May 15, 2015

Friday Free Read: Honey, I'm Home


I kicked the front door shut behind me, juggling my jacket and purse and shuffling the mail in my hands.  The dog yipped over my arrival, jumping up at my feet and panting with glee until I managed to free myself from the jumbled chaos enough to scratch behind her ears.

“Hon, are you home yet?” I called out.

“In the bedroom,” Ryan called back.  I put down my coat and bag, shuffled through the last few articles of mail before tossing aside the coupons, examining the telephone bill as I made my way down the hallway, removing the clip in my hair with my free hand.

“I’ve been thinking of upgrading to the cable bundle,” I muttered as I entered our master bedroom, still poring over the bill statement.  When I looked up, though, all thought of bills went out of my head.

Ryan lounged on the bed, naked except for an open button-up shirt.  He was patiently nursing a beautiful erection, grinning at me as I absorbed the sight of him, naughty and eager.

“I need sex,” he said simply.

Really?” I murmured, surprised.  He nodded, and I dropped the phone bill onto the dresser and crawled up on the bed next to him, kissing him with a giggle. 
In a matter of minutes he had my shirt up, over my head, and was stripping off my bra as I wriggled out of my skirt.  When only my lacy panties were left he lay back, pulling me on top of him.  His cock was savagely hard as a gently rubbed the crotch of my panties against him, laughing happily.

“I love the… honesty, hon,” I murmured, leaning down to nibble his earlobe.  His hands ran down my back, to my buttocks, squeezing enthusiastically.  His raging erection pressed hard against me and I sat up again momentarily shimmy down my panties and kick them off.

“Shush,” he muttered between kisses.  “Sex.”

“Yes, sir."

His cock was full and hard as he slid it into me, and I uttered a quick gasp, lifting my hands up to my breasts and running my thumbs over my nipples.  Ry rocked me up and down, the slick, smooth feel of his cock invading me again and again.  I rode on it with a smile; he slipped his hands around my hips and bounced me on him—I cried out as I felt him deep inside.  I couldn’t believe how quickly the feel of his fucking got me wet and slick: just two minutes ago I had been wrapped up in my work clothes and thinking about the phone service, and now I was being practically split open by my husband’s hungry erection as I bounced up and down on him.

I leaned forward, wrapping my arms under Ryan’s neck and tilting his head up to kiss him as he thrust.  I squeezed my tits against his chest and he squeezed my ass hard, growling playfully.  He was hot, banging me hard, guiding me up and down on his ferociously demanding cock as I giggled and lavished attention on his  lips, running my tongue along his, nipping at him, moaning between kisses.

With a quick cry of pleasure I shot up again, riding hard, grinding down as my orgasm began to build.  Ry’s eager thrusting came faster now; he gripped my hips hard, moaning. 

He came first, explosive and hard, the hot force of his climax throbbing deep in my pussy.  I ground my hips down on him as he pumped his cum into me, and he held me there, keeping me tight around his cock as it spurted stream after stream into my hot, wet sex.

When he was done, I rolled off of him, moaning as I lay on my back and stretched out my arms overhead in joy.  His come ran out of me and I pressed my thighs together to try and keep his hot semen inside me.

Ry rolled over, leaning on top of me and kissing me deeply.

“Thank you, baby,” he murmured.  “I’m sorry, I just needed sex.”

“It’s okay,” I giggled happily, taking his hand.  “But now, of course… you’re going to have to finish me.”

He smiled, and kissed me again.  Letting his hand stray down between my legs, he slipped two fingers into my dripping, quivering cunt.

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