you? I can give you the clouds and the moon, close enough to touch, if you like…"

"Yes," said Samantha, giving over to the escape of the fiction with Devon. "And the stars… can you give me the stars?"

"Look up," Devon whispered.

Samantha did. A gasp escaped her when she beheld it. They lay entangled directly beneath the glass panes of the Obv-Bulb, and overhead the night sky and the stars floated, silver wisps of clouds gliding past. It was clear enough to see the spray of celestial galaxies far and away, but yet so near the two women might be in them. The wide arc of cold, wonderful darkness embraced them in their bed; not even the ship's balloon obscured the view from the Captain's quarters, and the only sound beyond their own hushed, lusty breaths was the dull, distant hum of the turbines guiding their passage. They were so blessedly, perfectly alone, their circumstances meaningless in that intensity. The whole night was theirs.

While Samantha gazed up at the stars, the Captain herself crept down the girl's slender body. She dotted long, slow kisses down the lines of Samantha's collarbone, then to the middle of her chest. She nuzzled the smooth skin and then slid aside the straps of the suspenders, exposing the pink, pert nipples they had yet hidden from her. She traced the shape of each little nub with the tip of her nose, coaxing their rigid attention.

"Do you know what the punishment would normally be for a stowaway?" she whispered. Still held at surrender Samantha groaned and shook her head. Devon released the Lady's wrists and ran her palms all the way down pale, lovely arms, and slid them under the woman to lift her closer. She kissed first one nipple, then the other, lingering to suck at the excited peak with relish. She laved it and kissed, and sucked and then teased, tickling its pebbled surface and the rosy ring of areola around it. Samantha's breathing quickened—she did not bother to move her arms once the Captain had released them but grasped at the covers and cried out softly.

"When we catch a little tagalong like you," Devon continued. "The punishment is to be stripped to the waist, and whipped at the mast."

"Oh…" Samantha moaned. Devon kissed the other nipple, giving it an equal measure of suck, lick and kiss, until it glistened in the cabin's dim lantern light.

"The part about stripping you I don't so much mind. How could I whip such darling little tits, though?" she murmured.

Gently but without warning, the Captain closed her teeth down on one excited nipple. Samantha gasped quite loud and twitched underneath her—she drew her legs up, pressing thighs tightly together.

"Tell me, my virgin," Devon said. "Does it feel good?"

Samantha lifted her head again to look her in the eyes. The lady looked a bit drunk, though perhaps she was only dizzy from coming down from the stars.

"I…" she said. "I… don't know if I can say…"

"You can and you should," Devon assured her. "I think I shall find another means of lashing you for your sneaky behavior."

"It is…" Samantha started. Then she shook her head. "Oh, oh no, Captain… you shouldn't play such games with me, it is cruel!"

"Isn't it, though?" Devon purred. She silenced the Lady's protests by pulling herself up again to kiss her, reaching tongue for tongue and thrusting loins lecherously down against Samantha's.

"Just wait until I get to your sweet little cunny," she said with a wicked smile, and sat up, straddling the girl, tiptoeing fingers in a line down her body.

"Oh…" Samantha moaned. She shut her eyes tight again in pleasure.

"Oh, yes, my secret stowaway."

"You are a devil, Captain."

"Tell me how the devil makes you feel then, my lovely," Devon replied.
In answer, Samantha made a little rolling motion, thrusting her body upwards towards Devon's, heightening the thrilling touch of their limbs and hips and loins. Devon smoothly rolled with her, and inched lower, inclining her head to kiss Samantha's flat stomach.

"And… here?" she asked.

"… all in knots, Captain. I hardly know… how to tell you."

Devon pressed more long, slow kisses to her belly, her sides, the first shallow dips of her slender hips disappearing under the waistband of the pressed men's trousers she still wore.


With a happy sigh, the Captain let herself sink down between Samantha's thighs. She could already feel the sultry heat of Samantha's arousal, just running her fingers along the lines of thick fabric. The ravishing scent of hot, wet pussy was like a confirmation and a promise all at once—Devon felt her own body ready and frantic, electric with anticipation.

"What about here?"

She pressed her mouth to the soft brown wool, exploring the hidden shapes under the seams with her tongue. Samantha writhed, her breath becoming ragged in her unexpected pleasure. Devon tongued the crotch of the Lady's trousers with hard, deliberate strokes, breaking only to ask again, in a sing-song voice, "Sweetness? Tell me…"


Samantha swallowed hard, struggling to find the words. "It's like… I am opening. I feel… so very thrilled and yet… quite desperate for more…"
Saying nothing, Devon reached up to take the band of the breeches and slide them down the Lady's slender legs. She stripped Samantha of shoes and trousers, leaving only her stockings and pretty little underthings.  When she ran her fingers along the suggestion of the girl's cleft underneath the thin cotton, she found the flimsy garment damp to clinging, and the strong, compelling scent of her heat and cum sent a spike of pleasure through Devon's own loins, becoming ever wetter as she smelled, tasted and caressed her prize. She returned to her place between Samantha's thighs and pressed the flat of her tongue against the soft, wet cotton, exploring the delicious contours of the girl's hidden quim with great enthusiasm.

Samantha's hands took her by the hair and tried to pull her closer, deeper. Devon, to the contrary, pulled away, sitting up on her knees to shed her longcoat, unlace her leather bodice and strip her jaunty blouse over her head. She quickly kicked off her boots next and slipped out of her breeches, unable to be naked fast enough, before she threw her arms around Samantha again, thrusting her whole body against the Lady and kissing her hard. She snuck one hand down under Samantha's panties, combing fingers through the soft thatch of hair and finding the perfect tiny pearl of pleasure at the apex of her slick little cunt.

Samantha's hand came down on her wrist. The girl blazed a furious red and she seemed wildly drunk and in a panic as she looked into Devon's eyes and whispered, "Good God… do you really mean to…"

"I do," Devon growled hungrily. Between her fingers, she rolled the little pearl in sensual provocation, making Samantha cry out in a rush of joy.

"Does the phrase 'tipping the velvet' mean anything to you?" she teased. 
When Samantha gave her only hesitant silence she laughed. "No… of course it wouldn't. Not to such a good, meek, upright girl. Though not so upright at the moment, are you?"

Samantha still clung with one hand to the sheets. The other was balled up in a fist and pressed hard against her chest, between the well-adored red peaks of her flush breasts. She undulated against the pirate's body, offering tender muff to Devon's hands, and Devon slid fingers up and down along the sides of her hooded bead to stroke the wet, ready valleys of flesh.

Without pausing in her libidinous massage, Devon nudged Samantha's pale thighs apart and slipped the underthings off of her.

"Oh," she marveled, stroking the dark thatch of damp, soft hair upon Samantha's mons. "Look at what a pretty little pussy you have, my dove."

She stroked her fingers lightly along pink, glistening lips, spreading and admiring, taking brief pauses to lick the pearly drips of cum off her fingertips.

"Mm," she moaned. Smiling, she pointedly met Samantha's eyes and raised the fingers to her mouth, sucking them with delight. Samantha's lips parted slightly, her eyes half-lidded with heavy pleasure, and she watched the Captain with intoxicated attention.

Devon lowered her head and partook the first greedy taste of the virgin aristocrat.

Samantha gave a loud gasp, arching and then moaning with heedless pleasure. Her cunny was bittersweet and luscious—Devon closed her eyes and ran her tongue over and over the Lady's bulging pink clit, then gave a long, wet stroke all the way down to the tight, trembling entrance. She didn't yet partake of that, though: she took long, leisurely pleasure tasting Samantha's flush pussy lips and then dancing her tongue in provocative torment upon the tip, teasing the swollen bud just like a tiny button candy in her mouth. As Samantha squirmed she could hardly hold back her soft, panting cries of pleasure. It made Devon smile, dipping deeper to kiss the valleys of Samantha's cunt, finally sliding tongue into the tight, trembling entrance. Samantha raised up her hips to welcome her.

"Oh—" the Lady gasped. "Oh—ah, Captain…"

"Look up at the stars, sweetness," Devon murmured. "Look… I will send you soaring through them very soon."

Samantha gave a choked reply, and threw her head back against thick pillows, gazing out into the starry darkness beyond the Obv-Bulb.

"Precious little creature," Devon murmured. She wound her tongue in flirting circles all along the Lady's cunny. She tiptoed two fingers along the blankets and then snuck them close to fondle and give a squeeze to Samantha's soft bottom.. Then she slipped two long fingers into Samantha's hot entrance, sliding them in and out as she rolled her tongue in a hungry dance with her new candy. She curled her fingers, moved them inside, brought them back slick with Samantha's thick wetness. Taking only a brief pause, she moved up on top of Samantha again, wrapping an arm around her waist. She kissed the girl, then slid those sticky fingers past warm lips now swollen from their heated passion.

"Taste…" she urged. "Do you like it?"

Samantha sucked eagerly, lifting her hands to take Devon's and hold it, nursing the taste of her own cunt from Devon's skin. She licked Devon's fingertips and made the pirate shiver.

"Oh, I am going to make you lose your senses," she promised. Samantha gazed at her with distant, intoxicated eyes, cheeks warm and rosy with her arousal.  "I am going to leave you dripping, my little virgin… just lie back… and hold onto the headboard."                                       

Samantha gave a sighing, moaning response, raising her arms over her head to oblige. Devon wriggled back down between her legs and lifted one slender ankle up, over her bare shoulder. Then she sunk in to bring the seduction to its ardent culmination.

She lavished wet attention to Samantha's clit, now reddened and throbbing with eager erection. With her palm she kneaded the girl's soft, slick pussy, then slid her fingers into the heat again. Oh, she was so tight and resisting…she squeezed around Devon's invasion, muscles clutching as Samantha whimpered encouragement. Devon closed her eyes and surrendered herself to the thrill of conquest, breathing in the raw, naked scent of sex, indulging the salt and sweat of her girl's skin, the sharp satisfaction of hot cum with each long stroke of tongue and fingers.

Without warning then, Samantha twisted. She lifted her leg off of Devon and slipped away. Before Devon could protest, though, the girl rearranged herself to lie stomach-to-stomach with her, and then presented her pussy again, arching her leg up to wrap around Devon's neck instead. Devon didn't question and went eagerly back to her greedy play, until suddenly the touch of desperate lips and hot, heavy breath made her go briefly tense. Samantha, with meek attempt, approached Devon's own ready cunt and spread slick folds with two shy fingers. She found the Captain's own hooded treasure and kissed it—then licked, testing, exploring its round sweet shape with her tongue.

"Oh!" Devon exclaimed breathlessly. "Oh, sweetness… you quick little thing…"

The stir of pretty delight it brought her sent a feeling of bubbling lightness through her whole loins to the round of her belly. She bent her own leg to open up more for the girl and let her get a good taste of hot cunt and lush cum, if that was what the aristocrat wanted.

She wasn't about to stay her own enticement, though, and she resumed her play, stroking, teasing, pausing in her attentions to Samantha's clitoris only to lick the trickles of cum up from the girl's tight entrance. She curled her fingers and stroked Samantha's hot, wet cunny into quivering, and made the girl halt in her attention to Devon's pussy as she arched and moaned loudly.

"Captain," Samantha gasped. Her hips were twitching, her sweet round bottom tightening as she opened for Devon, her whole pussy trembling for more.

"You're close," Devon purred. She nuzzled the folds of Samantha's quivering lips. "Oh, yes, my little stowaway… yes…look up at the stars now, lose yourself in them, let me make you—"

"Ah!" Samantha cried out, thrashing as her body quaked in climax. Devon bent to lick her as she hit its zenith, and without warning a quick rush of cum caught her in the face. She gasped in surprised delight and a second gush came, and with a laugh the Captain ran her tongue into the virgin's spurting cunt and happily licked and swallowed the rush of wet, bittersweet cum.


Devon put the lamps out, moving quietly as Samantha lay still panting on the bed. In the aftermath of their pleasures the poor shy girl had fallen into an awed, distant sort of silence. She'd hardly moved from her sprawled position on the bed and had said nothing at all; she stared up, up into the floating night sky above. The only sound in the cabin had been the companionable hum of the turbines and the hoarse, heavy breaths of the women's post-coital recovery.

When she had doused the lights, Devon crawled back onto the bed, sitting cross-legged beside Samantha and very carefully, very gently drawing the girl close to lie her head in Devon's lap. Samantha obliged, a look of serene reflection on her face, delicately illuminated by the starlight through the Obv-Bulb. Devon gathered up the blankets to wrap around them both, and she stroked a hand through Samantha's short hair as they both gazed up into the whorls of clouds and galaxies above.

"Do you know," Devon murmured after a long time petting Samantha's soft brown waves. "I quite like a Tom, myself. All dressed up in vest and trousers and cap…"

"I'm sorry?" Samantha asked.

"A Tom," Devon repeated. She bent to kiss Samantha and explained, "A lady lover with a boyish look about her. A sort of chimera, if you think about it: a creature of both male and female beauty, in a way… comprised of male and female parts, at least so far as to the naked eye and to the mind. You have it. It's what drove me so damned mad to have you undressed and at my libidinous mercy."

"Oh," Samantha whispered.

"Samantha," Devon purred. "You may be whatever you wish to be. At least, you may with me."

Samantha made to answer but Devon did not pause to give her the chance.  She ruffled Samantha's hair and bent down to kiss her temple.

"Yes, my little stowaway. My little chimera. Whenever you want to see the stars with me again… I am more than happy to show you them."

They sat in silence, gazing up at the passing constellations, wrapped together in the warm pleasure of each other's company.

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