December 8, 2015

Erotica News: The World of Erotic Satire and Leonard Delaney

Motherboard recently featured an interview with erotic humorist Leonard Delaney, author of a series of "tech-porn" short stories including Taken by the Tetris Blocks.

Ever the curious kitty, I've added Taken by the Tetris Blocks to my Kindle to see how Delaney's erotic satire holds up. Having given a chance to its perhaps not-too-distant cousin, Taken by T-Rex, I have to say I hope Delaney's work makes better use of satirical elements. 

Because pornography can be funny. Historically it's earliest forms featured in political satire, after all. At $.99 for 4000 words, it should be obviously these titles in erotic humor aren't meant as serious forays into the psychology, sociology or deeper relevance of eroticism to our personal beings. These are the "funny pages" of the Pornography Times. Of course, that still means they have to be funny. One thing I found lackluster about T-Rex was that I didn't think the absurdity of dinosaur sex was portrayed in a chuckle-worthy manner. It was absurd...but it didn't make me laugh. I'm hoping Tetris Blocks won't fall into the same slot (har de har har).

What say you? Have you ever tried one of these silly shorts, or considered picking one up? Do you find the humor worthy, as humor, or do you think it lacking? As a reader, do they amuse you? As a writer, do they upset you? Or are they below your notice entirely?

Let me know what you think below!

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