December 11, 2014

Rise and Shine -- A Friday Free Read

A Friday Free Read
A "Quickie" with Catie and Ryan

I could feel the insistent weight of Ryan’s pressing, sweetly nuzzling cock, nudging the small of my back as I woke up.  He snuggled closer, wrapping his arms around me and kissing the hollow of my neck, trailing his lips to my shoulder.
“What time is it?” I mumbled blurrily.

“Quarter after nine,” he said.  He sounded wide awake.

“We have church in forty-five minutes,” I mumbled, rolling out of his arms and onto my stomach.  I reached for my contacts’ case and started putting them in.

“I know,” he replied, reaching for me again.  “Which gives us just enough time.”

“For what?” I said, though from the feel of the erection digging into my side I could already guess.

He didn’t answer, just uttered a soft, urgent growl as he pressed his hips against me, letting me feel the shape of his cock rubbing up on my thigh.

“Oh, Ry,” I murmured, sliding aside the empty plastic lens case.  “I just woke up.”

“I’ve been up for quite a while,” he grinned.  I tried to roll away from him and out of bed, but he took my by the shoulder and rolled me the other way, onto my back.  He climbed on top of me, kissing my lips, my neck, and my shoulders while his hand drifted down to the hem of my nightie and started to hike it up.  In seconds I felt the head of his penis probing at the satin crotch of my panties.

I smiled as he kissed me, and arched my back, pressing up against him.  His kisses traced down, along my breastbone, and he nuzzled his face between my breasts, kissing them through the satin of my nightie.  His mouth closed on my slowly stiffening nipple, sucking through the fabric, teasing his tongue around the shape of the little bud underneath.  When my left nipple stood pert and erect under the wet shape of his mouth, he moved over to the right one, tonguing lovingly while his hand slipped up under the nightie and traced the tiny peak, pinching it gently, flicking it teasingly.

I moaned with a little giggle.  Slowly, he started moving down my body until his tongue came to the waistband of my white thong.  Just like before, he began tonguing and sucking at me, tracing his tongue along the cleft of my pussy through the damp satin covering it.

He licked me through my panties for several minutes, letting the attentive exploration of his tongue just tease me behind the slithering, tickling feel of the fabric.  Finally he slid his hands down my sides and hooked his fingers under the panties, expertly shimmying them off.  Then his tongue dipped down onto my flush excited flesh, running along the lines of my labia, slipping playfully over my clitoris and making me laugh through my sighs of pleasure.

“Okay,” I finally said to him.  “You can have morning sex, but don’t make us late!”

“Mm-hmm,” he murmured, giving my throbbing clit on quick, sweet kiss before sitting up, wrapping my legs around him and guiding the head of his cock into my wet entrance.

He slid in smoothly, the firm shape of his sex pushing lovingly into me, caressing my G-spot and making me moan.  I lifted my legs up around him and he pressed himself in to the balls—I rolled my head back with a tiny squeak of pleasure, feeling him fill me up.  He slowly withdrew and then slipped in again, sinking deep, and then again.

I crossed my ankles behind his back and wrapped my arms around his neck, tilting my hips to him, opening myself to take more.  He leaned down on top of me, claiming me, covering me.  His mouth was on my neck, kissing and licking, and then he’d move his lips to my ear, tracing the curves with his tongue and whispering naughtily to me.

“Oh, yeah,” he murmured.  “Do you like my cock in you, Catie?  Do you like feeling it in you?”

“Uh-huh,” I moaned, rocking my hips up just as he thrust in, welcoming the hard, full shape of him into my sex.  “Oh, Ry, I love it… please make me come.”

“Do you want me to come in you?” he whispered, kissing me.

“Uh-huh!” I insisted; I squeezed my pussy around him, wanting to keep him in me.  I bucked underneath him, urging him to go faster—before I knew it, he was thrusting hard, fucking me with hungry, hot enthusiasm, hissing quick, heated encouragement in my ear while he banged my pussy deep and relentless.  I felt the head of his cock throbbing in me, plunging in and out of my wet entrance, pumping into my body again and again as I bounced myself up to meet him, to take him as deep as I could.

“Yes Ryan!” I cried out loud.  “Oh, God, yes, fuck me, fuck my pussy, come in me, please!”

“Bad girl,” he hissed against my ear, banging me savagely.  “What would all your church friends say?”

I moaned and cried out.  “Oh, Ry, yes… I’m going to come, Ryan, yes—”

It was deep and climbed to a quick peak: my pussy clenched around him, squeezing him as I came, muscles tightening and a wave of beautiful bliss pouring through my body.  Ryan pumped again, and again, fucking me through orgasm as I let out a squeal of pleasure.  He drove his cock in to the hilt and started coming hard, spurting hot semen deep into my pussy—I felt it running out of me even before he stopped, and I laughed, dizzy with joy.

Oh, God, Katie,” he murmured into my ear as the last little aftershocks of ejaculation finally slowed to a stop in me.  “That was good.”

“Well, good morning to you,” I said.  “Now get up and get dressed or we’ll be late.”

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