January 14, 2016

Tour Day: Patricia Logan Shares an INTENSE Scene from her New Release!

Today we welcome Tour Author Patricia Logan, who shares with us a thrilling scene from her release, Say My Name.

International bestselling author Patricia Logan resides in Los Angeles, California. The author of several #1 bestselling erotic romances in English, Italian, French, and Spanish lives in a small house with a large family. When she’s not writing her next thriller romance, she’s watching her grandchildren grow up way too soon, and raising kids who make her proud every day. One of her favourite tasks is coaxing nose kisses from cats who insist on flopping on her keyboard while she types. Married to a wonderful gentleman for 30 years, she counts herself lucky to be surrounded by people who love her and give her stories to tell every day.

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Please enjoy this scene from Patricia Logan's Say My Name

*     *     *
Cole waited in his room and at the appointed time, Bull knocked on the door. He glanced at his watch and noted it was midnight, right on the nose. He walked to the door and opened it to find Dawson waiting with his large friend, naked and blindfolded as he’d instructed. Cole nodded his thanks to Bull and reached out, taking the boy’s hand and drawing him into the room before closing the door. He knew his bodyguard would stay outside guarding the door against intrusion for as long as he kept the boy inside. Dawson stood expectantly, just inside the door to his living room as he waited for Cole to do what he wanted with him. Cole had planned what he wanted to do with the boy and it would take place in his playroom.
“H-hello, Master,” Dawson began.
Cole had the feeling the boy wanted to talk with him but there was no way he was going to carry on a conversation with him. He didn’t do that with anyone any more. Even his exchanges with Bull, the only man he did speak to, were short and to the point. His days of long conversations were over.
“Come,” he rasped. Cole took Dawson by the hand and pulled him down the hallway to the playroom where he had everything laid out for the scene he’d so thoughtfully concocted. He was going to test the boy’s mettle tonight and had every intention of pushing him hard. Cole wanted to find out whether the boy was actually attracted to the pain or more comfortable with the bondage and control. Some submissives wanted it all and there was almost always bondage with the pain. It gave a submissive a feeling of security to be tied or bound in some fashion, while pain was applied. All submissives wanted to give up control but not all were pain sluts. Some wanted it hard and would take anything a Dom wanted to dish out, to the point where they’d allow themselves to be beaten into unconsciousness before uttering a safeword. That was not what Cole wanted and though he’d participated in painful percussion play and very hard scenes many times, it was not his preference unless the submissive required it. Tonight he intended on finding out just how far he could push the young twink submissive before he gave in.
The door to the playroom was locked because even though he and Bull were the only ones ever in the apartment, Bull was not welcome in his private space. He’d known the huge Samoan ever since Afghanistan and once he’d learned of Bull’s sexual orientation, which had resulted in the man’s family disowning him, he’d offered him a home and a job. They were more than that though. They were friends, and Cole trusted him implicitly.
Cole hesitated, knowing that he’d finally be sharing his playroom space with what amounted to a stranger. As much as he trusted and loved Bull, once he walked into his playroom, it would belong to Cole and his submissive alone. He glanced over at the young twink once again as arousal washed over him. It was time. He opened the door and led Dawson inside, drawing him over to his bondage table.
“Lie down,” Cole said, his voice inhuman in his own ears.
“Yes, Master.”
“Red, Sir,” The boy vibrated with excitement and Cole loved seeing the blush that spread over his alabaster skin where the artful tattoos were absent. His nipples were pierced with silver rings which matched the ones in his nose, lower lip, and earlobes, not to mention the incredibly beautiful Prince Albert piercing on the head of his cock. He was sexy as hell and Cole had to wonder why the boy rented himself out for other men’s pleasure when he had so much to offer. He had no doubt it was a monetary decision.
 Cole watched as Dawson reached behind him and felt the edge of the leather table.
“Get on,” his voice rumbled.
Dawson obediently turned and climbed onto the table, giving Cole a bird’s-eye view of his incredibly beautiful ass. The sub sat on the table with his naked legs dangling over the sides.
“Lie down.” Cole placed a hand on his chest and pushed him back.
Dawson complied and after doing so, he looked up as though he was staring at the ceiling, though Cole suspected he could see nothing from under the red silk wrapped around his head.  Cole walked over to the table and pulled out two stirrups, then grabbed the submissive by the hips and brought his ass close to the edge of the table. He bent his knees, and lifted both legs, setting his heels in the stirrups. Cole watched as the boy blew out a long breath and shivered, most likely wondering what was going to happen to him next. Cole wrapped wide black straps around Dawson’s feet, securing him to the stirrups, before moving to his midsection and buckling him into wide black leather straps over his lower belly and his chest. This further restrained him to the table.
Finally, Cole walked to the end of the table and raised Dawson’s arms, placed his wrists into wide leather cuffs, fastened them together, and then attached them to a hook at the top of the table. He stood back admiring Dawson’s blushing skin, watching how his breath hitched, noting the large thick erection he had achieved only from being restrained. Oh, you love this very much, boy. He strode to the armoire in the room and pulled out his Dom gear. He realized that Dawson couldn’t see him anyway, but when one sense is diminished, people usually have heightened ability in the other. Cole knew because Dawson couldn’t see, his other senses were even more sensitive. Cole understood the sub would be able to smell the leather he wore, and feel it if he allowed him to touch.
Cole watched Dawson closely as he dressed, changing out of the suit he forced himself to wear every day and into a black leather jockstrap, studded with silver spikes, a black leather vest, and a leather hat. He snapped wide leather wristbands around his wrists, repeating the bands on his biceps. He pulled on a pair of highly-polished black leather Doc Marten boots completing his look before walking back to the head of the table where he looked down at his submissive. Dawson had turned his head toward him as he heard him approach. Once again Cole cursed the necessity of having to blindfold the sub. He desperately wanted to look into what he was sure were beautiful eyes, which would be in sync with the rest of him.
Cole leaned down close to Dawson’s ear and whispered. “Have you used sounds?” He watched as the boy swallowed hard, shaking his head slowly.
The submissive sucked in a small breath. “No, Master. I’ve always been afraid of them, Sir,” he replied with a tiny shake of his head.
His reaction was so innocent and sweet, Cole felt his heart twist in his chest. His cock hardened almost instantly as he imagined how utterly amazing it was going to be bringing this gorgeous man to an earth-shattering orgasm with his toys. He stood up straight and reached out, took one of the boy’s pierced nipples between his finger and thumb, and squeezed. Cole watched the boy’s reaction closely as he bit his lower lip for several seconds before he finally opened his mouth and cried out. He strained perfectly against his restraints and it made Cole even more determined to push the young twink.
“Ah! Ah! Master, it hurts!”
He’s so fucking reactive and responsive. Cole let go of the nipple, tugging on the ring for a moment before letting it go and then moving to the other side, he repeated the same torture and evoked the same reaction. Cole walked around the side of the apparatus Dawson was restrained on, to a metal table which resembled something you might see in a doctor’s office. A zippered case and a large tub of lube lay on the table. He opened the black leather case which was sterile inside, and gazed down at his twelve sounds which varied from very thin to the width of a large pencil. He laid the case open and then moved to the tub of lube which he opened as well. Finally, he picked up a pair of sterile gloves and ripped the package open, putting them on the way a doctor would. Cole was very careful with his toys, especially the invasive ones. After play, they were placed in an autoclave and sterilized but in the case of the sounds, they were handled with even more caution so as not to introduce bacteria to the sensitive urethra. Cole had been trained by the very best Doms in the business and he was very conscientious when it came to keeping his playroom safe.

Cole selected a thin sound since the boy had no experience with them and he knew the session would be painful. Cole also knew that he’d find a more pleasurable orgasm than he’d ever felt before. He plunged the sound into the tub of lube and lifted it, waiting for several dollops to drip back into the container before walking around to the sub’s spread knees. With one hand, he lifted the boy’s weeping cock and felt the strength in its rigid length. He positioned the tip of the sound at the end of it, beside the Prince Albert and then spoke once again.

“Red, Master.” Dawson was shaking and nervous about what was about to happen and that was more perfect than Cole could even imagine. As he breached the boy’s slit with the tip of the sound, the submissive sucked in a breath. When he pushed the sound in the first inch, the boy instantly gritted his teeth and moaned. He knew how desperately it hurt but Cole also knew the payoff for Dawson was going to be amazing.
“God, Master! It hurts! Oh, Master, I don’t know… I can’t…”
Cole waited only a few seconds for the boy’s safeword before continuing. When it didn’t come, he pushed the sound an inch further and then felt a slight give as the boy’s entire body tensed and strained against its bindings.
“Master!” Dawson screamed and Cole let the sound drop. It slid a full five inches into the boy and when Dawson cried out, he knew he’d been successful in grazing along his prostate deep within.
“Take it!” he ordered.
“I have to come!” The boy cried out, writhing on the table, tearing at the bindings as though wanting to rip right through them. Cole smiled as the boy whimpered, knowing he couldn’t possibly come, though the urge to do so was unimaginable. “I have to come! I have to come, Master!” he panted. “Oh, pleeeaseee!” Cole pulled the sound out only an inch and let it drop again. Dawson nearly levitated off the table, restrained by the wide leather straps over his hips and chest. The muscles in his arms bunched and his entire body tensed as he screamed.
“Pleeeaseee, Master!” he sobbed. Tears wet right through the blindfold and Cole knew he was crying. When a Dom first demonstrated it on Cole, the feeling of fullness inside his urethra felt like it was literally tearing him in two. The first two inches had been hellish but then, the sound had dropped right down the urethra and hit his prostate causing one of the most intense feelings he’d ever had in his life. He’d had more than one orgasm as the Dom had played with him in this way. He’d tried every toy in his playroom and he knew exactly what the boy was experiencing. He also knew what was to come was going to blow Dawson’s mind. Breath sawed in and out of his gorgeous submissive’s chest as he gasped and sobbed. “I need to come so very bad, Master!” he whimpered. What Dawson didn’t realize was that he’d already come once and needed to again. The electricity coursing through his body was incredibly intense. Come wept from the tip of his cock around the sound, sliding down his shaft to his shaved groin.
Dawson finally relented, pulling the sound completely out. “Come, boy!” he made a hissing sound as he pulled the sound from the tip. A geyser of spunk erupted from the boy’s dick the instant the sound was pulled free, shooting high in the air and landing on his chest. When a second wash of semen shot from the boy’s cock, Cole began pumping his dick to milk out the rest of it.
“Oh my God, Master!” the boy screamed. Cole’s cock throbbed as he watched the pretty submissive convulsing in orgasm, turning away only for a second to lay the long metal rod on the medical table as he continued to jack Dawson’s cock hard with his other hand. As the boy sobbed through his climax, Cole was overcome with desire and he leaned down, and licked into a large puddle of the boy’s hot spunk. His flavor exploded on Cole’s tongue and the boy moaned with need, still gasping from his orgasm. Cole swallowed the boy’s spunk on his tongue and then lifted his wet dick to his lips, letting them slide over the tip where he sucked the remnants of his climax out of the pierced head and swallowed them down. Dawson was the most delicious man he’d ever played with. He tugged on the Prince Albert ring with his tongue as he pulled off, evoking a delightful moan from the sub.
The urge to fuck Dawson was overwhelming and Cole stepped back, reached for a condom on the small table, and ripped it open. He rolled it on, dipped two fingers in the tub of lube, and proceeded to lube the boy up, moving in close. He positioned his dick against the boy’s hole. He pushed just a little and then felt the boy relax, probably as much as he possibly could, as his cock popped through the tight ring of muscle. Cole was so turned on, he knew that it was going to have to be a hot and fast coupling because he was nearly ready to come himself. He’d been dreaming of fucking Dawson since the moment he’d seen him in the pit and his dreams were about to come to fruition. The boy’s ass was hot and as he sank inside while the boy moaned, his orgasm rose fast. He pumped inside deeply, holding tightly to the boy’s thighs and then pulled back, thrusting again and again until he couldn’t hold back any longer.
“Fuck!” Cole shouted as he came, emptying his balls in the boy’s unbelievably tight ass. His climax rolled over him like a freight train and he held onto the boy’s thighs so hard he knew he was probably leaving bruises. He emptied all his come into the condom buried inside the beautiful submissive on his table. His climax lasted a very long time and he marveled at how good and right it felt to be buried so deeply within another man who was at his complete mercy. As the climax finally subsided, Cole blew out a deep breath and loosened his grip on the boy’s thighs.
“Master…” the boy whispered, blowing out a breath. “I love you, Master…”
*     *     *
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