April 21, 2014

New Week, New Creative Writing Challenge: Straight from the Headlines!

Hello, My Lovelies!

I do so love sharing these writing challenges with you. I love to read the responses you share back! Today I'm going to pose a variant of one I was given in one of my own creative writing courses: "Straight From the Headlines".

Watch out, darlings... this one's a bit of a tough one!

For this exercise I've chosen the following five headlines:

  • Runway for Scholars fashion show set for Sunday

  • Everybody from Aristotle to Disney gets hyenas wrong

  • Proposed initiative could ban all marijuana use in Montana

  • Leopard strays into Ballarpur, injurs three

  • Navy shifts watches to aid sleep on subs


 Your challenge is to pick one of these and write a sexy flash about it. The headline is your jumping off point--no need to go look up the real news post and pull true facts. For example, the first headline might inspire you to write a quick, sexy scene set backstage of the fashion show.


I think that's fairly self-explanatory? You can post your response in the comments or link to your own Facebook or blog to show me what you've got! 

Just like last time, if we get ten or more entries, I'll choose the most creative one and give them a free prize! I've still got a few sexy e-books to give away and they're sitting all lonely in my virtual bookshelf, looking for a home!


And just a quick reminder!

Goblin Fires releases next Friday!


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