February 6, 2014

Friday's Flash: In the Garden of the Mariposa

Friday means time for a quick and delightful bit of flash fiction!

"Friday Flash" is a project by a sexy and creative group of authors, inspired each week by a photo to write a snippet of fiction, 100 words or less.  This week's photo carries so much promise....

Muffy Wilson's photo. 

Inspired by the above, I give you:

In the Garden of the Mariposa 

Her gardens, a sanctuary of  butterflies, were the stuff of legend: to get home, he would have to pass through them, a task much deadlier than any would guess. 

He didn't see her until she revealed herself: a lithe, lovely body stretching languidly in the grass, newly awaken from a sunny afternoon nap. She opened her eyes to gaze at him; they were the color of fiery rubies.

"Elvyn Knight," she exhaled. Her body moved with clear suggestion. "Have you come to try and steal my wings?"


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  1. NICE! Now I want to know...

  2. nicely done.... elegant and sleek loved this... hugs T

  3. Splendid!! So fluid, elegant, well-paced and artfully suggestive. A wonderful piece of writing and the imagery was so visual. I quite enjoyed it...! xo

  4. Beautifully descriptive flash. I love it

  5. Excellent would love to read more

  6. Awesome Flash! What will she do with him? Will she allow him to pass? I love the suspense and want to know more of what happens.


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