January 23, 2012

Come to Bed, My Darling

Come to bed, my darling.
There’s room right here in my arms.
Come lay yourself down right beside me,
This place, always safe from all harm.

Whatever is happening elsewhere,
Whatever may weigh on our hearts,
In this room, in this bed, we are sheltered,
Comfort and passion are ours.

Come to bed, my darling,
This place we surrender so much.
Here you have seen every harsh truth in me,
And calmed every fear with your trust.

You’ve known all there is to be known here,
You’ve opened yourself here, in faith.
I’ve cried here, I’ve died here, you’ve loved here and tried here,
Together, serenity’s made.

Come to bed, my darling,
My favorite place in our home.
A place where we’re nothing but lovers,
A place where we’re never alone.

Come lay down here beside me,
Hold me in patient embrace.
Let the world move along then, without us,
I’m happy, content here.  In case

There ever is hardship between us,
I know that we’re safe in our bed.
With your arms around me, your breath at my ear,
There’s no place I’d long for instead.

Come to bed, my darling,
Come love me, and let’s apprehend
Each moment of bliss that is shared here,
My partner, my mate, my lover and friend.

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