September 2, 2014

Wednesday Writing Challenge: Writing Under Restrictions

Welcome to the Wednesday Writing Challenge! 

Happy September, Lovelies!

It's a new month, which means a new prize!

And just because I feel like it, today you get

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(but that means it will be tough....)

Every Wednesday, I pose a new writing challenge here on the blog. These challenges come from books on writing, classes I've taken on creative writing, or sometimes just from my own imagination. If you're an author, hopefully they will help you get your writing juices flowing and help you improve your craft.


Some of these challenges may be very good ones or may include an element I consider highly important for writers to occasionally I may cycle through some of my favorites more than once. 


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The Wednesday Challenges are open to all readers. In order to participate, simply comment on the challenge post with your response to the exercise. Not only is it good practice, but you could win something nifty and fun!


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 And now...

***Here's Today's Challenge!***

Write a sexy scene.


55 words long (ouch!)

Must include:

The color navy blue.

The number 9.

A stack of pancakes.

A ship's anchor.


Hints and Tips:

Wow, only 55 words?  God, I'm a bitch, aren't I?

The point of this exercise is to encourage your creativity to get past restrictions. The word limit will help you focus in on the most important details and images; the required details will stretch your creativity.

You have a very limited amount of space, so combine details. Maybe the pancakes are blue.

Not much to go on to build up sexual tension, so focus in on a specific sensual, erotic detail or act. Might somebody be bound to that ship's anchor while their lover slowly teases them?

Give me your best, darlings!!

Think it can't be done?

Highlight the hidden text below to see my attempt (exactly 55 words).

The water lapped at the side of the boat and Paulo's navy-blue flag flapped in the wind. We'd sailed out before sunrise, dropping anchor when we'd found an empty stretch of open ocean. He'd made a tantalizing pancake breakfast, but all nine flapjacks went to waste as he drizzled syrup onto my bare skin instead.


  1. Not sure this is sexy enough ~

    She sauntered into his diner, eased her perfect ass onto a stool at the counter, and ordered a short stack of flapjacks. Her navy-blue shorts rode high exposing an anchor tattoo at the top of her thigh. Right then, all he could think about was doing her nine ways from Sunday.

  2. Nine bells peeled as the ship dropped anchor. The navy blue, red and white of the Union Jack flapped in the breeze. I knew a stack of pancakes would be waiting for me, but all I wanted was to bury myself in the warmth of his body. Too many months at sea. I am home.

  3. Her blue Old Navy uniform shirt was pushed up to expose her breasts as she clutched the plastic anchor above her head as Clark’s tongue repeatedly drew the number nine between her legs. It was a heck of a thank-you for making him pancakes for breakfast that morning.


What do you think?