September 22, 2015

In the Headlines - "Soccer Mom" Erotic Novelist, Meredith Wild

There have been many stories in recent years about the mild-mannered, unassuming mommy who hits it big writing erotic stories in her free time. The authors of such titles as Cum for Bigfoot have been known to make comments that their income from these books are putting their children through college.

Along comes Meredith Wild, author of the Hardwired series, a brand new smash success in the erotica market. 33 years old, mother of three, and now happily living in Florida with her husband who's retired from his full-time fire-fighting career to help her with her rising erotica empire. With a  $7 million book deal in her pocket, Meredith Wild certainly counts as a success story all us Indie authors wish we could be.

I haven't read Meredith Wild personally, but I think I might be tempted to pick up her first book and give it a try. How about you, Dear Reader? Has anyone read the Hardwired series? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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