November 10, 2015

In the Headlines: Gay Erotica inspired by Justin Trudeau

This week several news outlets picked up the story of a 9-page M/M erotic short apparently inspired by Canada's newly-elected prime minister, Justin Trudeau.

The publication has jumped up the charts since it first hit, and as anyone might suspect, it's reaped some mixed reviews. One reviewer has called it "so hot, that it's all I need to keep me warm during those harsh, cold Ottawa winter nights." Others claim it's a cheap attempt to cash in on a legitimate public figure's recent popularity.

To which I personally say, "So what?"

Pornography and erotica has deep roots in political satire and critique. A $3 short story on Amazon seems relatively tame, honestly. It's popularity is a testament to the author's nose for in-demand material.

Is it wrong--or at least, is it "cheap"--to spin erotic material out of real-life cultural and political personalities? Is there any shame in readers indulging in a story clearly inspired by a public figure? What say you?

Do you know of any other erotic short stories clearly intentionally based on well-known public figures, and what do you think of them? I'd love to hear any amusing suggestions!

Has anyone read Serving the Prime Minister? What do you think?

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