October 1, 2015

Friday Free Read ~ Satin & Steel, Chapter 12, Audio Excerpt

This recording is NC17 and contains graphic sexual content. You may want to listen with headphones!

(If you aren't able to listen to the audio, the text version is posted below)

Satin and Steel will be released this Monday, October 6th.


She let Vivienne prepare the pipe for her, hesitating before taking her first tentative inhale. The shadiil watched her, a mischievous feline smile on her lovely face. With one last glance at the other kin-born offering themselves to the fangs of their kin-bitten brethren, Rhiannon sighed.

This is a mistake, muttered a voice in the back of her head. Shutting her eyes, she ignored it, and took a long, uncertain draw from the pipe.
The opium tasted almost as bad as it smelled. She wrinkled her nose as the distinctive flavor of burning, rotten blossoms filled her nose and mouth, holding the foul smoke for several long seconds before exhaling, her face screwed up in disgust.

Vivienne laughed softly.

"Yes, I am told we experience its aromas much more strongly than humans do," she murmured. Her hand drifted lazily along the back of Rhiannon's arm. "You will become accustomed to it."

"Of course," Rhiannon croaked. Her eyes watered. She gave her companion a dubious sideways glance, and Vivienne took the pipe from her fingers and held it up to her lips for her, offering it as though she, the kin-bitten, were the doting servant. Rhiannon swallowed back the petulant gorge rising in her throat, and took a second long draw, slower this time.

The smoke rolled over her tongue like a warm, silky fog. She held her breath, and then Vivienne leaned into her for another kiss, gently adoring, playfully prodding her mouth open with a mischievous pink tongue. Silver tendrils of fragrant vapor drifted between their lips.
Rhiannon broke the embrace as the first mellow, seductive sensations stirred to life in her. Like fluid heat it warmed her neck and shoulders, sending a shiver down her spine.

"Hei," she mumbled softly in German, quietly surprised. "It's...strong."

"Mm-hmm," Vivienne agreed. Her purr became louder as she reclined beside the vampire, stretching out languidly on the cushions. "It has to be, even for the kin-born to be touched by it. Comment vous sentez-vous? How does it feel, my lovely?"

Rhiannon shut her eyes. A subtle yet startling sensation of weightlessness spread through her body. Her blood warmed up and a smoldering arousal tingled beneath her flesh.

When she opened her eyes the world came into sharp, stimulating focus: the lazy ribbons of shimmering smoke, winding around them like ghosts, captivated her.

"Hei," she repeated, more urgently this time. "What the hell is this?"

Vivienne giggled, a peal of silver laughter. Rhiannon turned to face her and the shadiil pulled her close for another, deeper embrace. As their lips parted, Vivienne met her eyes, mesmerizing Rhiannon with vibrant green light.

"Do you know I can see my reflection in your eyes?" the shadiil whispered. In the grips of the drug, each word felt like tickling lace in her ear, and she found herself hungry to kiss those lips even more. Her four fangs were sharp with desire.

"So?" she murmured, leaning closer to brush her cheek along the soft velvet of Vivienne's dark skin.

"So," Vivienne whispered in a sweet, licorice voice. "Demons are not meant to have reflections, ma chérie...and our eyes do not offer them to others."

Rhiannon had stopped listening. Her senses were awash in heat: every breath, full of Vivienne's delicious perfume; every brush of ebony flesh sent a deep, thrilling excitement through her body. She ran her tongue along the shadow-walker's neck, tasting the sweetness of her skin as the heated stir of the jugular vein—demons might be undead, but their veins still flowed by some unnatural animation—kindled a ravenous, lustful hunger in her brain.

With willful abandon, Rhiannon surrendered.

Vivienne danced her fingertips across the clasps of Rhiannon's cloak.

Rhiannon struggled to help her strip it off, fumbling with the fabric even as she fought to keep kissing the dark, velvet throat. It stifled her all the sudden: she burned with fever. After the cape came the bodice, and the shadow-walker deftly unlaced it with a devilish grin. She slipped out of Rhiannon's tangled embrace and gently pushed the vampire down to the pillows, kissing her, whispering to her in delicate French as her hands stole to the laces of the hunter's leggings.

Rhiannon moaned, eager to kiss and taste. Vivienne's lips traced a line from her neck to her smooth, naked breasts. The pleasure intensified suddenly as soft tongue found pert, flush nipples, tickling them playfully before the shadow-walker ducked down even farther. She slowly slid the rich brown leather down Rhiannon's long legs.

It brought a strange, childish giggle bubbling up through the vampire's whole body. The rasp of the leggings tickled, teased, and sent little fluttering sparks dancing along the surface of her skin. Rhiannon arched her back as rolling bliss shivered under frisky delight, every sensation on her flesh magnified and intensified.

Vivienne's fingertips tickled their way down the backs of Rhiannon's thighs, a hundred little wings of grey moths fluttering up to her and making her squirm. Her smooth, naked sex, long celibate of lustful attentions, thrilled at the nearness of the shadiil's dark, sweet mouth and sharp little teeth.

"Are you feeling much better now, my sweet little tigress?" Vivienne murmured, nuzzling softly at the tender, alabaster mound. The lyrical flow of sweet French wound prettily with the tranquil smoke around them, music to Rhiannon's ears.

Rhiannon propped herself on her elbows, gazing drunkenly down at Vivienne. The sight of her own vulnerable nakedness startled her. The whole vision...so impossibly surreal.

She nodded with slow, breathless delight, the tip of her tongue running over her pert fangs. Reaching out, she combed her fingers through Vivienne's dark hair.

"Marvelous" Vivienne breathed. She sunk between Rhiannon's thighs, nuzzling the bare, pale mons, adoring the warm, dewy cleft. She inhaled and purred, "You smell délicieux, my darling...like fire and wine...so perfect."

Rhiannon rolled her head back, and a strangled gasp escaped her as teeth pierced her skin. Exquisite daggers shot a rush of anguish through her tender pussy. The pain quickly became an outpouring of bliss, as Vivienne drank from her flesh, drawing on the sweetly poisoned liquor of her blood.

Teeth, lips, tongue. Smooth, rolling waves of euphoria, making her body tremble and quiver as the shadiil alternated her attentions, lapping at the wound, then sucking, murmuring at the taste of Rhiannon's mingled flavors. She found the precious pink bud at the apex of Rhiannon's cunt and took it into her mouth, moaning as she savored it, rolling it under the tip of her tongue.

"Gott!" the vampire gasped, hardly realizing she had switched to her native tongue. Old, familiar sensations bloomed deep in her loins, feelings she hadn't known for years.


She raised her head, taking Vivienne by the hair and locking her gaze on the shadiil's shining eyes. Already they pooled into deep black orbs, as Rhiannon's own must be, devoid of light or color except the scintillating reflections of smoldering lamps all around them.

"Was hast du mit mir gemacht?"

"In English, please?" Vivienne giggled, nuzzling Rhiannon's hands as she slid herself up the vampire's body, settling on top of her to kiss her pretty mouth. "I do not understand drunken Austrian, silly."

"What have you done to me?" Rhiannon murmured.

"I told you," the shadiil whispered. "I have set you free."

Straddling Rhiannon's hips, she straightened and stripped her flowing white pirate's blouse over her head. Rhiannon sat up to cradle the shadow-walker in her lap, slipping her hands around Vivienne's waist, nuzzling her face to soft, dark breasts.

The scent of the wild, wicked demon grew delectably intense. Rhiannon inhaled, panting against flawless skin, tasting, breathing, relishing her companion's sweet, sensual musk. The beautiful creature, velvet all over. Tracing her tongue in teasing lines across small nipples, Rhiannon won a soft chuckle from the shadiil, and she lingered to suck hungrily at stiff, excited buds, nibble at them like candies.

"Like a wild animal," Rhiannon marveled, resuming her attentive nuzzling, switching positions so she claimed the top. She leaned Vivienne back over the cushions as she tenderly explored. "Like a black panther...oh, you're so beautiful."

"Ooh, kin-born," Vivienne purred. The slow-dawning effects of the opium-laced blood appeared to be catching up to her: her words were deep and heavy. "You are different from the others! Everything about you is different!"

She dragged her tongue along Rhiannon's throat, moaning with delight.

"You...you are something very, very special, indeed."

In the flickering light of the lamps, the dancing shadow, they kissed and fondled, trading whispers of hushed, furtive flirtation. Vivienne languidly slipped out of her leathers, leaving both of them gloriously naked in each other's arms, and they searched one another with tongues and palms, inhaling the strong scent of pheromones under the meandering sweetness of sweat and liquors and other, dirtier delights. Rhiannon's hand drifted down to touch Vivienne's glorious soft folds, stroking dark, delicate labia sweet as satin. Vivienne gave a soft gasp. When Rhiannon slid her middle finger into the shadow-walker's wet, ready cunt, she writhed and moaned.

Without warning, then, Vivienne disappeared from under Rhiannon's embrace. She slipped through the shadows behind Rhiannon and wrapped her arms around broad shoulders, pressing naked breasts to Rhiannon's back, twining her hands around Rhiannon's belly as she nuzzled and gently tongued the line of her neck.

"I want more," she whispered harshly. Her fingers caressed Rhiannon's breasts, tracing her thumbs in circles around stiffened nipples, arousing giddy delight with her gentle touch. Her fangs sunk into Rhiannon's throat, piercing the hot vein beneath, racing with excitement.

Rhiannon arched, and a gasp escaped her. It felt nothing like the ruthless stab of Sölva's bite: the shadiil's teeth cut in with pure, silver ecstasy, coursing pleasure riding sharp, sweet, possessive pain. It drove her nearly to climax. Bringing up one hand she seized Vivienne by the hair, pulling her closer to the wound.

Vivienne's soft lips nursed at her neck, spreading urgent desire through every nerve. Clever feline hands stole across Rhiannon's body, holding her close in embrace as the shadow-walker drank.

"Si belle," the shadiil groaned, breath cool on Rhiannon's skin. "Si belle, you are so beautiful, my sweet girl...you taste so incredible...so perfect."

"Vivienne," Rhiannon choked. "Mein Gott, I...it's been...so long..."
They shared a moan; Rhiannon's free hand slipped over Vivienne's, squeezing. She tilted her head to bury her face in the dark curtain of sweet-smelling hair.

"I can't stand it," she whispered, running her fingers through silky mane, feeling a thousand tiny gossamer strands slip sensuously along her fingertips. "Shadiil...I have to taste you..."

Vivienne giggled but offered no reply. She seemed utterly lost in the euphoria, purring loudly against Rhiannon's skin.

"I...have to..."

Seizing Vivienne's hands, Rhiannon pulled her to the floor, rolling to pin her with preternatural speed. She kissed the feline hungrily, ravenously. Her tongue danced with Vivienne's, licking her own blood from dark, sweet lips, tracing two fangs with hurried need. The smooth satin of dark, lissome flesh sent sparks racing up and down Rhiannon's body. Her undead heart now raced, thumping to life from the sheer arousal scorching through her veins. Her hand returned to Vivienne's smooth, wet cunt; her lips fell upon the shadow-walker's throat. She breathed deeply, savoring the heady scent of bitter, frantic desire.

Muttering in senseless, stammered German, she slid two fingers into the warm, welcoming sheath of Vivienne's pussy. When the beautiful creature moaned beneath her, she could not hold herself back: she plunged her fangs deep into the other demon's neck.

"Oh!" Vivienne exclaimed. It came as a mixture of joy and pain. Her hands gripped Rhiannon's shoulders and she writhed, shifting, twisting, begging for more.

The sweet taste of deep woods, rich earth, and a sinful darkness filled Rhiannon's mouth. She drank deeply, gluttonous and possessed; her slender fingers stroked eagerly at Vivienne's hot cunt, caressing wet, silky lips, thrusting fervently as the shadow-walker undulated beneath her.

"Fuck," she hissed, nuzzling Vivienne's throat. "Going to make you come, pussycat...make you come...so...hard—"

Her blood...so good...

So sweet...

"Non, non, Rhiannon," she heard the other demon warn her in a panic. "Non, you must stop—you must stop, ma chérie—please!"

I'm going to—going to—

She lost Vivienne's voice in the haze of rapture. The demon blood filled her with irresistible passion; fire raced through her veins, sparking and popping under her skin, setting her ablaze. As she drank, as they fucked, her climax overtook her, following the quick, elusive height of Vivienne's racing excitement.

Finally she could not keep herself steady any longer. She released the shadiil from her fangs, burying her face in the glorious waves of black hair. Vivienne's cries of passion were joined by her own, a shockwave of ecstasy filling her body with bright, exultant joy. 

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