September 10, 2014

A Thursday Taste: Sample of "Elvyn Nights"

Thursday is the day for little bits and nibbles of new works by fabulous authors! 


Today I'll be sharing a little bit of my current WIP, Elvyn Nights. Enjoy the little taste darlings, then pay a visit to my fellow authors also participating in the Thursday Taste Test!



Nobody in Thairy knew I had an apartment on this side of the borders. The twins, of course, had quarters at the Springtime Court's mortal estate in Boulder, Colorado, and I had my rooms there as well, which served as our mortal homes in Gloriana's eyes. This place, however, was different. It belonged to me. To us, really.

Romantic minds would call the place our "love nest".

As soon as the doorway between here and Thairy closed again, my heavy anxiety lifted. As Nineva tucked herself in to her usual seat on the recliner, I ducked into the kitchen to retrieve drinks for us all. Nerissa joined me, and her hand drifted down my arm.

"You're all right?" she asked. Her brow knit and I could tell she still expected an explanation, but for the moment she made peace.

"I'm all right now, love," I replied, kissing her brow. "As long as you are both here with me, and we are all well away from the palace or from anywhere else prying eyes might find us, I'm more than all right. I'm content."

"What happened, Finn?"

I handed her a soda. She liked peach-flavored Fresca, while Nineva drank black cherry. I selected a beer for myself, as I'd been craving one all damn evening.

"Shall we sit?" I asked. She followed me back into the living room and we joined Nineva around the coffee table. I sat on the couch, handed Nina her drink, and pulled Neri onto my lap.

"I'm sorry again, my Ladies," I began. "Even given the circumstances, my behavior at Court did not befit a Knight of the Sidhe."

"Oh, bother with it, Finn," Nineva said.

"Merely explain to us why," Nerissa added.

I nodded in agreement, and explained to them what Ceridwen and the Puca told me.

They listened intently and without interruption. I noticed Nineva's mouth fall open in a soft moue when I told her of the naja, and Ceridwen's near-fatal encounter. Nerissa's arm around my neck tightened a little.

"Poor thing," she said, meaning Ceridwen. "How fortunate for her the little goblin discovered the creature!"

"Aye," I agreed. "But unfortunately, we can't exactly advertise what happened. Ceridwen fears it will instigate an attack between her court and Winter. Until we are sure of more, she desires it be kept silent."



I hope you enjoyed the taste of Elvyn Nights.

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  1. This is a very concisely written piece, yet it is very casually painted a gathering of friends, relaxing. Your visuals are precise. And in few words you built the tension of the secret. Loved it. xo

  2. Great taste! I'm curious now....I like how you are keeping the suspension for the reader...

  3. Sounds like a lot is happening and that it's not going to be easy to deal with.

  4. I like how she had a beer when the other two had sodas. I'm wondering if they'll keep the secret though, adding even more tension to a stressful plot already. This was a relaxing break from what happened earlier.

  5. Great taste. I wonder if they will keep silent. Excellently written. I really want to read more


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