March 27, 2015

Friday Free Read: Lead Me Not...

This week's Free Read takes place in the world of the Four Courts; the urban fantasy series begun with Goblin Fires. Lead Me Not features one of the lovely Winter Royals: Talaith, Fourth Daughter of Oberon. If you've read Goblin Fires, this short story takes place before the events of that book.

Talaith recognized the perfume the moment she stepped into one of the private alcoves backstage. Jasmine and hibiscus: a scent all at once nostalgic, bittersweet, and arousing. Even in the pounding atmosphere of Frostbite, the New York nightclub owned and operated by the Winter Court—her court, in other words—that subtle scent stole all of Talaith's attention. 

"Kymera," she mused in a tone of playful exasperation. "What a pleasant surprise."

"I was in town," came the husky reply. Talaith let her gaze wander to the corner of the small room, where a full-length mirror stood between two luxurious leather chairs, and saw the gorgeous leggy fae sitting sprawled out in one of them. Kymera's feet dangled over one arm of the chair as she leaned, casually regal, over the other. She propped her chin up on one hand, letting her lavender eyes roam over Tal's dark, winter-fae skin, which Talaith knew was sheened with sweat from dancing.

"I simply had to stop by and see my favorite protégée."

"Of course," Tal grinned, and sauntered across the space to join the other woman. Ky watched the slow roll of Tala's hips as she walked, giving the Winter Lady a sly smile of appreciation. It was the look of a smug feline eyeing dinner. Tal was familiar with the look. It wasn't one she particularly minded.

"You look beautiful, princess," Kymera said.

"So do you," Tal sighed with a smile. She normally didn't like the reminder of her royal rank, though. Being the youngest of the Winter Ladies meant she didn't have to act like a royal, and that was the main reason she spent all her time in the human world in the first place. Kymera was an Unbridled fae, a daughter of the elder faerie Magotine, a fearsome old witch. Kymera may have looked human—abnormally, beautifully human—but the slim, slender, graceful creature was nothing at all like a mortal at heart.

Tal held out her arms and the tall fae woman stood to embrace her.

"It's been too long," Ky breathed, nuzzling her face in the shiny, steely-blue mane of Tal's hair.

"Oh, yes," Talaith agreed wryly. "And just whose fault is that?"

Ky looked chagrined, though the hangdog expression diminished a bit by the quirky little twitch at the corners of her mouth, trying to become a grin.

“Oh, you are good with that look,” Tala laughed.  “Almost like you’ve had practice.  Just how many women have you left behind broken-hearted and pining after you this time, Kymera?”

“There's only ever been one I cared to come back to.”

Talaith snorted.  Please.”

“I’m serious,” Kymera purred.  She gave into the grin, turning her guilty look into one of mischief, and broke the hug.  As she put a little space between them she took Tala’s hands in her own and bent down to meekly kiss the dark lines of the two tattoos—clannish hieroglyphs, one reading blizzard, the other frost—on the inside of either of Tala’s wrists.  Ky’s own matching set—hers reading smolder and burn—were clearly turned up to be seen alongside.

“We fit together, princess,” she murmured softly.

Tala’s own smile softened a little.  “Yes,” she said.  “We did.”

She’d known from the beginning that Kymera wasn’t long term material.  Unbridled fae women weren’t by their nature the kind to settle down. Even those who believed the denizens of Thairy were nothing but myth and legend could still tell you that.  Tal’s involvement with the lovely faerie had been about fun, frivolity, thrills, good sex, but never the long term.  Tala had been okay with that. 

As was perhaps classic of faerie lore, Kymera had seduced Talaith away from the comforts of home—Oberon's frozen castle, Vinterreich—when she’d been young. She’d run off from the cold burdens of the Court on an extended vacation—one she still enjoyed—and toured with the ravishing, unearthly daughter of Magotine, and she’d never regretted it.  Ky took Tal under her wing, taught her to dance in a blue winter's flame, conjure the wind, how to make music, how to kiss, how to make love.  She’d been Tala’s first, but hardly her only, and even at the height of their passionate affair they hadn't precisely been exclusive.  Ky brought other women to their bed and Tala loved them too, with a blithe and carefree lustiness that was the purview of the fae, innocent of jealousy or hurt.  She and Ky loved each other, surely, but there had never been any expectation of forever. 

To see Ky again—to smell the exotic and exciting scent of her smooth, white skin and her short, emerald-green hair—it felt very, very good. Years had passed since they'd seen one another...decades of time, long enough even to a faerie.

Of course, as usual, she knew that naughty grin on Ky’s face was going to mean nothing but trouble.

Tal gently slipped out of her ex’s grasp and sidled past her to plop down on the long leather sofa that took up the other side of the private room.  “It’s so good to see you, Ky. But you should know things have changed for me…”

Ky joined her, sinking down to the floor in front of her and resting her head casually on Tala’s knees.  “Have they?”

“Yes.” Talaith flashed her a careful smile.  “And I think you already know that.”

“Who is she?” Kymera asked.  No hint of surprise—or discouragement—in her voice.

“A woman,” Tala said, affecting a nonchalance to say she wasn’t particularly inclined to go into detail.  What she and Ky shared had been magical—literally—but in the end it had also been casual and wanton.  What she shared with Reagan—the somber half-goblin Knight, intense and oh, so deliciously passionate—was not. At least, Talaith hoped it was not.

“Introduce me?” Ky pressed.  There was glimmer of familiar wickedness in her eyes.  “Perhaps the three of us could share a bottle of wine?  Get better acquainted…”

She waggled her eyebrows.  Tala couldn’t help but give a silent chuckle—Reagan might not precisely be against an evening of sport with Talaith and her ex—but she shook her head.

“Can’t.  She’s out of town.”

That naughty glimmer grew brighter.  “Oh?  I guess that just leaves you and me—”

“Ky,” Tala interrupted sharply.  “No.”

She had the sudden idea that Ky knew about Reagan, and maybe furthermore knew how deep Tala's feelings had grown for the Knight. And she might just be angling to cause some trouble.

“No?” Ky’s face fell.  No?  Oh, princess, why not?”

“I can’t.  I love you dearly, Kymera, but I’m seeing someone and I...I'd like to have something more with her.”

The other woman peered.  The petulant look of a capricious faerie sparkled in her eyes.

“She’s special, is she?”

“She could be,” Talaith replied.  “We’ll have to see.  But the fact  is I want to see, and I don’t want to ruin the chance by doing anything that might make her doubt my sincerity.”

Ky’s careful eyes searched her.  She put her pale hands gently on Tal’s knees, fingers tapping thoughtfully.

“Have you  taken her to your bower?” she asked.

Not your business,” Talaith said.

“Since when are you so modest? With me, of all fae?”

“Since I realized that she is important to me,” she answered softly.

Kymera fell quiet a moment, scrutinizing her, musing it over.

“But...she doesn't feel the same.”

“Ky!” she scolded, pushing the woman’s hands away.  “Stop it. She...I'm not sure how she feels.”

“You're only friends with benefits, aren't you?” Kymera purred, and she gently nudged Talaith’s knees apart to scoot closer, leaning her head against one dark, slender thigh.  “Poor princess, I've never seen you pine for anyone before. You must be feeling so very lonely…”

Ky,” she warned.

Kymera gazed up at her, the picture of innocence.  One hand stroked Tal’s other thigh, down the length of her bare, slender calf left naked by the alluring club attire Talaith wore.

“Come on, Tal,” she whispered.  “Old time’s sake.  Your new friend never has to know.”

“No, she doesn’t,” Talaith said.  “But that doesn’t change anything for me.  I'm with Reagan.”

Reagan, is it?” Kymera said brightly.  “The Knight of the Autumn Court? Oh, Tal, I thought I was your knight!”

Tala gave another good-natured snort.  “Hardly.  You’re a devil, Kymera, through and through, and you always were.”

Kymera bounced up to her knees and wrapped her arms around Talaith’s waist.

“Yes, but you always liked me that way.”

She nuzzled Tala’s naked belly, kissing dark skin affectionately, pausing briefly to toy with the diamond navel piercing that dangled from the Winter Princess's belly button, flicking it with her tongue.  Talaith couldn’t help the little shiver that went through her.

Tal,” Ky murmured.  “You know how much you mean to me, how good we are to each other.”

“We were good,” Tal agreed, gently putting her hands on Ky’s shoulder to push her back.

“Are you mad at me for going away?”

Talaith laughed.  “I’m not mad at you for anything!”

“Then let’s have some fun together before you settle down with this new girl for good.  You two aren't exclusive yet, not really, so it’s not really a betrayal…”

“Maybe not to you,” Tal said softly. "I...want to see how she feels—about us—before I do anything else."

Kymera took Talaith’s hand in both of hers and leaned her cheek against it.  Her lavender eyes were longing and full of wicked encouragement.

 “I won't feel bad stealing you away from any other woman,” Ky said, kissing her hand.  “Especially not one who won't share your passions for our kind of fun.”

“It's not that, Ky, I'm—I'm just waiting to be sure of things...before I make a move.”

“Then I’ll make a move for you.”

One of Ky’s hands dropped back to Tal’s thigh and started traveling slowly upwards.

Talaith slapped the hand away and shot to her feet, tumbling Ky out of her lap.

“I’ve asked you nicely,” she said.

Ky bounced back quick and grabbed Tala’s wrists, dancing her backwards until Tal’s back met the wall.  Her lips came down on Talaith’s, not hard or harsh but insistent, and before she could stop herself Talaith uttered a happy little moan, short but unmistakable.  Her ex’s lips were faintly sweet, like the summertime wine they had shared when they’d been together years before, bright and light and dizzyingly good.

As the kiss ended, Kymera smirked.

“Don't make me beg, lover,” she said.  “Please, haven't you  missed me? What I do to you?”

“Shut up,” Talaith muttered.  Her fingers fluttered up to her mouth.  “Ky, you’re terrible.”

“No, I’m good, and you know that from experience.”

Ky kissed her again.  Tala closed her eyes and pressed back out of habit, her breasts pressing eagerly against Ky’s own.  She’d always loved Ky’s slim, tiny little breasts, so modest that when she arched her back they were barely more than smooth, tender buds...topped by pert, pink nipples...

Mmm, stop!” she gasped, pulling away.  Ky let her break the kiss but slid her body in closer, tightening her arms around Talaith’s waist.

“We’re not going to do this,” Talaith insisted.  Her body was already responding to Kymera, though, growing eager and a little drunk from the scent of hibiscus and the taste of wine.

“I think we both know we are.”

“I’m with someone else.

Kymera gave her a careful, studious look, smile never fading.

“Talaith of Oberon's Court,” she murmured, chiding.  One hand slid down from Tal’s waist to her hip, then her thigh, and then under her skirt. Talaith swallowed a thick lump in her throat as she felt her former lover’s fingertips press gently down against her sex.

“Didn’t you just say you loved me?” Kymera asked.
“Uh-huh,” Talaith said.  Ky’s fingers began to move in gentle circles, sending mellow, sweet swells of pleasure through her.

“So you tell me.  You tell me right now, tell me if you love this Reagan girl more than me.”

With her free hand Kymera tilted Tala’s chin up to look her deep in the eyes.  The hand under the skirt never stopped its blissful kneading.

“I mean it, princess,” she purred.  Her hand moved slower, pressing a little more firmly.  “If you really, really want me to stop, just tell me you love her more than me.  If you really do, I promise I’ll back off.  You have my word of honor.”

Talaith laughed a little breathlessly.

“God, Ky, you’re such a bitch.”

“Is that a no, then?  You don’t love her more than me?”

“Damnit,” she said.  “Right now I kind of hate you.”

She raised up her arms and wrapped them around Kymera’s neck, arching against the other woman’s slim body to kiss her in return .  Kymera laughed.

“Oh, Tal… you could never hate me.”

She stopped her kneading of Talaith’s pussy for just one second, slipping her hand under Talaith’s knee to hoist one long leg up over her own hip.  Then her fingers returned to their gentle attention, this time teasing the wetness between the young woman’s pretty folds.  Tal kissed her again and again, pressing hips closer to let her ex in deeper, tightening her leg around Kymera’s waist.

“There, now,” Ky murmured.  “Didn’t I tell you you’d enjoy it?  I’m going to go real slow now so you can savor every second.”

Talaith moaned and rolled her hips gently with Kymera’s motions.  Kymera kneaded the sweet, stiff little pearl of Tala’s clit between two fingers, playing loving.  Obviously she hadn’t forgotten how Talaith liked to be touched: she adopted her old, familiar rhythm until finally sliding two long fingers into the wet, warm opening of Talaith’s cleft.

“Mm,” she murmured happily, withdrawing her fingers again and bringing them to her lips to taste.  “Mm-mmm, I’ve always so loved the taste of you, Tala… your girlfriend is going to be sorry she missed this.  She is really missing out.”

Ky,” Tal snapped.  “If you talk about her like that again, I’m throwing you out.”

“Ah, but then who would take care of all this wonderful pent-up need?” Kymera whispered with a quiet little laugh.

“Just go back to what you were doing,” Talaith growled.

“I’ll do even better.”

Kymera kissed her—she could taste her own bitterness on those sweet lips now—before gently pressing her closer to the wall, sliding slowly down her body, pausing to nudge aside the flimsy silk covering Tal’s breasts and kissing each dark, flush nipple like greeting old friends.  She lingered there a moment, kissing, stroking pert little tips with her devilishly pointed tongue, giving them each an affectionate, playfully hard little suckle.  Then she slid lower, kissing a trail down Talaith’s bare stomach, pulling down the skirt and lifting Tala’s left leg again to rest over her own shoulder.

Tala had been with several lovers.  Not one of them—except maybe Reagan—had ever been as good at this part as Kymera was.  Her tongue explored Talaith with eager, genuine, almost worshipful hunger; she slowly traced the delicate contours of glistening labia—a little laugh escaped her as she passed playfully over the two fine gold rings that dangled there, a pair of adornments she herself had urged the Winter Princess to adopt.  Tal didn’t need Kymera to say out loud what she was almost certainly thinking: no matter whom Talaith welcomed into her bower, as long as those rings remained it would always be Ky’s rightful territory.  The woman took one of them carefully between her teeth and gave the gentlest, gentlest tug; Talaith let out a quiet, happy moan in response.  One hand rested on the top of Ky’s head, running slowly through short emerald strands.

Ky’s tongue circled Tala’s excited little clit, loving in its adoration, slow to curl over every part of it.  She dabbed her tongue against it, bobbing the tender stiff bead with an eager rhythm, fast-fast-slow, fast-fast-so slow­.  Talaith’s whole body gave a surge of pleasure in response: she grew wetter, ready, eager for tongue or fingertips to slip inside of her, make the sensation complete.  As though Ky had read her mind, the woman slowly stroked Tal’s glistening pussy with two fingers again, and slowly slipped them into her, teasing as they curled against the sensitive inner flesh and gently slid out again. Tala groaned.

“Still hate me?” Ky whispered before flicking the tip of her tongue playfully over Talaith’s clit. 

“I’ll probably hate you a good long time for this,” Talaith replied.  “Just keep it up, will you?”

“I brought a little surprise for you.”

Ky reached with her free hand to a brown satchel she’d evidently brought with her.  From it she pulled a long, smooth glass object, the top of it rounded out into an unmistakable shape.

“Oh, fuck,” Talaith breathed.  “I don’t believe you.”

Ky chuckled again and returned her careful attention to Tala’s clitoris.

“Believe me,” she murmured between strokes of her talented tongue.  “It’s one of the tamer gifts I could have brought.”

She withdrew her fingers and Tal sucked in a loud breath as cool, slick glass slid into her.  The toy was overlarge for the thing it mimicked but only pleasantly so, hard in her tight cunt as Ky worked it steadily in and out, in and out, in time with her indulgent licking.

Yes…” Talaith murmured softly.  She pressed herself closer, feeling the toy slide deeper as Ky gave her a teasing twirl of the tongue.  Oh… it felt so very, very good to have Kymera’s kisses on her again, to feel the hard weight of the toy invading her excited cunt.

“Faster,” she whispered urgently.

“If you like it,” Kymera whispered, “you can keep it after I’m done.  Maybe your girlfriend will like it, t—”

“I told you to stop talking about her!” Talaith hissed, her breath heavy and harsh. Her fingertips crackled with winter ice where they dug deep into Ky's emerald hair.

“But I was being nice,” Kymera pouted.

“Please,” Tal murmured, “focus… on what… you are doing.”

“Aw, are you ready to come, princess?  I wanted to drag it out more.”

“You are getting higher and higher on my shit list, Kymera.”

This made the other woman laugh out loud, a gorgeous, smooth alto sound.  She consented, though, quickening her pace and descending on Tal’s clitoris again with elated hunger.  Tala gave a quavering sound of encouragement and rocked her hips in time with Ky’s thrusts.  Soon enough the first tingling promise of climax kindled deep inside her like a little flame.

Oh,” she moaned, digging her fingers deep into Kymera’s hair.  “Oh, Ky… yes… more…”

Kymera hadn’t forgotten her former lover’s passions at all.  She knew the change in pitch signalling the sure crest of orgasm, recognized the pace of Tala’s thrusts as they grew more frantic.  She brought Talaith to her limit, matching pace to the frantic rhythm of her lover’s body and sliding the glass deep into Tala’s cunt once, twice, three times just as the younger woman arched her back with a wild cry.  She started coming, and Kymera replaced her toy with her tongue to taste the sweet rush of the girl’s orgasm, pulling the Winter Princess hard against her.

“Oh,” Talaith gasped, gripping Kymera even closer.  “Oh… oh…”

"Oh, we're not done yet, princess..."

Kymera pulled her close and led her to the leather sofa. She sat Talaith upon it and then made a show of licking the slick glass now wet with faerie cum and—wickedly—frosted from the contact with the Princess of the Wintertime Court. Kymera ran her tongue all over it, like an obscene icy treat. With one hand she shed her own long, shimmering leggings, while the other slowly let the phallus slide down her body until it came to rest at her own loins. The finely-crafted cock head still pointed at Tala.

Talaith—still heaving—knew what came next, but it still made her shiver to see. Clever fae fingers infused the glass phallus with flowing magic. Unbridled magic, the color of deepest, darkest forest shadows, sparkling with hints of green light. It molded and changed the little toy until it became something both of them could enjoy at once: two beautiful, burgeoning rounded glass heads on opposite ends, with a black lattice-work of vines securing it over Kymera's hips. Ky moaned as she slid her side of the glass toy cock—it was the frozen color of her magic, in deep contrast to the clear side meant for Tal—into her own beautiful bare pussy, settling it with a wriggle and a little moan as it slid into place.

"Now, you have to do your part," she whispered to Talaith, and with one hand she guided the princess's head forward until Tala opened her mouth to receive the smooth cock. "Get it nice and wet, my're going to want it very, very slick, because in a minute I'm going to forget you're nobility."

Tala sucked the smooth, shapely glass: cold, still, and like ice. Delicious, to one like her, a fae of Winter Court. She moved her head up and down on it, moaning as Ky gently moved her hips. The wild faerie's eager sounds of pleasure said she was enjoying this just as much. And why not? There was a sweet, slick toy sliding in and out of her, as well.

"Stand up, baby," Ky finally purred, and Tala did, sliding her body up the length of Kymera's, rubbing breasts against breasts. Ky kissed her, then took her hands and guided her into place: the wild fae led Tal aside and sat on the couch, letting the gorgeous glass cock spring up from her lap. Then, taking Talaith by the hips, she pulled her down to sit upon it. Talaith moaned, very loudly, as the wet, beautifully cold shape of the head pressed against her tight, resisting asshole.

"You're so dirty!" she whispered at Kymera.  None of her other lovers, not even Reagan, ever did this.

Ky nudged the head of the toy up, gently at first, probing, easing Tala's body to yield. Each firm but gentle push coaxed Talaith to open, and finally, in a wild, blatantly scandalous sensation, the rigid, cool cock slid deep inside of her, and Talaith could not help the cry of wicked pleasure that escaped her.

"Oh, fuck, Tal," Kymera whispered in her ear. The faeries gentle hands reached round to cup Talaith's generous breasts and squeeze them as she moved her hips, testing Tala's resistance, moaning as their rhythm stirred for her as well.

Talaith writhed, undulating herself up and down on Kymera's lap. The cock was hard, and it parted her mercilessly. She could say it even hurt, a little, but the hurt was easy to forget in the wave of wretched, beautiful pleasure.

Ky's hands slipped down and parted Talaith's thighs. She lifted them so Tal's legs were propped up by her own knees, the princess's pretty cunt spread and open as the phallus penetrated her ass. Deft little fingers dipped down to spread slick wet cum, and Talaith went tense when Ky's hands again discovered her clitoris, throbbing little pearl, and started to stroke it in time with her thrusts.

"Yes..." she murmured in Talaith's ear. Tal grasped at her own breasts, arching to receive each hard, unyielding stroke. Ky's hands, strumming her clitoris, teasing her pussy, softened her; her thighs tight but her loins relaxing, she welcomed Kymera's illicit fucking, and their heavy, gasping sounds of pleasure mingled between them.

"Oh, yes, open to me," Ky muttered through gritted teeth. She pumped harder—Talaith thought the Unbridled fae must be getting close, but her own orgasm was building too underneath the assault of cock and fingertips. She was giddy with the overload of sensation: so full, so impossibly full and yet her pussy so empty, so hungry, her clitoris overwhelmed with wicked thrills.

"I'm going to come," she gasped. She wasn't sure Kymera heard her, and when she tried to repeat it she choked on the words, arching again. Her body jerked as the first jolt of climax hit her, and the gush of her fluids wet Ky's questing hands. Ky didn't stop, though: she fucked even harder, a desperate, mean bout of thrusts, and Talaith's body tightened with resistance...which only made the crazy pleasure more.

"Oh, Ky!" she screamed. The whole club might have heard her but she didn't give a damn; she wouldn't have given a damn anymore if Reagan were there in the room with them, witnessing her desperate, wicked depravity.  "Ky—fuck—oh, yes—"

There was no third orgasm, only a crazy spinning-off into a realm where the pleasure was too intense and she couldn't take anymore. She might have screamed again but Ky did it for her, and she felt the wild fae bucking, halting, and bucking against the cock, gasping and cursing, coming hard.

Talaith panted, falling back against her ex. Neither of them moved to slide apart, and the glass phallus felt too big, too demanding, especially after the hard, jolting round of climax. Kymera kissed Talaith right below her ear, and teased her with one, two more gentle little bumps, until Tal finally had to pry herself free. She shook all over; her head felt light and dizzy, as if she were downright high. She slid down onto the couch and draped herself over Kymera's body.

 “I told you I’d take care of you, princess,” Ky purred.  “Mmm… one might almost think you missed me.”


Tal’s voice was ragged. “With everything I throw.”

Kymera smirked.  She leaned over and kissed Talaith on the lips.

“Feel better now?”

No,” Tal said, running a hand through her hair.  “I feel like an idiot.  Damnit, Ky, you and your goddamn fae tricks…”

“Don’t be so hard on me.”

With a wave of her hand the toy was gone, and they sat together on the couch—both of them trembling. She wrapped her arms around Talaith and pulled her close.

“You said yourself that you loved me,” she murmured.  She planted a kiss on the top of Tal’s head.  “You know no other girl is ever going to take my place.”

Ky tilted Tala’s chin up, looking her deep in the eyes.

“You didn’t do anything wrong, you know.  We’ve always been made for each other, Talaith.  We fit together.”

Talaith tried to hold onto her anger.  No use, though: Kymera was right: they fit.

“When does your girlfriend come back?” Ky asked softly.

“Don’t know.  A few days.”

She didn’t want to think about Reagan.  Just imagining her made Talaith feel miserable.

Kymera kissed her on the head again.  Then, she kissed her on the mouth, a long, slow kiss.

“So… why don’t we make the most of our time together,” she murmured, “before we have to say goodbye again?”

It was a dangerous proposition.  It was dangerous and selfish and terrible, all around.  It was very, very fae.  And she knew it.  She knew Kymera knew it, too. 

It wasn’t fair.

But when she looked at her former lover—her beautiful lavender eyes, her pleading, impish and innocent face…

“Okay,” she whispered hoarsely.  Ky smiled and kissed her again, and she kissed back, running a hand along Kymera’s cheek.

“Just… never let Reagan find out.”

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